Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Tribute to the Crocodile Hunter

Alright, the topic of tonight's Blog might be a little passé, but I really wanted to write about a prolific TV icon that we lost in the past month.

Early in September I was more than a little shocked to hear of the death of Steve Irwin, aka "The Crocodile Hunter". Why was I shocked? you might ask. After all, it was quite common to see the khaki-clad larger-than-life Aussie wrangling crocodiles, chasing poisonous snakes, or being bitten by reptiles and beasts of all varieties. I'll never forget the first time I ever saw him. It was in Grade 10 or 11 I believe, in Environmental Studies, and Mr. Awrey showed us a tape he'd recorded off the Discovery Channel of The Crocodile Hunter searching for the world's 10 most venomous snakes. I recall watching that tape with the rest of class, and we spent an hour gasping, jumping in our seats, and giggling nervously at this over-the-top man who was so energetic and...well...crazy! His constant cries of "Crikey!" and the way he'd hold one of the poisonous serpants and whisper, "Isn't she a beaut?" was just so unbelievable to us.

Over the years, though, Steve Irwin became a household name. Every night, on Discovery Channel or Animal Planet, one could watch him putting himself in the line of danger all so that he could get a close-up look at the wildlife he so loved. Aside from the adrenaline rush of watching him dodge close-call after close-call, Steve had a message for his audience - he was an environmentalist who adored those reptiles, wanting nothing but the best for them. He'd do anything to save a croc or turtle or something of the sort. Critics thought he meddled with the creatures and disrupted their natural habitats, but the people who know the Croc Hunter best said he'd never want to harm any living, breathing species. He was always looking out for their best interest, even if it put him in dire straits.

So why was I shocked when I heard he had been pierced in the heart by a stingray's barb and died? Shouldn't I have expected it? Shouldn't I have thought, "Well, it was bound to happen..."? But somehow, I didn't. I guess I just thought, after so long of watching and hearing about his daring exploits with unpredictable and treacherous reptiles and animals, that the man was invincible.

Alas, Steve Irwin was just an ordinary man, and while he might have considered himself lucky in many of the precarious situations he found himself in over the years, his luck eventually did run out. Last week, he was recognized by celebrities and ordinary folks worldwide in a memorial service at the zoo he and his family own in Australia. Today I was looking at pictures of his widow, Teri, and his children, Bindi Sue, 8, and Bob, 2, on the Internet. I felt for them. He was not just that crazy kook bounding around in the Outback. He was a husband and a father, with a family and a life. How must they feel now, knowing his passion for danger and his desire to help even the most voaltile creatures, resulted in his untimely demise? How can they move on, with such large character now absent from their lives?

It all comes down to this: The Crocodile Hunter was an icon - he made people laugh, he made people shriek and gasp, but most of all he kept un entertained and informed. He wanted to share with the world his love for nature, and give those of us at home in our armchairs an education about a world that most of us will never experience up close. His family have his legacy to be proud of, and to continue on in his honour.

He was a great guy. He was a legend.

He was the Crocodile Hunter.

And he'll be missed.


Stacy said...

Morning All,

Well nice tribute to Crocodile Hunter Jill - kinda wierd cuz I was reading about him yesterday as well. They were talking about how they are NOT going to show that footage of him getting stung. One of his friends (i guess a producer or something) said that he has watched it and doesn't want people to see it - he said it was horrible. So kind of a coincidence that you wrote about him in today's blog.
Lastnight on TV was America's Next Top Model - I know you don't watch it Jill but it was the show that they got makeovers - a lot of them looked better after putting color in their hair or cutting their hair. There was of course a little b*tch fight with Monique (Ms Drama Queen) and all the other girls and it was time to say goodbye to the sweet Megan - who recently had her pixie turned platinum blonde. Tonight I guess is Jill's big TV night, Survivor and Grey's Anatomy - hopefully the right episode. For all those Bachelor Fans, the Bachelor: Rome starts next Monday night - 2 hour Season Premiere - the bachelor isn't all that good looking but I will probably watch it again.
It's a very rainy, gloomy day out but I hope everyone has a good day~

Anonymous said...

Hey Jill,

As I was reading your Tribute to the Croc Hunter, I thought to myself that you should do a peice in the Equity every week... you know how Jill McBane does it for Quyon, well you could do it for the Stanton Road or something, I am sure you would have different things to talk about than she does. You would be so good at it.
Last night when Wayne got home, he didn't come in he honked the horn, so I went outside and there was a calf that got out of the field and was in my yard... so I had to go in the dark and open the gate, I was so scared because I could hear the rest of the cows stampeding over... but thank goodness they continued on towards the barn and didn't come out the gate. We finally got the calf back in and on the way back to the house in the dark I twisted and cracked my ankle! The same one I hurt badly before the wedding... what are the odds huh! But I was back inside before Top Model started so that was good. I couldn't believe what Monique did to Melrose, it was just so gross. For those of you who didn't watch, Monique thouhgt it would be funny to stick her hand down her "couchie" and shove it in Melrose's face. Who understandably freaked out and stated that it smelled of eggs. I really hate Monique. She's a total bitch!
And I would like to shout out to Sara! Saw you on the highway last night! Too dark in the mornings though if I do pass you!


Stacy said...

Ricky and I also saw Sara lastnight - actually we met a car and Ricky thought it was you Sara, then he said that he didn't look at the plate and then we really did see you. It is too dark so we can't see ya in the mornings either and you probably watch for us in the cavalier - but we got the new car!
Anyways ciao - have a great lunch everybody!

Jill said...

OK, I've tried to post this three times and it never I go again...
Hi girls!
Stacy - Not really a coincidence that I wrote about the Croc Hunter, 'cause I read the same story yesterday and it inspired me to write about him! I don't blame them for not wanting to show the tape of his death - no one needs to see that.
Sharon - Thanks for thinking I'm good enough to write for the Equity! I don't think so though. I did notice this week that Luke Murphy is writing for them now. Too bad he's married; if he wasn't, I'd jump at the chance to be his "colleague"...haha!
And I'm glad you didn't get stampeded by the cows.
As for TV tonight - not really that big a night, as due to the f*ck up with Grey's Anatomy last week, I saw the second episode on Thursday night and the premiere on Friday night on ABC. Tonight CTV is re-airing both episodes, but no use in watching them again. I will, however, probably watch an episode from the season 2 DVD collection. I will definitely have a Survivor update tomorrow, you can count on it!
Hope you're all having a ducky day in the rain!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I am not really in this blog loop anymore guys. It's just harder for me cause I think I am the only one who doesn't have a computer infront of me all the time. I heard about the crocodile hunter this morning too on the radio, so he must be in the news again I guess.
As for yesterdays blog- I love The Wonder Years- always did. Every episode made me cry- literally every single one I think.
And about Frank St. Aubin having a baby, I forgot to tell everybody this the other day, Tara told me at work. BUT more surprising is the fact that Jeremy Dagg is going to be a daddy. Mavis told me Tuesday. She is pretty excited.
Sorry I don't wave at you lately Stacy- I never realize it's you and Ricky until you wave and are already by me. I am always ready to wave at Shannon in the cavalier though. Sharon- you have a blue thing hanging from your mirror it looks like so I always pick you out no problem. And this business about it being dark in the morning sucks! I hate it so much. I don't even try to wave at anyone. Oh- for anyone who cares Rod Twolan and Julie Cote are expecting twins- a boy and a girl. I am so excited to have twins for neighbors.
Anyways I can't wait for today to be over so I can get home and do my laundry and read my book.
Have a nice day!

Priscilla said...

I don't have much to say today. I just bought Guns n Roses tickets from the presale on Chez. Only thing I had to join their VIP Club to get the password for the presale. But now I get to enter all these bonus codes for points. I think I have 1300 so far. I'm going to the concert with Sarah and her friend Shannon from school, I think it's the same girl we went to Nickelback with. We are in section 116 which is 2 from the stage, I hope we can see good. It's on November 17th so I have lots of time to get excited. I just hope Axl doesn't take one of his bitch fits and refuses to go on stage or something. That would suck! Doesn't Luke (as in your brother not Murphy) like GnR Jill?

Jill said...

Yep, PK - Luke likes GnR. Luke's also a member on the Chez site thingy where he gets points and stuff, PK. I don't listen to Chez very much, so I don't know anything about it.
Sara - Holy geez, Jeremy Dagg is going to be a dad??!! That's nuts! I still remember him trying to hunt you down in Hull when we lived together. LOL...And don't worry about being out of the Blog loop - if you can read it, great...if not, you know I luv ya anyways! ;o) - Same goes for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara! Well that blue thing is actually green and it's my parking pass. it's probably so visible because its shiny and reflects the light. At first when I started reading that sentence I thought you were going to tell me something blue was hanging from my car and I should check it out... but I read further and understood.

That's so crazy about Jeremy DAgg! And so happy for Rod and Julie. I hope that the girl doesn't have problems having children later on. I have heard of twins like that boy/girl twins and the girls can't have babies when she's older. But that will be fun. The more kids the more business for Sara! You should open a daycare in your basement!