Thursday, November 10, 2016

5 Things on Thursday

Here are 5 Things that are on my mind this Thursday:

1. I didn't write a post yesterday because I needed time to let things settle in my head and my heart.  I didn't want to write from a place of anger and fear, and I'm glad I took the day to just think. I admit that I don't follow politics - in any country - very closely, and my main source of info regarding the US Election was Jimmy Fallon.  So I may not be the most informed when it comes to the topic.  But for the first time in my life, I cared very much about what was about to happen, and I sat down to watch the results of the election south of the border.  I was praying with all heart and soul that Donald Trump would not win.  As time went on throughout the night, it became increasingly clear that he WAS going to win, and I felt a deep and scary panic start to take hold of me.  At one point, I actually started to feel like I couldn't breathe.  I do believe I had a little panic attack, and that was my sign to shut the TV off and go to bed.  I understand that Hillary Clinton might not be the most savoury choice to many, but how could she be worse than him? The most powerful and influential country in the world, and our direct neighbour to the south, has elected a man who, in my eyes, is a racist misogynistic bigot who can't even complete a sentence and who has zero political experience prior to this election.  I'm baffled.  I'm blown away.  I read a lot yesterday, and I tried to understand.  I read news articles trying to explain why this happened.  I read blog posts by educated people who tried to explain why they voted for him.  I really have tried to understand, but I just don't get it.  And I'm scared.  This feels like a very dark and uncertain time, not just for the USA, but globally.  I'm trying to keep positive, and I keep reassuring myself, "I'm lucky to be Canadian.  I'm safe.  The sun is going to keep coming up.  We are all going to be okay."  But I just don't know what the future holds with a President by the name of "Trump" in the White House, and it is scary to me.  Terrifying.

(I know I have some readers and blog pals from the States, some of whom probably supported Trump, and please don't be offended.  These are just my thoughts and feelings on the matter.)

2.  But the sun does keep coming up.  And thankfully, aside from fear over what happened Tuesday night in the States, I am feeling better now than I have in a few weeks, health-wise.  I know my posts lately have all been me whining about headaches and hives and infected tonsils and rashes, but thank the Lord, most of it seems to have passed now.  The rash is still not completely gone, and it's leaving dry and flaky skin in its wake, but I can handle that.  Phewf!

3. Another positive this week is that I am finally starting to get some good ideas for Christmas gifts, and a list is starting to take shape.  I still haven't actually bought anything, but the ideas are there, and that's sometimes the hardest part.  Now if only my bank account would become suddenly flush with magical money, we'd be all set. ;)

4.  Tomorrow is Remembrance Day here in Canada, so it is our opportunity to reflect on our freedom, and give thanks for those who died for us, and for those who are still defending our beautiful country today. I attended our little town's service at the Cenotaph last Sunday, and I'm glad there was such a great turnout to show their respect and pay homage.  It feels like a very important thing to do; to take the time to remember and be grateful.  Lest we forget.

5. I have a movie date planned for tomorrow night with my mom and my BIL's mom, Donna.  I really look forward to our movie dates, as we try to go a few times a year, and this time we're heading to finally see The Girl on the Train.  We all really enjoyed the book and I can't wait to see how the film interpretation compares!

Happy Thursday, friends!

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Anonymous said...

It's funny; for months I was like, well, I don't like either of these candidates but Hillary is the safer choice because Trump is a despicable person. Then when he won, I wasn't upset. I was relieved it was over and we can move forward. I don't support his ideas at all but I also don't think he'll get very far because the rest of government will block him. I'm mostly sad that we have that kind of person representing our country. What a joke.