Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rob & Amber: UNSTOPPABLE!!

No Grey's Anatomy last week, and Kenny still hasn't seen FNL as far as I know, so the only recaps I have for you are Survivor and The Amazing Race!


Remember when I said the only person out there in Fiji that I had any love for was Rocky, but that could all change? Well, it's changed. I don't like him anymore. He threw a massive hissy fit this past week, and then decided to dress up like a girl to suck up afterwards. Not my style at all. Plus, his tribe seriuosly does suck. They lost both challenges again, but were offered a slight reprieve when the other tribe had a serious decision to make after winning Immunity - they either had to give up their comfy camp to keep Immunity, or stay on their luxury beach and risk the wrath of Tribal Council.

They chose to go to TC, which seemed a silly decision since Papa Smurf had just been med-evac'd from the game. (Isn't that such a cool term, though? "Med-evac". I want to get med-evac'd!) Anyways, after ol' Mr. Smurf was boated on outta there due to having a "funny head" and difficulty breathing, and then losing the flirtatious Liliana at TC, that leaves them tied with their lowly competitors over on Loser Beach. On the other hand, I don't blame them for not wanting to give up their cozy little camp - they really are living in the lap of luxury over there, and sacrificing that to keep their tribe together might have been enough to give the other tribe some motivation and push them to actually win something.

But I doubt it.

The Amazing Race: All-Stars

I was too hung-over and sleepy Sunday night to stay awake for the Race, but thankfully I caught the repeat on OLN last night, so I'm all caught up with the All-Stars!

Have I mentioned before that I hate Mirna and Schmirna? I mean, loathe, detest, hate them. They're seriously driving me nuts with their Holier-than-thou attitude and the way they just shriek soooo much. Plus, someone should tell them that when they're in another country where no one speaks English, speaking loudly with an accent does not help people understand them any better.

Rob & Amber placed first again, for the third straight leg, and appear to be in the driver's seat; although, the sneak peek at next week's episode has me wondering if there's going to be a major upset. Apparently it's going to be the "finish that everyone's talking about" - and I have a strange feeling Rob & Amber are going to be eliminated. I really, really hope not, though. They really are the only team I have any heart for. I thought I liked Eric & Danielle, but after watching her squeal and freak out over having to touch fish last night, I'm not so sure anymore. Plus, Eric has his nipples pierced. Both of them. Ewwww. He does have a cute little face, though!

The Beauty Queens made a big faux-pas last night when the missed the clue for the Detour. They found the rafting boats before they found the clue, so they just did the rafting and thought there was no Detour. They landed on the mat in 4th, but Phil sent them back to find the clue they missed. Miraculously, they found it quickly and by the time they returned, they were still in 4th.

At the end of the day, it was Team Kentucky that landed in last place and were sent home by the Philiminator. Meh, big deal. Dave & Mary seemed lost without their Cho Brother buddies, so it's probably better off that they're gone. Besides, I was afraid Mary might takle Schmirna if she was around much longer.

Other than the shows, it was a great weekend! I had an awesome time at Brandan & Amanda's reception Saturday night, dancing and drinking (a little too much). I had what I'm calling a "drunken panic attack" at the end of the night when my camera went missing, and I wandered around in tears looking for it before Adam finally handed it over. I'm still not sure if he really found it under his table or if he was purposely hiding it from me, but for a few minutes there, he was my hero.

I hope you all had a great weekend too!! Take care, gang!


Sarah said...

Hey Jill!
I had a great time saturday night too. Was a lot of fun, it seemed like you were having a great ol'time! Amanda and Brandon are such a cute couple!

I totally agree with you on Amazing Race, I hate Mirna and Shirna ( whatever her name is) too! They annoy the hell out of me! And for survivor its starting to piss me off too, it's all one sided, I feel so bad for that another team. Anyway, thats just my thoughts for today...

Rachel said...

Whats up Jill! Well I didn't get to watch the Amazing Race but I did tune into Survivor. You were right about no good looking guys. I think this is the worse looking bunch of people Survivor has ever had. Anywho, was it Rocky that was bitching and complaining all the time. This guy was really getting on my nerves, I can't believe noone shut him up!

priscilla said...

The reason I asked about Mitch with the Hummer was because some insurance people wanted to know if he has a grow-op in there. The windows were boarded up, but he's supposedly renovating. The landlord said there isn't one, but he hasn't been there for a long time.

I like the winning team on Survivor because my Rowat Insurance office pool pick is Cassandra and she's on that team. I missed it last week because I was at the wake, so thanks for the recap.

Jill said...

G'day ladies!

Sarah: Yeah, Saturday night was awesome! It was nice to see so many people I hadn't seen in a while, and of course the crazy dancing and drinking...so much fun! (TOO much fun!! lol...)

Rachel: Yeah, Rocky was the one whining & complaining...and it's like, "Dude, you're on the team, too! You're losing too! It's not everyone else's fault, you're to blame also!" They're all pissing me off! Very ugly bunch!

PK: Wouldn't surprise me if there was a grow-op at Mitch's, but I really have no idea! I actually haven't even seen him in ages...Who knows. I wish I was in a Survivor pool so I'd have more interest in watching it. I've realized that I haven't really enjoyed Survivor all that much since Season 2, but I keep watchign every year, and every year they disappoint me!

Anyways, I've got loads of mail to sort through, so I'd better go. Hope everyone is having a good day! :)