Friday, December 02, 2016

Five Things on Friday!

Playing along with the Five Things on Friday... just five things I'm thinking about this morning!
  1. Welp. I took the first big dirty flip of my curling career last night.  Everyone warned me it was bound to happen eventually, but it happened so fast... all I remember is Sue and I were the sweepers and the rock was going fast, we were kinda half-jogging to keep up.  Once it got to the other end, we were slowing up and the next thing I knew, I was flat on my back.  Thankfully I had the wherewithal to keep my head up, and there were no rocks around me, so no serious damage done.  My well-padded ass absorbed the brunt of it. ;)  Just a sore elbow this morning.  More embarrassing than anything!  So now I'm in the market for a pair of curling shoes... they tell me they grip better than normal running shoes.  I have a feeling I'll still end up on my ass from time to time, but if it prevents a few flips, maybe it's worth it.
  2. I'm so excited for our Girls Crazy Christmas Sock party tonight!  Some of my fave ladies are coming over for our annual Christmas get-together, with snacks, drinks, and we are switching things up this year by having a "crazy Christmas sock" exchange.  Each lady must bring a pair of Christmas socks filled with Christmassy treats and goodies.  I have a little game planned for us to do the exchange.  I'm looking forward to getting off work a little bit early so that I can get home, tidy the house up, get the food and punch prepared, and be ready for the girls when they arrive!
  3. Tomorrow should be another wonderfully festive day, as I'm planning to FINALLY start my Christmas baking.  I have my list made, and all the supplies bought, so it's time to crank up the Christmas tunes and get my bake on.  I'll take a little break in the afternoon, as my mom and I are going to a Christmas Tea & Bazaar at the Anglican church in Shawville.  This was my Grandma's church, and I always loved going to this tea with her.  We still try to go every year, it's just one of those traditions that feels important.
  4. Saturday evening, my big plan is to cozy up on the couch with a bowl of fresh-popped popcorn (made in my new popcorn maker) and watch a couple of Christmas movies.  There hasn't been much time yet to do so, and as December gets rolling, the opportunities for cozy Christmas movie nights will be even fewer and farther between.  I'm going to snag this opportunity while I can!
  5. So, after reading Lindsay's blog post this morning, I now have a very deep longing and desire to get a Mini Bernedoodle.  I don't even like dogs, and I want one of these puppies.  The thing is, normally I look at a picture of a puppy and it's so cute, but once I see the grown-up version, I'm not so interested.  (If I'm not a dog person, I'm REALLY not a big-dog-person.)  But I thought this puppy was cute even as a grown-up.  Now if only I had thousands of dollars lying around...
Happy Friday, friends!!


Stacy said...

I hear ya on the dog, I have been looking at these for some time but I can't imagine they come cheap! And I am cheap!

Can't wait for tonight, however, I feel that I misinterpreted this exchange and my socks are feels that they should be filled with just edible stuff and mine aren't!

I am also going to try to get some baking done tomorrow!

See ya later

Laura Darling said...

Oh my gosh, those dogs. SO CUTE! I love the idea of a sock exchange. Might to do that with my girlfriends this year!

Anonymous said...

That sock party thing looks like a good idea! I wish my girlfriends planned this kind of stuff but we're all too busy. :(