Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's All About TEAMWORK

OK, so the theme of today's Blog is all about teamwork.

Last night, the Sens needed some serious teamwork to survive the potentially-disasterous suspension to our #1 goalie, Ray Emery. While I still disagree with what I consider a rather harsh 3-game benching for my boy Ray after he shoved a Montreal crease-crasher in the face with his stick Saturday night, it looks the Sens might actually pull through this gut-check time after they trounced the Florida Panthers last night 4-0. That's right, Sharon...Martin Gerber not only got the win, he got the shut-out!!!

Now, to be honest, the game was not televised, so I really have no idea how this one played out. But 2 points are 2 points, and we took advantage of a Florida team that was playing it's second night of back-to-back games, and coming off a huge 1-0 victory over Montreal on Tuesday night. So granted, the Panthers were likely drained and an easy target for the well-rested Sens. However, with Gerber in nets, no game is ever a gimme, let alone a shut-out, so we'll consider this a huge moral victory, not only for Gerber but for the entire team! So now only 2 more games to survive without Rayzor - Atlanta and Edmonton. They will probably be much more challenging games, so fingers are crossed that the teamwork continues!

Over on FNL, it looked like the team unity of the Dillon Panthers had all but disintegrated after Smash and the other black players walked out on the team in protest of the assistant coach's unintentional racist comments. Coach Taylor was really at his wit's end, trying to decide if he should fire Mac or not. Mac beat him to it, though, presenting a letter of resignation, but the coach refused to accept it, further angering the black community of Dillon, Texas.

Now, you'd think dealing with this racism issue would be enough for Coach Taylor these days, but nope...he's also got a rebellious daughter on his plate. Julie's gone a little wild thanks to her recent friendship with Tyra, and the coach and Mrs. Taylor are struggling to deal with this new, saucy, bad-ass daughter of theirs. This week, Julie got her butt tossed in jail. OK, so it was just a Juvenile Holding Cell, and Matt, Landry and Tyra were all with her. And the only reason they were in the clink was because Tyra had to get something from her sister at the strip club, and Landry wandered off and got busted. And this all led to Jill's Favourite Moment of the Night: When the other parents bailed their kids out, the coach & Mrs. Taylor just hung in the parking lot for awhile after Mrs. Taylor explained that she wanted her "perp to sit in there and think about what she's done!"

On a good note for Julie, though...She and Matt made up after he bought her a beautiful pendant with her birthstone, and the he "officially" asked her to be his girlfriend. Not too cute!!

Back to this racism thing for a sec. I'll tell you one thing, Smash is a lucky boy. Why's that, you ask? 'Cause he's got a really good mother. Mrs. Williams is a tough-love kind of lady, but she's always got her boy's best interests at heart. She praises him when he's done good, and she kicks his ass when he needs a good ass-kicking. This week? Time for an ass-kicking. This Waverly chick he's been hanging with put all these notions in his head about how he had to stand up and be a role model for the black community, and prove a point that was above and beyond football. However, Smash's mom is a wise person. She knows that for her son, there is nothing above and beyond football for him. For Smash to have a future, he needs football. He needs football to get into college, to further his education, and to get ahead in life. So she basically sat him down and told him all that, and told him there was no shame in gathering the troops and going back to the team.

So Smash did, and he was welcomed back to the team with a terse nod from Coach Taylor. Then the football game got crazy and they had to end it after the third quarter while the fans rioted, with Dillon taking the win. For some reason, I guess because of this big walk-out thing, Smash was the target of their abuse, and even while en route back to Dillon, a couple of police officers stopped the bus and tried to take him in on charges of assault resulting from the on-field brawl. That's when Mac stood up to defend Smash, demanded a warrant from the police, and basically said, "You gotta go through me to get to him." Yep, folks, you got it...another FNL Hallmark Moment, brought to you by yours truly!

OK...So that's about it for today. Kenny, hope you enjoyed the FNL update, and everyone else, have a great day!


Jill said...

Here is Cousin Kenny's Comment:

Jill Emery spells RAZOR without a Y...I believe Raycroft spells with a please please pretty please fix it

Jill you also forgot to mention the best part of the show when Coach walked in to talk to "the guidence counicllor" then asked to talk to his wife. then asked if there was any one else he could talk to and she said your friend and after that he said you know what all 3 of you scare me and left

Jill said...

My apologies for spelling Razor wrong. I already despise the fact that my goalie shares his nickname with the Leaf goalie (how inappropriate), so I will be sure in the future to at least spell it properly.

And you're right, that was a great FNL moment you mentioned, but not as great as the two of them sitting outside trying to decide how long to leave their "perp" in jail...haha

Sharon said...

Wow quiet on the blog front today. Tonight is the 2nd last episode of the OC I am eager to see what happened after the big quake.

Jill said...

Very quiet here today...Actually, the Blog's been quiet for a while now. Maybe the novelty has worn off? People are tired of reading it? I'm just writing boring shit now?? Who knows...But as I said from the beginning, I'll come here and talk to myself if I have to!! :o)

Enjoy your second-last episode of the O.C., Sharon!

sara said...


Not much for me to life is pretty dull. One of my kiddies banged her head on a shelf today and had a HUGE bump. I was actually scared when I saw it... I figured with it being her head I should call her mom to let her know. Anyways she is fine.. thank gosh her head didn't split open! my group was pretty good today.. I actually had time to clean out 2 cupboards and organize all my paint and puzzles. Yay!
I hate this cold weather...this winter has sucked BIG time as far as I can see. It's always COLD. My kids NEVER get outside.
Hope Spring hurries up!
Have a lovely evening everyone. Sharon- I will see you Saturday (we're in this TOGETHER!)

sara said...

I LOVE using CAPS to emphasize things. hahahaha

priscilla said...

Are your guys going to Brandon's bachelor party on Saturday? You both are probably gone home by now and won't answer. Sorry I haven't commented on the blog lately Jill, but I just have nothing to say, which isn't unusual. On Sunday we went to a baby brunch for Evelyn and Frank St.Aubin's babies. The men were invited too, so it was different. But Chad didn't want to go, and I didn't make him since he went to Jeremy Dagg's baby shower by himself. Tim was there, and his wife and brother and parents. Luckily we were on different sides of the room and I had my back to them the whole time so I didn't even have to look at their ugly faces. Did you have a secret admirer on V-Day Jill?

Jill said...

And just like that, the Blog is once again a hot spot!! hahaha...

Hi everyone!

PK: No secret admirer for V-day...Bleh. Just another stupid day. Actually, that's not fair. My mom made spaghetti & cherry cheese cake for supper, so that was special. And the shop guys sent roses to Sue & I...It was a bit of a mystery, but I knew when they were for both of us that it wasn't some hot boy just for me. lol....

Going to a movie tonight with SB, so very much looking forward to the END OF THE DAY!! YAY!!

PS - I LOVE caps TOO!! ;)

Sharon said...

Yea Wayne is going to the Bachelor party and I think Graham is too.

And yes Sara, we are in this together! Thank gawd!

I think I passed you yesterday but I was so focussed on not ditching my car I wasn't sure.

Some lady rear-ended me on my way home and I asked for 100$ and not clal the insurance company and she complied. It's all good!

KathleenRules said...

*viciously slashed

Sharon said...

Kathleen, I have to warn you that you are playing with fire by pushing Jill on the SENS issue... I have done that once before, however it wasn't even the SENS it was Tom Cruise and well, lets just say I don't push anymore.

Rachel said...

Hey guys. Sara: I was suppose to go Saturday too, but I didn't get much details!! Apparently everyone is suppose to meet at the bar??? Everyone is suppose to drive to Ottawa then all drive home?? Anyway, guess I'm not going cuz noone really told me much about it.

Jill said...

VICIOUSLY SLASHED???? Oh my God. I really thought you had more hockey sense than that, Kathleen!! Watch the replay. The dude was crashing his crease, Ray reached out and just happened to connect with his head as the guy was falling down. Completely unintentional, and Ray actually showed composure when he DIDN'T drop his gloves. The old Emery would have duked 'em out right then & there. He got 3 games (undeserved, in my opinion) - so get over it!! Seems like Montreal fans are grasping at straws here for someone to blame for their recent slide!! ;) GO SENS GO!!

KathleenRules said...

I'm not blaming anyone for the slide, in fact I was somewhat gald he lost his composure at the time cause he let the Habs get back in the game.. Even if Emery had cut his head off he would be an insignificant loss. I didn't see it as accidental at all, even the CBC guys were shocked by it and they all hate Montreal's guts. There's no room for stickwork to the head anywhere in hockey and if it were a Hab who did the deed I would have been ashamed of him. Had Emery taken off his gloves and pounded Lapierre that would be a different story. I really have no problem with Emery's track record as a fighter. he should stick to using his fists to defend himself and not his stick.

Jill said...

Kenny's comment (and I must say, I with him on this one!!)


Amen, brother!