Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wednesday Loves!

I'm loving that it's snowglobe-snowing out right now.  It might be an unpopular opinion amongst almost everyone I know, but snowglobe snow makes my heart sing!  We've had quite a bit of snow in the past week, so a White Christmas is looking very promising.  After last year's being abnormally green and HOT, I'm so happy to have the strong prospect of a white & fluffy one this year :)

I love that I'm going to a Sens game tonight!  It has been a loooong time since I've been to a game at the Canadian Tire Centre.  I didn't even make it there once last year.  It's a bonus that tonight they will be honouring Chris Neil tonight, as he played his 1000th game in a Sens uniform on the weekend when they were on the road.  Anyone else remember that time I met Chris Neil and shared the picture of him and I together repeatedly for weeks on end? ;)

Totally loving my Saturday plans:  wrapping presents and watching Christmas movies ALL DAY!!!  And it's supposed to snow, so that will just add to my "hunkering down and hibernating" mood.  It's literally my perfect day, doing some of my favourite Christmassy things, and a good chance to recharge my batteries before Christmas Week hits!!

I'm loving thinking back on a conversation I had with my friend Caryl's daughter, Leah, last night:  I mentioned that I hadn't wrapped anything yet for Christmas, and little Leah said, "Well you better hurry, you have to wrap gifts for your kids!"  I told her I didn't have kids, but I did have nieces and nephews to wrap presents for, and she said, "Well, don't forget us" - (meaning her and her sisters) - "We're your nephews too!"

I love that I heard two different radio stations playing the theme song of "Growing Pains" this morning.  While it marks a somber and sad time, with beloved Canadian actor Alan Thicke's untimely passing yesterday, it was fun to reminisce when that familiar tune played.  I used to love watching "Growing Pains", and it made me smile when I saw Thicke appear recently, both on an episode of "This Is Us" and just last weekend in an ep of "Fuller House".  He just seemed like such a genuinely great guy - both on and off the TV screen.

I'm loving the two new Christmassy albums I downloaded off iTunes this past weekend - She & Him Christmas Party, and Country Heat Christmas.  As much as I love my Bieber, Elvis, Blake Shelton, and Meaghan Smith Christmas albums, and my Christmas iTunes playlist, I needed something fresh.  They were starting to get a little over-played...a little stale.  These new ones have livened my Christmas tune listening right back up again!  Now if only Santa remembers that wireless speaker I asked for, then I'll be so much happier listening to music off my iPhone!! ;)

I love that even though next week is Christmas Week, it's shaping up to be a little low-key for me, which is a good thing.  More time to watch more of those movies and specials (I'm still struggling to find the time to watch them all!), time to take care of last-minute odds and ends, time to just sit and reflect and enjoy my favourite season.  I would miss the hustle and bustle and many gatherings if I didn't have them, but I also like time to just sit and savour by the glow of my Christmas tree.  I should be able to get some of that quite time next week.

Oh, guys, I just LOVE this time of year.  So much!!!  I can't even contain how excited I am about it all.  :) :) :)

What are YOU loving this Wednesday??

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