Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just Call Her Callie O'Malley

OK, so I told you guys all about the big proposals last week on Grey's Anatomy, and how I thought both girls would probably say no.

We found out pretty quick tonight that I was wrong where Callie was concerned! Not only did she say yes to George, they already got married!!! UNBELIEVABLE. In Vegas. I'm still reeling! So George and Callie returned to the hospital to share their good news with the rest of the docs, which led to the best line of the night (maybe the season), from the oh-so-studly Dr. Alex Karev: "Dude. She's Callie O'Malley." I'm still giggling. Priceless.

Anyways, this week the doors also opened to the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic, which Izzie funded with her whopping $8 Million inheritance, and she was a little concerned with their lack of patients. So concerned, in fact, that Dr. Bailey sent Izzie and Alex to poach patients from the ER. Until George landed in, not feeling so swell, and they all assumed he was having panic attacks over his impulsive marriage. But then Nurse Olivia arrived suffering the same symptoms, and then one of the technicians. George figured out pretty quick that they had all been in contact with a patient's toxic blood, but before he could send out an alarm, an entire room of surgeons and nurses, including the Chief and Alex, were passed right out on the operating room floor. (Don't worry, they were all OK, but pretty much everyone got sick at some point. Except for McSteamy. He's too pretty to do the messy stuff).

Meanwhile, Meredith's mother was given "the gift" - she woke up temporarily lucid, rather than in her confused state of Alzheimer's. But instead of embracing the precious moments of having her real mother around, Meredith avoided her. Because she was afraid her mother would call her a disappointment. And when she finally did go and face the legendary Ellis Grey, that's exactly what her mother called her. A disappointment. Talk about a slap in the face! By the time Meredith had composed herself enough to confront her mother again and tell her exactly how she felt, the elder Dr. Grey had already slipped back into that "other world" and she didn't understand a thing her daughter said. Moral of the story: Embrace the moment, people, 'cause ya never know when it might all just disappear.

Alex is hot, guys. Seriously. Very, very hot. When he was lying next to Addison on that hospital bed in just a black muscle shirt and his blue scrub pants...Man, that was nice. How she didn't jump him right then and there, I do not know.

So that basically leaves Cristina, and whatever did become of her and Burke? Well, she was considering his proposal, and he was very impatient, but finally at the end of the episode, she told him she didn't want a ring. And that she's a surgeon. And that they'd have to hire someone to be the wife. "So..." Burke said, "Is that a yes?" And after a dramatic pause, Cristina said, "Yes." And then she and Burke did that fun thing where they both get giddy and laugh and jump around hugging each other, which hardly ever happens. It was very cute, and it officially proved my Grey's Proposal Predictions wrong...Both girls said yes!

But there's no way Cristina Burke will get the laughs that Callie O'Malley did.

Callie O'Malley.

Hahahahahahahahahahhahaha!!!!! I love it!


Anonymous said...

Well I watched the OC last night. It was okay, I am basically just watching all the shows because it's going to be ending soon. I hope that it ends well.

Has Stacey had her baby yet?

Jill said...

Still no baby yet!!

I actually watched part of the O.C. last night too, but I couldn't focus 'cause I was just thinking about Wade Redden too much. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I really affected you with my star sighting eh... it was cool