Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Blah Blog

Yesterday may have been the least-commented-upon Blog yet. Pretty sad, folks. I even wrote about hockey. Usually the hockey Blogs get the best responses. I guess I'm failing as your friendly resident Blogger. I'm not writing interesting enough stuff. I'm not keeping you on the edge of your seats, waiting with hungry anticipation for the next Blog.

Or maybe y'all are out there, actually reading, but not bothering to post.

Whatever the case may be, I apologize for not providing a more entertaining Blog.

So today, as you can probably already see, I don't have anything to write about. This is not a step in the right direction to liven the Blog up, I know. But usually Thursdays are FNL Blogs; however, Kenny, who is holiday-ing in the sunny South, requested that I not Blog about FNL until he has seen it. And I don't think any of the rest of you even read the FNL Blogs, so what's the point? Besides, I didn't watch it yet myself.

I could tell you about the Sens game last night, but I only saw the first ten minutes and the last period. I am very grateful for the four points Carolina has handed over to us in the past two days - muchly appreciated, Canes. How did freakin' Saprykin do, you ask? I have no idea...In the small amount of hockey I watched, I didn't even notice him. Sugar Ray Emery got the shut-out, his fifth of the season, and all is well in the Sens World. And yes, for those of you wondering, Wade Redden looked sexy as hell.

Oh, Happy First Day of March, gang! Apparently it's coming in like a lion, with a snowstorm in the forecast for tonight. So that may screw up my shopping plans for tomorrow. Anyways...I really have nothing else to say. Have a great day, and enjoy the sunshine, 'cause we may not see it again for a few days!


Sarah said...

Hey Jill!
I actually read your blog everyday - but dont always post a message. Either I have nothing to comment on or I am too busy at work. But I do come here everyday to see what you have wrote about!

Sharon said...

Same with me Jill, I read it most every day... unless I am having a harry day at work at which point I can barely see straight when I do get a free moment.

I would like to say that I ran into old Lukey on the highway last night, he was a few cars ahead going onto the 4-lanes and I smoked by him. But I understand, he probably doesn't want to push his new car all that much. I just don't like being behind people.

We both also passed Isabel Schwartz in her big monster truck. And I don't think Luke knows my car on the road. Ah well, more satisfaction for me. Oh and he should really smile more while he's driving, he looks so sour.

Also a shout out to SB who I passed as well yesterday. She was heading to Aylmer. It's nice to have daylight when I am going home now and I can actually see the people I am passing.

Jill said...

Hello ladies! Thank you for being faithful blog readers, it makes me feel better!

Sharon: I will tell Luke to try & look more pleasant behind the wheel.

I'm loving the sunshine in the late-afternoons too, it's allowing me to get in a good walk on these lovely days we've been having!! :)

Sharon said...

Yeah it's making me excited to start biking. I am praying that my neighbors will keep their cross dogs in their yard chained up. I don't want to die for the sake of exercise.

priscilla said...

I also read the blog everyday, and like Sarah I don't always post a comment because I just don't have anything to say.

Chad's grandma Brownlee died yesterday morning. So there's a wake this afternoon and this evening, then the funeral is tomorrow. I am just going to go to the wake tonight. I am really dreading going, but it's just one of those things you gotta do. I hate the smell of the place, and it's always so hot in there. And I hope nobody is crying because I will have to bawl then. Hopefully if there's any crying to be done it will be at the afternoon wake and be over with by the time I get there. Chad has to buy himself a suit sometime today inbetween working. Luckily I was around last night to tell him to try his on, because it didn't fit. And he is going to be a pallbearer, so he would have looked out of place with just a shirt and tie. And I hope it doesn't start to storm until after I get home tonight.

Sharon said...

Don't worry PK, it's not supposed to start storming until later on this evening. I am really sorry to hear about Chads Grandma.

Jill said...

Very sorry to hear about Chad's Grandma also, PK. Please pass on my sympathies to him.

I know how you feel about going to the wake. I suck at that kind of stuff, if someone so much as sniffles I start to ball. I'll never forget my mom's cousin Merlin's wake, his poor friend Sonny was trying so hard to keep it together, and I walk in & start sobbing, and then Sonny really had a hard time and started to cry too. I felt so bad. But like you said, it's just one of those things you have to do...I've been forcing myself to go to ones that I feel I should go to in the past few years, and I think I'm getting better at it. I used to just sit in the car. But I've still never really been to a funeral, just my Uncle Graham's and I stayed downstairs with the ladies who were serving the lunch and I made them all cry. I'm so pathetic!

Jill said...

I can't believe I wrote "I start to ball." Obviously I meant "bawl"...Next time I'll proof read.

priscilla said...

Do any of you Quyon people know some guy named Mitch with a yellow Hummer who lives across from the school?

chris said...

Hey Jill

I read your blogdaily as well, but like other I don't always comment or have the time to post a comment. Your blog is like my morning papaer when I get to work or when I take my break... KEEP IT UP!! :o)

Jill said...

Hey Chris! Good to hear from ya, glad you're still keeping up with the Blog too! :)

PK: Mitch with the yellow hummmer...Yes, that's Mitch Quintal, lives across from St. Mary's school. You've probably seen him at Gavan's before. When I think of him, I think of Halloween a few years ago, he was dressed as a spider, and he was all touchy-feely, but he had like 6 more arms than usual so it was 10 times