Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Looking Back on a Festive Weekend

The first few weekends of December are usually pretty jam-packed, with lots of holiday gatherings and festive events going on.  This past one was no exception!

The weekend started off Friday evening, with our book club's annual Christmas potluck meeting at my place.  Five lovely ladies gathered joined me around my dining room table where we enjoyed a delicious meal - everything from macaroni casserole to meatballs to egg rolls to quiche to sweets! - and once we were full, we moved into the living room for our book discussion.  I admit that I never got close to finishing the book - I'm still only about half-way through - but thanks to Lindsay giving me a quick run-down of what happens, I felt like I could keep up and understand the discussion.  Really, I didn't even care - I was just happy to kick back with the girls, drink in my hand, and have some girl talk!

Saturday morning, I slept in a little later than I usually do, then enjoyed coffee on the couch catching up with Jimmy Fallon.  While sitting there, I noticed a gift bag tucked under my tree that I hadn't even seen the night before.  I was curious, so I dove into it right away. The gift bag was full of wonderful Christmassy gifts - a new mug, an apron and matching pot holders, an adorable salt & pepper set, fuzzy Christmas socks, a candle holder, and a little Santa figurine - all from one of the ladies that had come to book club the night before.  It just started my day off with a smile on my face, which was much appreciated.  Saturday would have been my dad's 76th birthday, and I'm not sure why I get a little blue on that day, since Dad absolutely HATED his birthday, but I do.  I try not to think about it much, but I miss him a little extra on that day.  So yes... it was nice to have such a thoughtful gift to brighten my day up right out of the gate. :)

I got ready for the day, then watched a few episodes of Fuller House, and also whipped up the dough for the Cherry-Almond Shortbread cookies I wanted to make.  I was planning on baking them right away, but the directions said the dough had to chill for at least 4 hours, so that kind of put a kink in my plans! I had to put it in the fridge to make them another time, because the rest of my day was all filled up.

Early afternoon, my mom and a bunch of my friends arrived, as I have a prime main street location for watching the Santa Claus Parade!  The parade route goes right by my house, and it was so much fun to watch it with family and friends - especially having little Sam and Ariella there!  They were both so excited to see Santa.  Sam made snow angels while we waited, and every time he threw himself down in the snow, Ariella would say, "Oh! He fell again!"  It was adorable!  The Quyon Family Centre was also handing out stuffed animals along the parade route, and Sam managed to snag two by accident, so he gave one to me.  I love my new Christmas bear from Sammy :)

We chilled for a bit after the parade, then Sue, Sarah, Brenda and I headed across the road to Shannon's for our Christmas Paint Day.  We painted a birch tree snow scene, and while I got very frustrated during the process, I was happy with my end result.  We chatted, ate pizza, had a few drinks... another wonderful festive gathering with friends!  Unfortunately, Brenda was feeling under the weather, so she left early, but she was with us in spirit for the rest of the evening.

Sunday morning was the Christmas Pageant and White Gift service at our church, always a bustling, fun morning.  The Sunday School kids re-enacted the Christmas story, as narrated by the Old Star Stacy, and the New Star Maddy.  It was super-cute, and everyone did a great job.

After church, we went for brunch, then headed to my sister's place to celebrate my niece Danica's upcoming 8th birthday.  We had a delicious lasagna supper, ice cream log for dessert, and the birthday girl opened her presents.  It was a great day spent with family!

The whole weekend was terrific, and I enjoyed every moment spent with some of my favourite people!  This week will be another busy one, as last night was the only night I will have at home - but each evening is going to be more festive fun, and I'm excited! Plans with friends, a Sens game, a cookie exchange... I can't wait!

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