Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's already Wednesday!  WOO HOO!!  Here's what I'm loving this Wednesday:

I'm loving the memories of a fun & relaxing weekend, the first truly festive weekend of the Christmas season!  I kicked if off Friday by celebrating (maybe a smidge too much) at our company Christmas luncheon.  The good news is, I didn't throw any chunks of ice at anybody's head.  The bad news is, I don't think anyone will ever play poker with me again.  The party wound down fairly early this year, so lots of water and early to bed (by 10:30 pm) resulted me being A-OK in the morning.  I met up with Mom and Danica, and we went to the Christmas Market at Pine Lodge, where I got a few of the things I really wanted:  a pair of sweater mitts, a Christmas mug, a new decoration for my house, and a container of homemade goodies.   Then Dan and I chilled for the rest of the day, watching movies and old episodes of Full House on Netflix (she loves watching Full House!).  On Sunday, I went to church, took pics for the McCann family, and then settled in to watch Coat of Many Colors with Lindsay, Stacy, and Maddy.  Finished the day off by watching the Redblacks win the Grey Cup with Mom!  What a great weekend!!
I won a boobie prize at the MVT Christmas party... an elephant ornament!  And yes, those are my drunk eyes. yeesh.

I mentioned them above, but I really do LOVE the new sweater mitts I bought from the Sewing Sistas.  So warm and cozy!

I also LOVE the "Coffee & Joy" Christmas mug I bought from Casey Snyder Design.

And I didn't intend on buying any more Christmas decorations, but I LOVE the wooden rustic tree I picked up from Pepere's Workshop.  So happy with my Christmas Market purchases!

I loved going through Shannon, Casey, and Rylie's pictures last night and editing them.  I was a little worried that I hadn't gotten many good ones, but once I really took a good look last night, I was quite pleased with a few of them.  I hope they are happy with them as well!

I so loved watching the Ottawa Redblacks win the Grey Cup on Sunday night!  I'm not much of a football fan, but it was a very exciting game that ended in dramatic fashion, in Overtime.  The Redblacks were the underdogs going into the game, so it was a pretty sweet finish.  My dad was a huge CFL fan, and always cheered for the Ottawa team, so I know he was smiling. :)

Our church's fundraiser Christmas-themed Facebook auction closed over a week ago, and on the last day, my cousin Paula outbid me on the Movie Night In or Out basket that was donated by G&D Appliance Repair.  As it turns out, Paula won the basket and then sent me a message to tell me she got it for me!  I was SO excited!  I picked up my basket last night, and it is just chock-full of everything you need for a perfect Christmas movie night!  A popcorn maker, popcorn containers, my favourite Christmas movie - Miracle on 34th Street, both versions! - snacks, and a two-for-one pass for the movie theatre.  If ever there was a basket made for me, this is the one.  And yes, I do love it, very much so.

Loving that I accomplished my goal of getting pretty much all my Christmas shopping done on my day off Monday!  It was a long and tiring day (my poor mother just about quit on me a few times), but it felt so good to come home, sort through everything, and feel like a big weight was off my shoulders.  I still need a few odds and ends, mostly gift cards - but I can get them locally and there's no rush, it isn't even December yet!

I love that our Girls Christmas get-together is this coming Friday at my place.  We are having a Crazy Christmas Sock Party this year, which I think will be a fun twist on our annual Christmas gathering.  Everyone is to bring a pair of Christmas socks filled with little Christmas goodies and treats, which we will exchange.  (that reminds me, I need to find a game to do the exchange!)  Can't wait to eat, drink & be merry with some of my favourite ladies!

Loving that Saturday is going to be a full-on BAKING DAY!!!  I can't believe I haven't done any baking yet... I'm way behind the ball on that one!  But I bought all the supplies I need, so Saturday will be baking and bark-making,  I'm excited to put on the Christmas tunes and spend the day in the kitchen!

Happy Wednesday pals!!

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Stacy said...

oh good, you are trying to find a game! Good!
I think I overspent on my sock and realized that most are probably going to be filled with chocolate and candy and mine aren't - eek, may have to re-assess them tonight