Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Lots to re-cap, so let's get right into it!


Things got pretty intense over on Friday Night Lights last week when the assistant coach, Mac, referred to the black players on the team as "junkyard dogs" in an interview with local reporters. While I don't think he intentionally meant to demean the black players, it immediately sent the entire school into an uproar, with kids fighting in the halls and causing friction in the Panthers locker room. Smash tried to talk to Mac about it, but Mac refused, and that's when Smash snapped. He rallied the other black players on the team, and they staged their own rebellion during practice by ignoring Mac's orders and walking off the field. It'll be interesting to see how Coach Taylor deals with this latest controversy!

This episode also featured the Powder Puff game, when the rally girls and cheerleaders all take part in an exhibition game, with one team being coached by Tim Riggins, the Powder Puff Nazi, and the other being coached by Matt Sarracen, Mr. "Please Girls, Just Try A Little Harder". Matt's still in Julie's bad books, and even more so after he chose her third to play for his team. But once he made Julie his quarterback and her dad gave her a few tips, she won the game for her team and she and Matt seemed happy together, if only for a moment.

And of course there was lots more to talk about, but seeing Kenny's my only FNL fan, I'd better move on to...


The kick-off episode to the Fiji season featured sea snakes. Lots and lots of sea snakes. And yet another ethnically-diverse group of people, ready to tear each other apart. It's still way to early for me to know everyone's names, or even their tribe names, but we did seem to be seriously lacking in the HOT department, that I am sure of! My current favourite is the dude who looked like Rocky, but that can all change very quickly.

This season, we've got two camps - the luxury camp that everyone helped to build, complete with sleeping quarters, kitchen, and potty; and the empty beach, which the losing tribe was sent to after the Immunity Challenge, where they received just one machete and one pot. (Rocky happened to be on that team, poor guy. Already, I'm loving the losers...) The girl who was voted out...meh, not much to say about her. She was non-descript. I'm not even sure what her name was. She was basically just voted out because she wasn't strong, and she didn't establish a strong enough alliance.

It's still too early in the game to say what this season will be like, but with 2 hidden immunity idols and the big twist being that they're NOT hidden on Exile Island, it should get pretty interesting pretty quick!


Holy Hell, I love this show.

One of Derek's beloved ferry boats blew up or something, and the young docs of Seattle Grace were sent to save some lives at the scene of the accident. All but Cristina, who was left back at the hospital to wait for patients, and you just know that didn't sit well with Cristina.

Might I just say that this episode pushed Alex even further up the ladder of Mr. Incredibleness? He found a pregnant woman who was severely crushed under a cement pylon, and he saved her. He stuck with her until he was forced to leave her side, and even then, he kept going back to check on her. Seeing how she whimpered when she saw him and grasped at his hand showed just how much she trusted him and wanted him with her. It was really sweet and touching. And Alex was just so calm and soothing and reassuring. God, I love him...

Callie and George were having difficulty dealing with their relationship at work, as Callie kept reminding George that she's his boss, not his wife, once they're within those hospital walls. I don't get what the big deal is. All she has to do is watch Burke and McDreamy to see how it's done!

Izzie had by far the worst episode to deal with, as she had a man trapped under a car far away from the rest of the carnage, and his group of buddies demanding that she save his life. All by herself. The chaos of the accident scene left her all alone, without help from search and rescue. To give Izzie credit, she did pretty well considering how nerve-racking the situation was. I really hope her guy lives.

And last but not least, we have Meredith, who was not only trying to save lives, but she also had to trail around a little lost girl who was separated from her mother when the accident occured. Meredith decided to use that little lost girl as her assistant, to keep the child pre-occupied and not thinking of all the blood. However, Meredith's patient became frantic and at the end of the episode, he knocked her into the water in his attempt to get up. And that's when we fade to black... And that's when I start screaming at the TV!! Nooooooo!!!! Of course, Meredith is going to be OK...The show's called Grey's Anatomy. Without Grey, there is no Anatomy. There is no show. But I just can't wait to see what happens!

OK, so those were some pretty lame re-caps, guys, and I apologize, but I did my best! I'll be more thorough this week, I promise!


Rachel said...

Actually, I enjoyed your re-caps very much!! I am kind of peeved off though because I thought Survivor was starting this week and not last!!

Is it on Thursday's at 8? Because thats the same time as Grey's...

Sharon said...

Yes but if you have a Satellite dish you can get 1 at 8:00 and 1 at 9:00. I am so glad that The OC is on at 7:00 there is not fighting between me and Wayne for who gets to watch their show first.

Good recaps Jill. I only read survivor.

And this is a message to Kathleen... Emery is SO much better than your MTL goalie... Your MTL player shouldn't have gotten up in Emery's face... if I had things my way that MTL player would have left the ice on a stretcher! No one messes with the SENS and gets away with it...

Rachel said...

Oh well, I never get into Survivor anyway.

Jill said...

Hey guys! Glad you liked the re-caps!

I left my message to Kathleen on the last thread. But I'm pretty much with Sharon on this one - get in Ray's face, you're gonna pay the price. There was wayyyy too much crease-crashing going on, and he snapped. Should he have got his stick up? No. But did he mean to? That would also be a no. He was frustrated, he reacted, and he's gonna sit for it. Is it fair? In my world, that's also a no. But I guess it's gut-check time and Gerber's gotta step up.

But is Ray Emery a dick????