Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm Freakin' for Saprykin

...OK, maybe not. I just think it's so cool that I now have a player who's last name rhymes with freakin'.

So yesterday was the NHL Trade Deadline Day, and the Sens came away with Oleg Saprykin from the Phoenix Coyotes, for a 2007 3rd round pick, I believe. Now, this morning on the Team 1200, they were kind of freakin' over Saprykin, but not in a good way. They were all up in arms over the fact that we didn't even attempt to land someone like Bill Guerin or Gary Roberts. I know I'm not exactly a hockey analyst, and I usually just judge players by how hot they are, but aren't Bill Guerin & Gary Roberts kinda old?? What good are they going to do in the future? Sure, they might help in the playoffs this year, but what if their old brittle bodies collapse? What good are they then? And am I willing to give up my little Patty Eaves to get 'em? No way! I love that kid!

So, on the flip side, we got a guy who's 26 years old, a former first-round pick (11th overall), and who was having a career year in Phoenix as their second-highest point-scorer. (Yes, Phoenix is a crappy team and it doesn't take much to be their second-highest point-scorer, but still...) It sounds like this guy's got a lot of up-side, and he's still young, and he's also already been to the Cup finals, so he brings a little playoff experience to boot. Personally, I'm quite happy with my Deadline acquisition!

(And yes, I did notice that Pittsburgh loaded up yesterday...So maybe they will make the playoffs after all...hee hee...)

Last night, we took on the Carolina Hurricanes, and stormed 'em in the third period for a 4-2 victory. With Marty Gerber in nets. And with Anton Volchenkov scoring his first goal of the season. And with Wade Redden getting the game winner. And I was pumped. I was a little shocked when, with the score 1-0 Ottawa, I flipped over to watch a minute - literally 1 minute -- of Phil's show, and when I flipped back it was 2-1 Carolina. I didn't flip anymore after that. Apparently the Sens don't like it when I watch opera instead of them, and they just quit playing when my eyes aren't on them. Anyways, the re-match is tonight in O-town, and Mr. Saprykin will be in the line-up. So everyone will be freakin' for Saprykin!

...Or maybe not.


Sharon said...

I am with you Jill on not signing the old guys... they just don't have it to stay for a long time. They are more often injured and what not. No old guys no!

Further more I would like to add that I was in front of your brother Lukas last night on my drive home. I was looking forward to saying I stayed ahead of him the whole way to Quyon, but he turned off somewhere in Aylmer. I was looking to have a race on the 4-lanes with him lol.

Jill said...

LOL...He must've had to drop Leslie off in Aylmer. I'll let him know that the next time he's ahead of you to prepare for the race!

Well, she's pretty quiet around here today. I guess nobody else is freakin' for Saprykin. But for the record, I am EXTRMELELY satisfied with my team right now. I'm very happy with the way they've been responding when they're down going into the 3rd period, and they seem to have that "never quit" attitude in the past few months. You can never count them out anymore, and I love it! GO SENS GO!!