Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Guelph Blog

Good Tuesday morning, to one and all!

Alright, so this is the Guelph Blog, and I'm just going to randomly run through some of the highlights and funny moments of my trip to visit Lindsay in Guelph! I'm still not sure when I'm going to fit in my re-caps of FNL, Grey's, and the latest kick-off to Survivor - maybe tomorrow!!

So here it goes...

  • Trains are cool - I only wish I'd had a buddy to share the adventure with! However, I did have a pleasant lady sitting next to me on the journey home and she was very nice to chat with.
  • Arriving in Guelph on Wednesday, Lindsay promptly took me to the University to water her grass. Then we crashed for the afternoon to rest up for her class Pub that night. The pub was pretty cool, there were some very hot bouncers. It actually reminded me a lot of high school dances, except that you could buy booze if you were wearing a pretty pink bracelet that the hottest bouncer was slapping on people. Oh, and that was another interesting thing for me - I had to show I.D. everywhere we went...I was a long way from Gavan's, I guess!
  • Most Awesome Cheeseburgers can be found at the Portly Penguin, a Kelsey's-type bar & grill in Guelph where we ate my first night there. SO GOOD!!
  • The Hip Concert was INSANE...Although the travel arrangements left something to be desired. At one point, I was afraid we were never going to make it to Toronto, and then later on, I was fearing we'd never get back to Guelph. (Ask me sometime about the scary drive in the snow.) But the show was awesome, and I got to sprinkle bad luck all over the ACC - I literally oozed venom towards the Leafs, and judging by their OT loss to Pittsburgh they suffered on Saturday night, my hex must've worked!
  • I think I have now travelled by every means possible except for plane. Within a span of 5 days, I was on a train, on a Subway, on a Go-Bus, and in a cab. All I need to do now is motorcycle, and I'm set.
  • Friday night was my favourite night - we went to the Guelph Storm game with a bunch of Lindsay's friends and classmates, and it was pretty cool. Although I did get attacked by a security guard who wouldn't let me take pictures. Guelph lost 7-2, but afterwards we hit the downtown bar scene, and that's when the fun REALLY began. We went to Bobby O'Brien's, Trappers, Van Gogh's, and the Palace. Most were dark-dance-club-type places that I would normally cringe at, but after a few of these rye-n-cokes that had more rye than coke in them (and at $2.50 a pop at one place - Nick's ripping us off, guys!!) - not only was I having fun, I was up dancing with Lindsay, Jason, Rebekka (Lindsay's roommate), and one of their friends. And I mean dancing!! Like a homie or something. Wicked!
  • As you all know, when I drink too much, I get stupid. So while upstairs at Van Gogh's and dancing like a homie, I took the notion to knock Jason's yucky Leaf hat off his head repeatedly. Of course, that turned into a bit of a war with me pretending to kick him in the head several times until Lindsay & Rebekka got my attention and warned me to settle down. Little did I know, I had caused the bouncers to jump up and they were starting to surround me, and God only knows what might have happened if I hadn't stopped swinging my leg in Jason's direction! I was a little more careful after that. If I'd been at Gav's, Nick might've laughed or possibly shot me the "Settle Down" look himself, but I think these dudes might've kicked me right out or tackled me or something. On my way out, I shook hands with one of them and apologized for my rowdiness, and he just laughed, so all's well that ends well!
  • The even funnier part of this story happened the next night, while watching the hockey game, and Lindsay & I got giddy. Then Lindsay took the notion to re-enact my kicking episode, but she slipped and fell flat on her ass. I'm not sure I've ever laughed so hard in my life (after making sure she was OK, of course...)
  • I learned pretty quick that the only way to end a great night in Guelph is to stop at Sun Sun's for some chinese take-out. I, personally, never ate any Sun Sun's myself, but I smelled it many times in the car rides home from downtown after our night-time adventures. It's just fun to say it. Sun Sun's.
  • Saturday we went to see the movie "Because I Said So"...Girls, it's a must-see. I absolutely adored it! Best movie I've seen in a long time!
  • Saturday night was Ranch Night - Lindsay, Rebekka and I went, and it really is like a bigger, more packed version of Gavan's. Lots of two-steppers, lots of cowboys, lots of hootchies. By this point, I'd already had my "wild night" the night before, so I was pretty tired and I didn't even partake in any dancing or anything crazy, but at least now I know what Lindsay & Jared are talking about when they mention the Ranch!
  • The train ride home was rather uneventful, although I did spy a hot boy in the lounge in Toronto. However, I think he must've been in a bad accident or something, because he had a cast on one arm, and he walked with a cane, and his arms were just a maze of scars. He did have a sexy face, though!

OK, so that's all I can think of right now, and that's probably more than anyone cares to read! Lindsay's probably reading this and thinking that I missed a million stories, but the Blog would just never end if I wrote about it all. I had a great time, and I can't wait to get my pictures developed. I didn't meet any boys who wanted to get married or move to Quyon, but that's alright. It was an awesome trip anyways!!

Glad to be back! Take care, gang!


Rachel said...

Hey Hey! Welcome back. Sounds like Guelph is alot of fun!

Sharon said...

Hi Jill!

Welcome back!

While you were away, Emery slashed one of the MTL players in the face and now we are stuck with Gerber *the suck butt* for 3 games...

I am NOT impressed!

Jill said...

Hi guys! Thanks for the welcome back messages...lol!

Sharon: I heard about the suspension yesterday...That really really sucks. Hopefully we can survive this stretch without Ray! Gerber's gotta come up big for us...

I didn't get to watch much Sens hockey while in Leaf Land. Although I did have Rebekka as an ally, and another guy in Lindsay's class who was a Sens fan too. The rest of them were all Leaf Lovers. I kept up with the Sens though on the Sportscentre morning updates, and I caught the highlights of Ottawa beating MTL throughout the Leaf game Saturday night. And now tomorrow's game isn't televised, so it's gonna feel like FOREVER since I last saw my boys!!

Rachel said...

Have you been able to catch up on your shows yet? Should be an interesting Grey's this week.

Sarah said...

welcome back Jill! Sounds like you had a Great trip! Can't wait to hear more stories!!

Lindsay said...

I wish I could say welcome back but I miss having you here! I had such an awesome time too!! One fond memory for me is staying up late Saturday night just talking about what you were going to put on the blog! Ha ha! I cant believe it was a full week ago since you arrived! I miss you already but I will be home VERY shortly and I guess if we find time maybe we can have some more adventures, no planning though! ha ha!
Love you and thanks agian for the amazing visit!!

Lindsay said...

Oh and I almost forgot; for anyone who has facebook just look me up and I have all of the pictures posted!

KathleenRules said...

Hi Jill.
Glad you had a good time and thank you so much for the hex on the Leafs.
Ray Emery is a dick!

Jill said...

K: Oh no you didn't...You did not just use vulgarity against my ace goalie on my own Blog!! I'm already starting the hex on Montreal...Damned Habs crashing the crease, causing all these problems for my team...GRRRRRR!!!

Linds: I had a great time, but I've already told you that a hundred times!! I've really got to get on Facebook...Anyways, hope the snow storm doesn't hinder your progress home tomorrow/Friday. And for sure, we'll have fun this week...But no plans, none at all...haha!

OK, now I'm going to work on my Recap Blog!!

KathleenRules said...

calm down Jill, the hex has already been on the Habs since Christmas. I don't think you could possibly make it any worse.
Crease crashing is just part of the game, there's many a night I've seen the Senators crashing the opposing team's crease including the Habs. I don't think anything excuses a slash to the head. If he wanted to protect himself he should have taken his stick to their legs, I've always said someone is fair game in that way when they crash the crease. And Lapierre was pushed into Emery, even the Ottawa papers said that. I honestly think he needs psychological help to deal with his rage. If anything it showed the importance of wearing a visor.
Have fun with the baby food guy this week.