Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The Things Inside My Brain Today

I have so many random things swirling around in my brain today, so I'm just gonna lay it all out there...

  • I feel like the past few posts have just been me lamenting over health issues.  Well, guess what.  Here I go again.  Last Wednesday I went to the hospital, was diagnosed with infected tonsils, and given a prescription.  They asked me 80 billion times if I was allergic to penicillin and 80 billion times I said no.  I don't think I've had to take it since I was a kid, but back then, I was fine.  (God, I LOVED banana medicine, I used to pretend I was sick just so I could get some.) Now, apparently I am allergic.  I broke out in a rash on my neck on Saturday, and by Sunday morning it had spread all over my torso and up into my face, so back to the ER I went.  ugh.  Twice in one week.  Sonofabitch.
  • The good news is I had yet again speedy service at our local hospital, and I was lucky enough to have the same doctor that I had on Wednesday.  He even remembered me.  He told me to stop taking the penicillin, told me to take Benadryl to help with the rash, and because my infection seemed completely cleared up, he didn't even need to prescribe me another antibiotic for my throat. 
  • It was kind of a waste of a trip, though, because I had basically already diagnosed myself exactly the same way he did.  I was torn about what to do:  stop taking the meds, take Benadryl instead, and not worry about the throat because it was much better - OR - go to the hospital, because maybe I'm dying and I just don't know yet.  Thankfully, it was the former.  And now, I'm basically a doctor, because the real MD told me exactly what I already thought.
  • Now it's Tuesday, and I still have a rash.  It can F off annnnny day now.  Especially on my face.  I feel like I have a pizza face and everyone's probably wondering what the hell happened to me.  Thankfully, it's not very itchy.  Just ugly.
  • On to other laments... I have not bought one Christmas present yet.  Not ONE.  I'm starting to feel panicky.
  • Despite the panic over the lack of Christmas shopping, I am getting VERY excited about Christmas.  I'm hoping to have a very holly-jolly Saturday, as it is the Onslow School Craft Sale that day, and I'm also planning to start decorating.  I have yet to watch a Christmas movie or listen to any Christmas music, but Saturday will be the day.  My official kick-off to Christmas.  I can't wait!!
  • I've been starting to make a list in my head of the Christmas baking I want to do, and last night when I was taking containers of soup down to the freezer, I discovered I still have a tin of last year's Christmas baking in there.  Whoops. Guess I'll toss that to make room for the new!
  • I'm a little bit nervous about Election Day today south of the border.  This may very well be the first time I've really cared about what's going on down there politically, and the first time I've felt fear over what might happen.  I'm actually thinking I might camp out on the couch and stay up tonight to see what happens.  Either that or Scandal... either way, my evening will involve US politics, whether they be real or imaginary. 
  • Oh, and yes, I LOVE Scandal.  I'm well into Season 3 now and it's like candy to me.  I can't get enough of Olivia Pope and her relationship with the President, and now there's this new love interest Jake... I just can't wait to get home at night to dive back in where I left off.
  • Our little church is holding a Christmas-themed Facebook auction, which opened on Sunday morning, and so far the response has been overwhelming.  The generosity of people in our community has once again blown me away.  It makes me truly proud to live in this town and to be one of these people.  
  • I still have way too much Halloween candy kicking around my house, and the quantity of mini chocolate bars I eat in a day is a little bit ridiculous.  Each week I say I'm going to get back on track, but the bowl of Halloween candy is apparently bottomless.  *sigh*  
  • Oh, and my music love du jour is Chris Stapleton.  I mean, I already knew Chris Stapleton's music - he won me over with his performance of "Tennessee Whiskey" with Justin Timberlake at last year's CMAs, and any song I've heard of his on the radio, I liked - but last week I downloaded the whole Traveler album, and I can't stop listening to it.  So good, my friends.  SO good.  My favourite jams right now is "Nobody to Blame" and "Whiskey and You".

OK, I think that's all for today!  Happy Tuesday pals!


ShannonJMc27 said...

Sounds like my reaction when I take anything with Naproxen or ASA in it!

Stacie said...

Oh, I love Scandal, never miss an episode! And I have done no Christmas shopping either, we get a bonus late November, so I always wait and us that money!

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Mono can present itself as a penicillin allergy in the form of a rash. Something to look into :) hope you're in the mend soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better!