Wednesday, November 23, 2016

2016 Gift Guide for the Pontiac Girl

I don't know about the rest of you, but Christmas gifts are front and centre in my thoughts these days.  My lists have been made (both gifts to buy & my own wishlist), many on-line orders have been placed, and the parcels have started rolling in at the post office.  I have Monday booked off to go shopping and hopefully after that day, I will be COMPLETELY done!  Phewf!!

I'm also hoping to hit up some of the local shopping in our area this weekend, and I decided today to shine a spotlight on some of those local stores/artisans/vendors who have products that would be a great gift for any Pontiac girl.  I already own some of them, and I'm wishing for others!  Any of these items would be a thrill for me to find in my stocking or under the tree on Christmas morning, and I think I know a few other Pontiac girls who would love them as well.  With this weekend being the "#ShopShawville" event as well as the Christmas Market at Pine Lodge, there will be plenty of opportunity to show some love for local vendors, as well as cross some names off your shopping list.  There will be plenty to please the Pontiac girls (and boys too!)

We'll start out with these new "I'm a Pontiac Girl" Raglan t-shirts, a team effort from Casey Snyder Design & Jolie Folie.

These are the PERFECT shirts for girls to wear to their holiday parties in the Pontiac!  I love how comfy and festive they look, all while promoting that THIS girl is a proud Pontiac girl!!!

The shirts are the latest Pontiac merch from Casey Snyder Design and Jolie Folie.  I already bought my "I'm a Pontiac Girl" mug around the time of Shawville Fair, and it is my favourite mug!

Every Pontiac girl needs one!  OH, and there is a version for the lads as well!

If I was a dude, I would TOTALLY want one of these!!!!

In case you can't tell, I have a thing for mugs.  Kind of a serious obsession, actually.  My cupboards are full of mugs, and I just keep buying more.  I'm looking forward to seeing Casey Snyder Design's table at the Pine Lodge Christmas Market on Saturday, because I have my eye on this mug:
Perhaps a little pre-Christmas gift to myself?!?  We shall see ;)

Once again with Jolie Folie, I have to mention one of my most favourite items that I have purchased from the boutique:  my blanket scarf!  
I know you can get these in many stores, as they are very popular right now, but Jolie Folie has an amazing selection of colours to choose from, and they are soooo nice.  Mine is black and white, but I'm hoping to get a more colourful one this year.

Another of my new favourite local artisans is the Sewing Sistas Boutique.  I didn't even know sisters Ashley and Breanna Hodgins had started up this little venture until I saw them at the Onslow Christmas Craft and Bake Sale a few weeks ago.  Their specialties are hand-sewn mittens like these:

I hear they will be at the Christmas Market this Saturday as well, and I'm hoping to snag a pair of mitts similar to these:
They look so cozy and warm!  And after searching my closet for warmer winter wear this past week with the arrival of the snow, I seem to be severely lacking in the mitt department... toques for days, but can't find matching mittens lol.

The Sewing Sistas also do hand-painted wine glasses, and they are SO cute!  If I was rich, I'd be buying one for each of my friends for this holiday season!
Unfortunately for my friends, I'm a little bit of a selfish brat... so instead of buying one for each of them, I just got one for ME! hahahaha!

I cannot WAIT to drink Moscato from my "Drink Up GRINCHES!" wine glass at every holiday party I go to this year.  I LOVE it!!!  Visit Ashley and Breanna at the Christmas Market on Saturday, you won't be disappointed.

Next up is the company "Funky Leggingz".  This is a company that sells the comfiest leggings in the coolest patterns and colours!  I think there are several reps in our area that sell them.  I bought one pair last winter, and then got another pair from the rep that was at the Onslow Christmas Craft and Bake Sale.  The ones I got are similar to these:

I can't say enough about how much I love these leggings.  With a big cozy sweater, they are perfect for lounging around the house on a snowy winter's day!  The rep I bought from will also be at the Christmas Market on Saturday, so go snag a pair for you or someone on your list!

These are just a few of my favourites, I could go on and on!  I guarantee any of them would be a hit with the "Pontiac Girl" on your list!! Be sure to check out the #ShopShawville event and the Christmas Market at Pine Lodge this weekend and show some love to our local stores, boutiques, vendors, and artisans!

And no, I am not being compensated by any of these great local vendors. In fact, none of them even know I am writing this post! LOL!  I'm just a big fan of shopping local when I can, and I hope all of our local businesses and entrepreneurs have a successful holiday season.  :)

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