Monday, September 18, 2006

One Big Bad Blonde Joke

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to yet another edition of THE BLOG.

OK, so things were a little slow today. Not a whole helluva lot happened, to be very honest. I don't even have any TV shows to comment on, really - although I will send out a big "hell yeah!" to Eva Avila, the Gatineau gal who took the Canadian Idol crown last night. (Stacy and I mentioned it in a comment related to last night's post, but I think she deserves a spot on the main page.) I wasn't as attached to Idol or Eva as I was to Rockstar and Lukas, but the girl made me proud last night. This would mean that two of the past Idol winners have been a product of the Ottawa auditions. (The inaugural King of Idol fame, Ryan Malcolm, was from Kingston). Not bad, considering they didn't even hold auditions in Ottawa during Season 3, because they felt the talent pool wasn't deep enough. That theory was proven wrong when both Eva and Ottawa native Steffi D. made it to the final five this season. Anyways, it was an entertaining summer, and I think the best girl won. (Nevermind that I was rooting for the hot boys. That's just what I do. I can't help it.) Congrats, Eva!!

The other bit of news that I managed to unearth on the Internet today was a story that really had me raising my eyebrows. Apparently, Conservative-turned-Liberal MP Belinda Stronach is dating ex-Maple Leaf Tie Domi. HUH????!!!!???? Now, I sure don't know much about politics, and I sure do loathe anything related to the Toronto Maple Leafs, but I had to click on the link to read this story anyways! I know of Belinda Stronach, because apparently she's the only long-legged blonde to ever get involved in politics, so her picture is in the paper every second day. Plus, one couldn't miss her much-publicized flip-flop of political parties last year. And as a Sens fan through and through, the name Tie Domi will forever send shivers down my spine. But never did I ever imagine the two of them could end up together! I just couldn't believe it!

First of all, I had no idea Domi was no longer with his wife. It doesn't seem all that long ago that the CBC was subjecting us to a way-too-long ceremony in honour of Domi reaching 1,000 games in the NHL, rather than showing a tribute to Boom Boom Geoffrion in Montreal on the day the man died. (I've always thought those Toronto-loving CBC execs were stupid, but that was low, even for them). Anyways, that night, Domi's lovely blonde wife (what's wrong with these women? ... just making all those "dumb blonde" jokes more relevant...) was all over my TV, smiling and wiping away tears of joy that her big meatheaded husband had spent 1,000 games being a complete goonie goo goo. (Thanks to Pat Carty for using that phrase in reference to many different people every day - it inspired me to call Domi that, because he epitomizes goonie goo goo-ness to the max.)

So here's how I think things must've gone down since then: Domi was benched for the remainder of that sorry-ass season for the Leafs, and after they failed to make the playoffs (HAHAHAHAHA!!), he was not offered another contract from the Leafs. Which effectively means that he played 1,003 games in the NHL or something like that. What a joke. His wife managed to hang in there until the 1,000th game so that she could be on TV, and then realized she no longer needed the chump, so she got rid of him and moved on to bigger and better things. (Anything would be better - and definitely bigger - than Tie Domi!) Finally, Tie, realizing that he's no longer in the Leaf Limelight and fearing that his days of media adoration are over (HA! again), turns to the only person who can get him back into the news: Belinda Stronach, the very woman who might as well be the punchline to every blonde joke ever told. I already mentioned her picture is in the paper every second day, didn't I? Well, guess what, folks - now we have to look at that ugly little pug posing next to her. Will the horrors never cease??

On a happier note, the Sens training camp is in full swing and apparently all is going well. Wade Redden is reportedly hot as ever, so as of right now, I'm very happy with the direction the team is taking. GO SENS GO!

And before closing, I'd just like to send out good luck wishes to everyone's favourite Pre-K teacher, Miss Sara, who tomorrow will kick off her third season - er, I mean year (too much TV and hockey talk for me) - at McDowell School. This year the Beers will be in full force, as Sara's little brother Matthew will be joining her in the Pre-K classroom. Have tonnes of fun and make lots of memories, Sara!

Take care, everyone!


Stacy said...

Even though you didn't have much to write Jill, you still managed to get everything in there. Good luck to Ms. Sara also - Matthew must be so excited to finally be going to school. I'm sure we'll hear it tonight if Sara comes to ball (that is if Graham and Woermke are still coming to watch Ricky's game) - kinda rainy but apparently it is suppose to stop. We didn't watch any shows last night either - oh yes, Deal or No Deal - 2 hours long and the last guy walked away with 2 hundred and some thousand but his case held the 3 million - poor guy! Ricky and I went and signed papers for our new car - we'll know sometime today hopefully, if all goes well, we could have it as early as this Friday. Ricky and I have decided on a name for our baby girl - Jayla is a definite and Belland is a definite - still looking for a middle name, not working so well without making certain great grandmothers fight because she has her name and vice versa. I told Ricky, I may just decide on Jayla Faith Belland - no need for a significant middle name. Afterall, I don't. With that, I guess I will get back to work - I love this blog though, check it first thing every morning...haha - well after I read the Obits in the Citizen first. See ya's tonight maybe at ball - Sara, if you are planning on going and seeing how we really don't know what time (7 or 7:30) if no one is at the ball park, feel free to stop in at our place! Have a wonderful day Ladies!

Jill said...

Hi Stacy,
I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think Sara will be at ball tonight - I believe she starts Sparks tonight. Anyways, I may go down with you if you're planning on going (and it's not raining) - I'll call ya after supper!
Oh, by the way - I like Jayla! But I don't understand the dilemma with the middle name. Avoid the hassles with the great grandmothers, and there's no need to name her something meaningless...Just go with Jillian Sara. Jayla Jillian Sara Belland - nice ring to it, don't you think? ;o)

Stacy said...

Haha - funny you say that cuz Ricky actually suggested that because you 2 are my best friends...give me a call after supper, depending on the weather and stuff too I may not go down, if I do - I hope Ricky loses, cuz if they win, then they play again then ball is finito. Anyways just getting some Halloween Crafts and stuff printed out and stuff. I've had this brainwave to have the neices (Katie, Abby and Brooke) all over to my place, Saturday October 7th, 2006 for a day of doing Halloween Crafts. You're more than welcome to join us Jill if there is nothing going on (Sara you too). Anyways, anyone going to Townpants this weekend? I don't think I am, I think we're taking Brooke this weekend for the night for her birthday and besides, it's too crowded for me and I can't stand too long - so looks like I may be out - but we'll see.
Talk to ya's later!

Stacy said...

I have an idea for a Halloween Costume - I'm sure it's not really new but I found it online and I think it is CUTE!!!
I get a box, add some dials etc...paint it silver and make me an oven - I have an oven door and then you open it and there is my belly - it's called Bun in the have to see the picture, but I think it's cute!! Would I be a loser going to Gavan's in this???

Anonymous said...

Hi guys
thanks for all the luck you have sent me...I need it. This class could be a challenge. I know it's the first day and all but I see some not so nice little personalities! They are busy busy...some of these boys are crazy. Matthew is latched onto Rylan like glue...he won't do anything without him. GREAT. And Mr. Aitken is cool too- he came in here first thing this morning when I have parents, 18 kids, all wondering what to do and starts telling me about picture day coming up! LIKE HELLO BUDDY...can you see I'm a little busy right now??? So this lunch hour I'm on now is well deserved. I already have picked out my least favorite kid..( I know, I know, real nice of me eh?).
So I probably won't make it to ball- I have sparks till 7:30 so if the game starts at 7 I wouldn't even bother.. and since I don't know when it starts than I'm not going. I don't think I ahev time anyways...I am going to Aylmer tomorrow night so I am going to pack up my stuff and make something for supper to bring with me.
Jayla is a great name. Don't worry about middle names...just don't pick something dorky!
Jill- do you have golf clubs I could borrow? Or anyone out there reading this?
Well guys that's it for me! If you see Graham tonight warn him that I will have a lot to say tomorrow night when I see him. (to which he will probably say, "when does she not?".)
See ya later...
Sara (as if you didn't know)

Anonymous said...

Well Jill Sunday night TV for Wayne and I consisted of the Amazing Race 10. It was nice to finally watch it again seeing as last season it played in the middle of the night. I think they have realized that people don't stay up to watch TV when they have to work the next day. The Indian Couple and Muslim friends came in last and they were kicked out of the race. There are two hotties Jill that you would quite enjoy watching. They are recovering drug addicts who are now models... and they are steamy! They came in first on Sunday in the race.

As for last night we watched the first hour of Deal or No Deal and I knew that preacher guy had the 200 000$ in his brief case, but he "punked out" as I said last night! And went for a measly 56 000$

As for tonight, not too sure except for my usualy Beverly Hills 90210, Coronation Street and Wonder Years shows... that are on between 6 and 8. Gotta love the brits and the classics.

Can't wait for the OC to come back!!!


Jill said...

Sara- Sorry, I didn't answer the golf club question in my email. Yes, I do have clubs, I can't remember if we swing the same way, but you can borrow them for sure, and if you swing the other way, I can get Sue's for you again.
Stacy- Bun in the Over...too cute! I'll call you after supper, because I wanted to discuss anyways about Town Pants.
Sharon- Yes, I caught the Amazing Race...I commented on it on an earlier post, but I pretty much said exactly what you did...The drug addict/hot models were my favourites, and if they keep going like they did the other night, they should be my next reality TV crushes!
Thanks for the comments guys, glad to see you're all still reading!

Stacy said...

Just wanted to let ya's all know that Ricky and I are proud owners of a Toyota Matrix. We have been approved, we go in Friday to pick it up! We're excited!
Sara - sounds like a challenge, hopefully it will get better with time, it is only the first day.
I will pass the message on to Graham (or Jill) which ever. That's it for now.