Thursday, March 15, 2007

Be There or Be Square!!

So we're all boys to Quyon,
Put on your best clothes!
We're a-headin' for a-Quyon,
Where the Ottawa flows.
Where there's music and dancing,
And all hands around!
We're a-headin' for a-Quyon,
My old stomping grounds!

That Gail Gavan song always makes me think of St. Paddy's Day at Gavan's. I'm not sure why. It's not a song from her Irish collection; in fact, I think it's probably from her "Love of the Valley" Volume 1 tape. But when I'm at Gavan's on Sunday, and the place is packed to the rafters, and I'm running into people from all over the Valley, that's the tune I'll be humming in my head.

So yes, in case you didn't already know, the famous St. Pat's party at Gavan's is on Sunday, starting at 1 and running all afternoon & into the evening, until God only knows when. There's just something about being at Gavan's on a Sunday afternoon, with the sun beaming through the windows, and everyone drunk & rowdy & friendly - it's a special day, and I can't wait! I'm not a big fan of the "big side" on St. Paddy's - it's so crowded, you can barely move. But the "small side" - now that's where the real fun is! A small group of musicians playing fiddles and guitars, and most of the locals crammed around tables and standing up at the bar. You can kind of just find a spot to plant yourself, and then have fun as people tour around and stop to say hello.

People come from far and wide for the famous (infamous?) celebration - it's the one big party that always puts Gavan's - and Quyon - on the map. It's also amazing how everyone discovers their Irish roots and come decked out in green from head to toe. As you can tell, I'm really excited...And I hope to see you all there!


priscilla said...

They are playing too much Irish music on the radio already and I'm sick of hearing it. Saturday is my dad's birthday, and his twin my uncle Pat, and it would also have been my godfather/uncle Freddy's birthday. He died last year at Easter time, brain tumor. I miss picking out a St.Patrick's Birthday card for him. It is also the birthday of Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame. Then it's Christine's on the 18th. So lots of birthdays around this time.

Jill said...

PK, you sound like my dad. He was all excited about this new Renfrew radio station he found, but this week he hasn't listened to it at all, and Mom says it's because they're playing all Irish music and he can't stand it. Personally, I love that stuff...I've got my Gail Gavan Irish CD out and my Town Pants one too!!

priscilla said...

You're talking about CJHR? I get to listen to it ALL the time, and yes they are playing lots of Irish music. At my house it's between that station and CHIP, then Karen here beside me has her radio on Renfrew during the day. I don't mind the fiddle tunes and bluegrass, because I'm so used to it, but the Irish stuff is too much. I've got Chez going on my computer and lucky for me they play lots of AC/DC and mostly all songs that I like, so I can drown out the Renfrew stuff and not have to think about it.

Sarah said...

ooohhh Jill, you just put me in the irish drinking mood.
Some say the devils dead, the devils dead, the devils dead,
some say the devils dead
He's buried in Kilarney! ..... YEEEE HOOO

Sharon said...

Well I am not doing anything yet again for St. Patty's day... my car is bleeding me dry... dry I tells ya... still not sure what's going on but I will be getting a rental tomorrow because I have been borrowing Linda's car for a whole week now... and well it's bothering me a lot... because I am a burden, even though no one says I am...

I am exhausted though and can't wait to sleep in on Sunday... yes Sunday will be BLISS!

sara said...

Oh deear Sharon...I hope things get better and everything works out!
See you all Sunday! (I reallllly wish I had a new St. Patty's day shirt to wear) All I have is my ones from last year...blah blah.. but oh well.
"tied up with a black velvet band" woo hoo!

Jill said...

Sara, I haven't been out to get a new St. Paddy's shirt either! Guess I'll have to wear an old one!



Kayla M said...

Hey Jilly, this post made me smile.. it's from back in the day when you were cool and used to get excited for St. Paddy's! Just wondering if you know the rest of the lyrics to the Quyon song? My friend Krisha was a big fan of the song and wants the lyrics so she knows the words for the next time she comes to Quyon!