Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Meredith Drowning

OK, so on Grey's last week, Meredith drowned. Really, seriously drowned. But thanks to McDreamy's perceptiveness, she's probably going to be OK. I have to believe that the little girl pointed him in the right direction in the nick of time. I mean, the show is called Grey's Anatomy. There can't be a Grey's Anatomy without Grey, right?

That doesn't mean I wasn't all red-faced and sobbing, though, when McDreamy pulled Meredith's blue, lifeless body from the water. Or when he was sitting in the hall crying outside her room after Bailey and the Chief booted him out while they tried to save her life. Or when all the other doctors, including Burke & Addison, showed up to help. Or when McSteamy sat next to Derek & squeezed his arm in silent support and sympathy. Or when the rest of the interns gathered to wait for news on Meredith. Or when George broke down into tears. Or when Izzie gave them all a tearful pep talk, which will forever be known as the "I Believe" speech.

At the end of the episode, Meredith woke up to find herself in a room with Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights. I did a double-take, and was like, "Hey...What the hell is the Coach doing there?" Then I remembered that before he was Coach Taylor, he was Dylan the Bomb Squad Guy who got blown up on Grey's last season. And Denny was there too. So yeah...Meredith's officially dead, I guess, but there's just no way it's for real. She's going to be fine. Don't worry, guys. One thing is for certain: This is all definitely building up to one hell of an episode this week, I can promise you that!!

Now, I'm screwed with the Survivor re-cap, because I only caught the 10 minutes, and now I can't even remember who got the boot. Was it Bossy McBossy Architect Lady? I think it was her, but I really can't remember...

And as for the Amazing Race, the All-Star Edition kicked off Sunday night, and my early favourites are Rob & Amber, and Eric & Danielle. My main problem with the show after Episode #1 was that I don't feel half these teams deserve the title "All-Stars". I mean, that Kevin & Drew team...No way are they "All-Stars". And Dave & Mary. C'mon, people, they're so far from "All-Stars" it's not even funny. Some of the teams I don't even remember. So I think rather than call this "Amazing Race: All Stars", they should have called it "Amazing Race: Former Teams Who Are Still Together and Want to Do This Crazy-Ass Race Again".

Moving on...Tonight is the last night of the Ray Emery Suspension, and so far we're 2-0 without him, after the Sens bailed out the miserable Martin Gerber Saturday afternoon, scoring 3 unanswered goals in the 3rd vs. Atlanta to take the game 5-3. Very excited to be meeting the Oilers tonight...And even more excited to have Ray back for the back-to-back games against Buffalo on Thursday & Saturday!

Hope everyone has a great day!! Take care.


Rachel said...

Finally .. I was starting to get worried that there wasn't going to be a blog.

I was thinking that maybe Grey has been dreaming the whole time since she went under in the bathtub, she'll wake up and she'll be in the tub. But, I don't believe so because of all of what Izzy did to help save her guy. So who knows, but she's definitely not dead .. I hope.

Sharon said...

Well Jill, I believe that the All-Stars race is teams that did the est (most competitive) as well as most like teams (best feed back from viewers)

And I LOVE Rob and Amber! They ROCK!

sara said...

hi guys

I am trying to figure out FAcebook stuff, and get this- they won't let me be Sara Beer...."beer" isn't a name apparently so I have to be sara B... like great... ppl seem to remember me as Sara Beer when they meet me, not Sara at all!!
Hope everyone is having a great day!!!

Jill said...

Hey guys!

Rachel: I never thought of that, the possibility of it all being a dream while Mer's underwater in the tub...I don't know what's going on, but I'm very excited to see this week's episode!

Sharon: I'm with you on Rob & Amber!! And because everyone hates them, I love them more!

Sara: Very strange that Facebook doesn't recognize Beer as a name! As if! I left you a message on your wall, I hope you enjoy it!! ;o)

Better get back to work!