Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ball Players...Or Karaoke Stars??

Well, it's Sunday evening, and I'm back to give everyone my weekend rundown!

We'll kick things off with Friday night - and oh, what a night it was! No, I didn't meet my Prince Charming. Not exactly, anyways. But I was reminded of how friggin' much I love Mark Wahlberg. My apologies to Sara and Stacy, who have already had to listen to me go on and on about this beautiful man - but I can't help it! We saw "Invincible", the true story of how the Philadelphia Eagles held open tryouts in the 70's to try and bolster a truly pathetic football team. One man stood out - Vince Papale. And after a grueling training camp, he officially made the team, giving his friends and family in South Philly something to be proud of. In true Disney fashion, it was one of those inspirational sports movies that makes you feel so good when you leave the theatre. I, of course, was mostly drooling over the two hours I got to look at Mark Wahlberg's muscles. Good gosh, he was buff. And oh-so-hot. Definitely buying that DVD when it comes out!

Saturday morning, we got an early start, hitting the road at 8 for Williamsburg, where the Quyon Flyers Jr. Fastball team was a participant in the Casey at Bat Ball tourney. We officially finished in third place out of six teams, but the guys really played well, and in their last game today which would have propelled them to the finals had they won, they took the defending champ Williamsburg Cigars to 9 innings before finally succumbing to their powerful bats. In both today's game, and last night vs. Carp I4C Victory, they weren't expected to come close, but both times they made the eventual victors work for their wins! Congrats to the boys for a great season!

The weekend in general was really fun. I think probably my favourite moment was after last night's game, we returned to the MacIntosh Inn where we were staying in nearby Morrisburg, and we headed to the pub for dinner. It was Karaoke Night, and while we ate we were treated to the usual Karaoke stuff (much like RVI, I thought) - a series of renditions of Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, & Shania Twain songs. Until...the Flyers boys appeared on the scene. I knew when they showed up, things were bound to get crazy!

And that's exactly what happened when Steve, Ben, & Moe took to the stage, serving up a big homerun with their performance of "Crazy Train"! Everyone in the place was laughing and cheering by the time the guys were done. It was awesome. However, I would recommend the guys stick to playing ball - singers, they are NOT! They gave us all a few good laughs, though. That moment alone was worth going for the trip! (Apparently after we left, they continued to storm the stage and please the crowd with Metallica's "Enter Sandman" and even a unique version of "Bette Davis Eyes", among others. The girls in the crowd were loving it. Those Karaoke guys thought they'd hit the jackpot and thanked the ball players for turning the night into an unexpected party. While they may be known as a decent ball team, they are even more renowned for their partying skills!)

Other than that, it was a rather uneventful weekend. Oh, and to prove what a small world we live in: Yesterday afternoon, while having a snack in the motel's restaurant with Kara, Chris, and Caden, guess who strolls in? None other than Mr. & Mrs. Conrod. What are the flippin' odds of that?!?! They were in town to see a play, of course. Too bad Mrs. Conrod wasn't around a few hours later to see how well she taught some of her former students to command the stage!

So that's about all I have to tell you, folks! No boyfriend was found. Nothing overly exciting happened. But it was a good time, and although I'm tired, I'm definitely glad I went. Hope everyone had a good weekend!!


Anonymous said...

glad to hear it was only wish is that the flyers would learn the "cleanliness skill" along with their ball playing and singing. I am not overly fond of a few of them after being at Graham's messy smelly house yesterday, where I almost puked trying to eat supper because a certain FLyer had rotten socks on.
Okay, enough ranting. I tried to drive standard Saturday night- it was a big flop. Graham said he's not going to try and teach me anymore if I get that mad. So yeah, I was pretty frustrated. If I never had to get into first gear it would be great.. but the clutch and the gas and's just too much to do at once.
Okay- I guess that's it.

Priscilla said...

Hi. I remember driving by the MacIntosh Inn while we were en route to Upper Canada Village on Saturday. We saw Joe and Dennis in the store in Aylmer in their ball uniforms that morning on the way down. We had a good anniversary. We bought some chocolate fudge at the Fall Fair and it was something else. I was planning on buying some bread for Chad's and my families, but there were about 25 people in the line waiting on it to bake, and we weren't going to be waiting that long. We took a ride on the miniature train along the St.Lawrence, but it was a rip-off, $3.50 plus tax for 15 minutes, and all we saw were Canada geese pooping on the grass. We went car shopping a bit on the way home in Ottawa, he is buying a Mazda 3 for sure now. Maybe this week sometime he will make a deal. Then we took his truck through a car wash, I had never been through one before. Then we went to St.Hubert's for supper. It was good. By the time we got home it was after 8:30. So it was a long day. Yesterday was Chad's birthday celebration along with his brother Randy. Then before supper I went along with Chad for a walk in the bush to look for deer trails, because bow starts next Saturday. This time though he brought his gun, we were close to a corn field and we were on a bear trail. I was kind of afraid. Then I saw a snake and almost lost it, Chad was going to shoot it because he hates snakes too, but I said to hit it with a stick, it was only little. Then the stick broke so he had to step on it with his boot. We did see 2 deer running through the bush though, it was kind of creepy because they didn't make a sound, maybe they were ghost deers? Well I think I've beaten Stacy now for the longest comment.

stacy said...

Well sounds like you had a fun filled weekend Jill. Ricky and I did nothing on Saturday, seeing how we went and talked to Wang about the car on Friday night. Sunday, Dad and Adam, Ricky and I went over to Carp to the Outdoor Sportsman Show - yeah fun! It was just something to do more than anything. The guys were well interested though seeing how hunting is just around the corner. When I went to get a drink, there was a girl working in this booth that sold Buffalo Burgers and she looked at me and said Hi Stacy - how are you and I was like hey (meanwhile thinking who the hell is this person) - she looked at me and said Well you look good and pregnant, congratulations. I have no idea who she was. I thought she kinda looked like Echo but I don't know. Oh well. So we're heading into Hull tonight to hopefully sign some papers and stuff for our new car. Canadian Idol winner is no other than our local girl (well close enough to Home) Eva. I never watched it all summer but I watched the finale and I think she was really good. The Season Premiere of Amazing Race 10 was also on lastnight. Quite the people this time. Glad to see the Beard Guys gone early. Anyways tomorrow is going to be the last night for Quyon Ball. Ricky's team is playing Youngs. If Ricky wins, then the series will be tied so they will play a back to back game to determine the winner then the ball banquet is Friday, October 6th, I believe - and Rivals will be playing at Gavans that night. Oh, one more thing, Sue did email me again and she wants us to see if we can get a date when Steve is playing. Alright, I think I've reached my limit for today.
Take care

Jill said...

Hi girls - Sounds like you guys all had good weekends too! Sara, I can just imagine what it's like to be around those guys all the time. Yuck. They're quite the bunch of yahoos. PK - Tell Chad I said happy birthday! And that's so cool that you drove right by our motel! I hope you enjoyed Upper Canada Village - we talked about going yesterday afternoon, but after the game was over, it was already 1:30 and everyone was just ready to go home.
Stace, you mentioned Canadian Idol - yay for Eva! I was so happy she won, she really impressed me, and after the hot boys (Rob, Chad, & Tyler) were gone, she was my absolute favourite! And for the Amazing Race - of course, my favourite team was the hot boys, I think their names were Tyler & James, and they finished first last night, so it was a good night for me! :o) Have a good day, ladies!