Friday, September 15, 2006

Poor Little Meredith Grey

Alright, so I've had a complaint from one of my readers (his name rhymes with "tricky") that my Blogs are too long. Can't say I didn't warn you - I've always been long-winded when I write. How many times did Mrs. Halligan lecture me on that in high school English? Too many to count. So I'm going to make a strong effort to keep them more brief from now on...but I somehow doubt that's going to happen.

Now, the one thing on my mind this morning is: Poor little Meredith Grey. My favourite TV show (that doesn't involve manipulative houseguests or wannabe rockstars) is GREY'S ANATOMY. Most of the world got to see the season finale of the show last spring; however, due to my own stupidity, I somehow manage to miss it, and I've been waiting several long, excruciating months for it to come out on DVD. This past week it finally did, and last night I was finally able to watch the much-anticipated episode.

For those of you who don't watch it (you should start) - here's the premise: Each week, we get a glimpse into the life of Dr. Meredith Grey and her fellow interns at Seattle Grace Hospital - Dr. Izzie Stevens, Dr. George O'Malley, Dr. Cristina Yang, and Dr. Alex Carref. As surgical interns, these five doctors become good friends while struggling as the bottom-feeders in one of the best hospitals in the U.S. Each week, they manage to get themselves into crazy situations, both at the hospital and after hours with their personal lives. The main focus, of course, is Meredith, but through the first two seasons, viewers have also become very familiar with the rest of the doctors.

In the finale episode (and I got to see the super-long un-cut version that lasted almost an hour and a half), Izzie finds herself fighting to keep the patient she's fallen in love with alive. Denny is waiting for a heart transplant, and after a botched plan to get him a new heart quicker, Izzie and the rest of the interns have to keep Denny alive until they can come up with a back-up plan. Alex, Izzie's former boyfriend, is an unwilling accomplice, but he has no choice but to help.
In the meantime, Cristina's boyfriend, attending heart surgeon Dr. Burke, is unexpectedly shot by a crazed patient, and she can't seem to come to grips with it. After finding out there's a chance of paralysis in his hands, she falters, and can't bring herself to deal with it, so she immerses herself in the situation with Izzie and Denny.

After some smooth talking by Alex, he convinces another surgeon from another hospital to perform the transplant surgery on Denny, and miraculously, it works. Izzie is on cloud nine when a newly-repaired Denny proposes to her, and then the two of them make plans to attend the prom being thrown at the hospital for the chief of surgery's niece who is dying of ovarian cancer. All sounds rather traumatic and ridiculous up to this point, right? Well, even I wasn't prepared for the next curveball they threw at me...

Izzie goes home to change for the prom, and upon returning to the hospital looking like a fairy princess, she finds that Denny has very unexpectedly passed away. He had a stroke and died, all alone in his room. After learning the news of Denny's death, Izzie curls up on his hospital bed with him and simply lies there, hanging on to the man she loved. That image will probably stick with me forever - perhaps the most striking image I've ever seen on television: A man, not handsome in a conventional way, but rugged and charming nonetheless, frozen in death, his skin already turned a greyish-blue; and the woman curled up next to him, all blond and beautiful in a puffy pink party dress, her face conveying no emotion as she very matter-of-factly explains to her friends exactly how her fiancé died.

It's not until they each take turns trying to tell Izzie that she must let Denny go, that she finally breaks down and begins to sob uncontrollably. Perhaps my favourite moment of the whole show was when Alex steps forward and soothingly convinces his former girlfriend to let go of her dead fiancé, pries her fingers free of him, and then scoops her up and lets her cry on his shoulder. He was the only one of the whole group who knew exactly how to deal with the situation, and while Alex is usually portrayed as the selfish, crass (but oh-so-yummy) one in the group, in this episode, viewers got to see the softer, sweeter side of Dr. Alex. I absolutely loved it.

So now I've gone into detail about the main plotlines of the show, and you're probably wondering how this all relates to poor little Meredith Grey. Well, that's just the point - the whole episode revolved around Izzie and Denny, and Cristina and Burke, and the prom plans for the chief of surgeon's dying niece...But know how the episode ends? Know what I was supposed to be thinking about all summer (but I couldn't, because I didn't see it til last night)?? It ends, not with a closing shot of Alex holding a traumatized Izzie, or Cristina squeezing Burke's perfectly healed hands, or the chief of surgery dancing with his niece, but rather the whole season ended with Meredith finding herself caught between her fling, Dr. McDreamy (or Sheppard), and her current beau, Finn the vet, trying to decide what she should do. All of the trauma, all of the tragedy, all of the despair - and we end with poor little Meredith, whose biggest problem is that she's in love with a married man, dating a vet who's perfect for her but she doesn't love him...oh, and her dog died. Whoop-di-doo.

It all kind of pissed me off. I'm still very excited for the new season to begin next week, but I sort of wish the whole show didn't have to be about Meredith. I know, it's just TV, chill out, Jill. But that's just what I had to vent about today. Thank your lucky stars Lukas won Rockstar, or I'd still be whining about that....haha!

So the weekend officially begins in a few hours, and I'm very much looking forward to it - going to see "Invincible" tonight, and tomorrow the whole family will be packing up to head to Luke's ball tournament in Williamsburg. Should be fun! I'll be back with more blogging on Monday - I hope some interesting things happen this weekend to tell you all about. Hey, maybe I'll find a boyfriend in Williamsburg. Ya never know...


Stacy said...

I thought you said you were going to shorten your entries...haha - on and on with Grey's Anatomy. What about Young and the Restless, I could keep everyone updated on that, however Ricky and I watch it every night and Jill, you read about it - I don't think anyone else watches it. I think you should have themed your Blog Page -as TV Updates or something, cuz so far, that's what it's about..haha - kidding! Tonight, we are going to see Invincible at the Coliseum, I don't know when the last time I was there - I honestly think it was when you, me and Glenna Campbell went to see Titanic - oh no - we went to South Keys for that..I can't remember - must have been a Youth Group Trip. Hopefully the movie is good - I should read up about it, because honestly, I have no idea what it's, I wouldn't mind seeing the football movie that came out today - about the guys in prison. Not many plans for us for the weekend either. Ricky is going to the Sportsman's show in Carp on Saturday with Dad and Adam I think (we were suppose to go look at cars) and we may go look at cars on Sunday - if not, Monday evening after work. It's not so bad, cuz we know what we're getting. Anyways that's all for now.

Priscilla said...

Hey Stacy, I watch The Young and The Restless too! But I only get the last 5 minutes of it on tv when I get home. And still I don't miss much. I haven't got it figured out yet, is Jack poisoning Victor or is he going crazy all on his own? Chad's sister-in-law keeps me updated now and again. Maybe our Survivors Adam and Candace will be the next Boston Rob and Amber?? I would like to comment on Grey's Anatomy Jill, but I think I'm the only one who doesn't watch it because it doesn't come in on our tv. Still, I don't miss having a dish. There's no time for tv watching.

Jill said...

Hi guys!
Stace - I really am sorry for the long posts. But hey, I think you just won for longest comment! ;o)
Maybe next week I'll comment on the Y&R - but I haven't watched it regularly enough lately to know what's going on. I'm just glad JT didn't die a few weeks ago when he was kidnapped. Ooooo - I wasn't overly impressed with Survivor last night, but I did like that Adam guy. He's no Colby, but he'll do!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jill,

I don't mind the long posts, they keep me entertained especially on this particular evening that I am working front desk fro extra money. I like the updates on the shows that I don't watch i.e grey's anatomy. My mom was just talking about how she bought season 2 and is looking for season 1. It's the first TV series she has bought, so proud of her, getting all technologically advanced.

Well I am finally going to get to leave this college... in 12 minutes... So I am going to start packing my stuff up! Have a great ball filled weekend! Fill us in on monday, long or not I will read it without complaint!


Jill said...

Thanks, Sharon! That's so cool that you're mom's into Grey's Anatomy. It's definitely my favourite show, I'd recommend it to anyone! And I'm glad you like reading the blog. I tried to shorten it up in the post above - plus, I really didn't think anyone wanted to read my play-by-play reports of each ball game that I'd planned to post! LOL