Tuesday, March 27, 2007

One Last Whirlwind Trip to Guelph!

Back from Guelph, all in one piece! Here's a quick run-down of a few of the highlights and funny moments:
  • It was a very, very long car ride, as we got stuck in rush hour TO traffic on the 401 and crawled along until we hit the Guelph exit for like 2 hours or more. I was antsy!!
  • On our way to the Portly Penguin for dinner Friday night, we were listening to homie music in Jason's car, and there was a funny noise in one of the songs, which I declared sounded a lot like a skunk. Jason and Lindsay teased me about it all weekend. (Do skunks have a sound??...I don't know!)
  • We partied at Upstairs Van Gogh's, where I saw my first real live transvestite. I wanted to take the He-She's picture, but Jason warned me that it would kick my ass. Apparently, it and Lindsay are very good friends, though! (haha...)
  • Grootz tried to teach me to do this cool dance-y move with my arms...But he and Jason laughed hysterically at me, apparently I wasn't doing it right...
  • Bekk (Lindsay's roommate) & I went downstairs to get money out of the ATM, and we had to tell all the bouncers as we went by what we were doing so that they'd let us back in...The bouncer at the door going into the downstairs club knew Rebekka, and she told him what we were up to. He told her to go ahead, and she said, "Jill too?" and then I said, "Do you want to see my bank card?" Everybody around us laughed, and he told me that was the worst pick-up line he'd ever heard...
  • I FINALLY got to eat Sun Sun's at like 3 AM...We stopped in there to get food on the way home, and then we decided to walk 'cause it was such a nice night. However, I apparently cannot walk & eat at the same time. So I ate cold Sun Sun's when we got home. But it was still just as good as everyone told me it would be! tee hee hee
  • I should really offer up my apologies to those of you who received 4 AM wall posts on Facebook from me that night, especially Susie...That was a really long one!
  • 4 hours after going to sleep, we were up & at 'em to have breakie with Bill & Sue. We also went to the theatre to see "Premonition" - highly recommended, just don't go pee or you'll be lost!
  • We also went to Bill & Sue's hotel to swim. (Actually, Rebekka & I just dabbled our toes in the water) - But holy heck, you shoulda seen the hot lifeguard! Smokin'!!
  • That night, Lindsay made fajitas, while Rebekka and I took charge of the nachos...We made them look so beautiful, just like a big pan of Christmas!!
  • I still can't believe I had to watch LEAF HOCKEY two nights in a row!! Gag me!! But the first night was hilarious, with the Laffs blowing a 4-1 lead to lose 5-4 to Buffalo. I had to keep my hand over my mouth and I had to bite my tongue hard, to stay out of trouble!
  • Kenny: Just in case Luke hasn't told you...I was 2/2 with Roll Up the Rim to Win on the weekend...two coffees, booyah!!

And that's about all I can think of right now, lots of laughs and good times! Hope you all had a great weekend as well!


Sarah said...

Hey Jill,

Sounds like you had a great weekend visting lindsay! The bank card pickup line - too funny!

Sharon said...

Finally a new blog to read... I missed it yesterday when I was looking to waste time.

Sounds like you had an awesome time and the pics look awesome.

Lindsay said...

HA HA HA What a weekend again! Good times, good times. So many memories. Heres some extras:
- You pertending to be bekk
- Must mention the hot lifeguard again!! ow ow!
- The boys scaring us on the walk home
- Our new dance move...i think we should call it....."hitting the crossbar" we can do this move like you rap and imitate a skunk!
Oh so many good times! Thanks for a great weekend