Thursday, November 24, 2016

5 Things on Thursday: A Weekend of Fun Ahead!

This weekend feels like the OFFICIAL kick-off to the holiday season, and I can't wait to celebrate it!  Here are 5 Things I'm looking forward to this coming weekend:

  1. The Mountainview Christmas Party is TOMORROW!!  It's always my first holiday party of the season - held on the last Friday of November each year - and there is so much wonderfulness about this day.  A delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings, catered right in the MVT shop, where everyone is comfortable and casual and just ready to relax and have fun.  I'm looking forward to a Caesar or two, the mouth-watering meal, listening to some great music from our very own Mountainview "band" (so many talented musicians work here!  they all bring their instruments - including drums! - and set up in the shop, and we literally have music all day from the guys), playing Texas horseshoes, maybe a hand or two of Euchre, and who knows what else the day might bring.  MVT Christmas Party is also the day that Wayne and Pat allow me to start singing Christmas Carols (they established this rule many years ago, when I started humming Christmas tunes right after Halloween... lol) ... so I'll be belting them out loudly starting tomorrow! ;)

  2. Going to the Christmas Market at Pine Lodge on Saturday.  I have somehow always missed out on this event, but not this year.  I talked a LOT about how much I was looking forward to it in my post yesterday, and I can't wait to browse the vendors and local artisans who will be there.  
  3. Having my niece Danica for a sleepover on Saturday night!  It's been a long time since we've had a sleepover, and she's been bugging me for a while about having one.  Her big brother is in a hockey tournament this weekend, so she's going to stay with me.  We're going to get a start on my Christmas baking on Saturday afternoon, and then make popcorn and watch Christmas movies.  A perfect girls night!!
  4. Sunday plans!  Shannon, Casey, and Rylie are coming to visit me after church on Sunday so that I can take their family photos again.  I took their photos last year as well, and it went so well.  Rylie smiled and posed so easily for me.  I have my fingers crossed that we can get some good ones again this year.  After that, I'm having a "Dolly afternoon" with some friends.  Lindsay had never seen Dolly's special "Coat of Many Colors" TV movie that came out last year, so a bunch of us are getting together to watch it.  Dolly's follow-up special, "Christmas of Many Colors" is coming out next week, so it's perfect timing!  And then I'll join my Mom for supper and to watch the Grey Cup.  GO REDBLACKS!!!
  5. A day off on Monday to finish my shopping! My list is pretty small now, thanks to the convenience of on-line shopping, but I'm still looking forward to my shopping day.  I have a list of baking supplies to get at Bulk Barn, stocking stuffers and a few odds and ends to complete some gifts, and I'm just looking forward to a laid-back, fun day in the city with Mom.  I want to eat lunch somewhere nice and stop at Starbucks for a Chestnut Praline Latte in a red holiday cup, browse the stores,  take my time and enjoy it.  I can't wait!
Before I go, I'd like to wish my American bloggy pals a very happy Thanksgiving day!  Enjoy!! :)

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