Wednesday, September 13, 2006

KING LUKAS what am I going to talk about tonight? Let me think...there must be something....OH YEAH...


Well, judging from my title, I'm sure you can all figure out that my man - fellow Canadian and Rockstar to the core - MR. LUKAS ROSSI- was the champion in tonight's finale episode! But before we get into that, let me tell you my little story of Rockstar confusion...

I was anxiously anticipating tonight's finale, and promptly at 8 I parked myself in front of the TV and found Rockstar on the dish, already feeling butterflies fluttering in my stomach. (I know, I'm so pathetic!) The Rockstar intro came on, and the next thing I know, Brooke Burke is on-screen declaring that we're going to take a "look back" at what has happened on Rockstar over the summer. The first inkling that something was wrong was that I noticed Brooke was wearing the same clothes she wore last night. (Don't ask me how I remembered that, 'cause even I don't know - I'm not one to pay attention to such things as what a person was wearing...but for some reason, this time, I did). Anyways, she began introducing re-cap package after re-cap package:
"Now we'll take a look back at what brought the rockers here in the first place."
"Next we'll take a look back at the most scandalous moments of the summer."
"Now we'll take a look back at the biggest fights over songs."
"Next we'll take a look back at the best surprises of the summer."
"Now we'll take a look back at Toby smashing pies and cakes in the faces of the Encore winners."
Something along those lines...
As the clip-a-thon continued, I kept checking my watch, feeling - knowing - something was very wrong. I mean, there were four rockers left to go through. How were they going to narrow it down to one after all this blah-blah re-cap shit? Luke (my brother, not the Rockstar), kept telling me to relax, that there was still lots of time. But 25 minutes in, I was starting to panic. A quick survey of all the other channels showed that I was on the right program...Somehow, though, I suspected I wasn't watching what I was supposed to be watching.

Flash back from commercial, Brooke's wearing new clothes, and all of a sudden I see three rockers standing on the stage: Lukas, Dilana, and Toby. No Magni to be found. NOOOOOOOOO!!! I couldn't figure out what the hell was going on...And I still don't get it. I'm thinking the Global station I was watching on must've got their wires crossed, and started showing the wrong episode or something, then switched it before it was too late...I have no idea. In any case, I did get to see the first 25 minutes on another station at 9 o'clock, so I'm all better now. I'll be OK...heh heh...

As for my thoughts on the show: It pretty much went down exactly as I thought (hoped) it would. Magni, predictably, was the first to go, but not before he had one last rip at Jimi Hendrix's "Fire" - loved it the first time, loved it tonight, but Magni's just not right for Supernova, and I think everybody knows it. So we bid him adieu, and moved on. In their final performances, Lukas chose to do "Bittersweet Symphony" by the Verve (Pipe? I can never remember which band is which...), Dilana did "Zombie" by the Cranberries (30 Hour Famine memories, anyone??), and Toby rocked out to the Killers' "Somebody Told Me". Then they each had the chance to plead their case and beg Supernova to let them front their band. The only thing I really remember is Toby telling them he should win because he's the tallest.

In my little world, they would've sent Dilana home first, but it was no big surprise that Toby took the axe. What a good lookin' dude, though. Wow. He mesmerizes me with those beautiful eyes. I've heard people calling him "Frat Rock" - I didn't know that was a genre, but if it is, sign me up. I'd buy his album if he ever puts one out. And not just for the pictures in the liner notes.

So that left us with the two that I chose in my very earliest prediction, way back at the beginning of the summer - Dilana and Lukas. At this point, I was literally shaking with anticipation. Ridiculous, I know. I likened to how I feel when the Sens are in the playoffs. Just quaking with excitement. Except this time, instead of thinking, Please God, let them win...Please let Wade score... I was thinking, O Lord, let it be Lukas! It's gotta be Lukas! Oh, and my only other observation at this point was that Luke's lip gloss was more sparkly than Dilana's. And somehow, I still found that attractive. Very weird.

Then Tommy said: "Lukas" and at the last second, I was sure Dilana was winning, I was sure he was going to say, "you're the next to go", and I was ready to throw a tantrum. But instead, he finished that line by saying, "you're our boy. Welcome." And yes, I did a victory dance on my couch. Luke (again, my brother, not the Rockstar) told me to get down before I broke it. Then he told me he thought I must be on drugs. Which I'm not. Just drunk on Lukas. HA! OK, yes, a new obsession...I'm so sorry to the people who are going to have to listen to me talk about this incessantly for the next few days!

Lukas proceeded to front two Supernova songs - interestingly, the ones Toby and Magni did with the band, not the one he himself did a few weeks ago, and for the first time, I imagined myself buying a Supernova CD. I liked his versions, and I'm looking forward to hearing him on the radio. So glad I didn't waste all my time this summer on this show. For once, I picked the right guy!! YESSSS!!!!

So now it's time to go to bed, with the bittersweet thoughts that though Rockstar is now over, and summer is officially gone, Lukas Rossi is the "next big thing" in the rock world, and I'll have years ahead to watch him and listen to him.

On a more somber note: My Rockstar excitement provided a much-needed diversion today, when once again things got a little too real with the news of the shootings at Dawson College in Montreal. Thoughts and prayers with those students and their families in the midst of such senseless violence. Take care, all.


Priscilla said...

I didn't get to watch Rockstar last night. It was a Chad night so I put a tape in the VCR to tape it, but when I got home to watch it I was surprised to find that the tape was done so I only got sound and no picture. But I did hear when Lukas won, and I thought that you would be happy Jill. Then this morning on the radio I heard about the mix up on Global, and they said that the show was re-broadcast at 10. So while I was listening to it on tape, I could have been watching it on tv!!

Jill said...

I heard about it on the Bear this morning too...a big, huge f-up on Global's part, and I knew it, but Luke kept telling me to calm down, that I was getting wound up over nothing. Grrrr. Apparently there are some pretty ticked-off people who didn't realize the show was re-aired at 10. I have it on tape if you ever want to see it, PK! :o)

Priscilla said...

I see you on page 12 of the Journal - Canada Day Committee.

Jill said...

Oh, so very glad you saw that PK. haha... I was hoping it wouldn't make it into the paper (Kate made no promises, which was fine with me.) Oh well - not that bad a picture, so I'm ok with it. :o)

Anonymous said...

Well I watched Rockstar last night at 9:00 on the Saskatchewan Global. I thought I would watch and see if the Canadian won and I was happy when he did. I didn't watch the performances after that because it was my bed time. And for the record, I think that Lukas was alot more attractive than Toby. And I didn't like Toby's stage presence when he was performing. He didn't have a lot of heart in what he was doing. At least in the performance I saw last night of the Killers Somebody told me. That's my 2 sense.


Jill said...

Hey Sharon - I know what you mean about Toby. I have the feeling he knew he wasn't going to win the thing last night, so he looked a little half-hearted in his performance. One thing I will say about him, though, is that he really got the fans into it - when Toby stuck his mic out for the fans to sing, they were always loud and boisterous. And I also think Lukas is quite attractive, but Toby just had that clean-cut hottie thing going - I'd love to see Luke without the skunk-head, just jet-black hair. I think it would do wonders for his appearance. Either way, doesn't matter - I was a happy camper with the end result!!

Priscilla said...

Gloabal is airing the show again for the people who missed it on Friday at 8 o'clock. I've got Adam for our Survivor pool, cheer for me! And Candace for Stacy too.

Anonymous said...

hi Guys
Well I enjoyed Rockstar too. I was very happy Lukas won- but I honestly don't think he's much to look at- he kinda reminds me of Ryan Belmore or someone like that. Graham and I liked the Supernova song, but we experienced the goof up too, except I didn't really think much about it until now cause I haven't been keeping up to date as much with this show because of ball being on Wednesday nights. But I was wondering why all of the sudden it went from flashbacks to the last few minutes! wow- I'm dumb.
So...the Dawson shooting is very upsetting I think. I mean it's not THAT far away.. and it could have happened anywhere.. like at Heritage when we were there. I just don't know why this guy had all this horrible stuff on the internet and no one suspects anything?? Like I guess you can't stop everything, but it made me think that sometimes you have to tell somebody and try and get help. Even if it turns out to be nothing. Anyways I'm blabbing about this. I just think it was so unfair that kids in college have to go through something like this.
Well I guess this is enough...I can't think cause my "star student" Matthew Beer is having a shouting match with Dad. Oh- anyone wanting to support Canadian troops wear RED tomorrow!