Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge: Living in the moment

1. It's National Waffle Day (August 24th)...what decision are you currently 'waffling over'? (or share one you've recently 'waffled over'?)
Oh, I'm a waffler.  Once I make a decision, I stick by it, but it can take me a long time to get there.  Weighing pros & cons, thinking it over and over, worrying about every little detail... Yeah, there's something I'm waffling over a lot these days, but I'll just keep that one to myself for now...

2. It's the middle of August, but I'm already seeing lots of autumn-related posts. Do you think we rush the seasons? If so, does that bother you? I saw (here) an end of summer bucket list that included-

make s'mores, read a new (or favorite) book in the park, eat something delicious and bad for you at a state fair, have a pot luck picnic, book a last minute sumemr getaway, relax by or in the pool, take a hike to watch the sunset, have a day on the lake, try a new summer recipe

Which activities on the list might you squeeze in before summer officially comes to a close?
Yes, we rush the seasons.  And while I'm all for fall, I also try really hard to live in the moment and enjoy today, so it does bother me that others rush it.  We've got a few good solid weeks of summer left, so let's enjoy them, shall we?

As for the list of activities, I will definitely be getting something delicious and bad for me at our local fair next weekend (probably more than one thing, truth be told), and if I could make it happen, I'd like to relax by or in a pool, or have a day at the lake... those activities, however, hinge on other people inviting me to their pool or lake, so... we'll see. ;)

3. Your favorite summertime 'art' found in nature?
Well, judging by the number of sunset photos I've taken this summer, I definitely think a beautiful summer sunset is my favourite "art" found in nature.  Just something about their beauty that catches my eye.  I'd like to have one blown up and framed to hang in my house.

4. Stephen R. Covey is quoted as saying, 'We judge ourselves by our intentions, and others by their actions.' Agree or no? Do you define yourself based on your intentions, your actions, or something else?
Hmmm...Interesting.  I suppose it's true.  Although I do think I judge myself pretty harshly on my actions as well as my intentions.  And I try not to judge others too harshly, no matter what.  I define myself based on a collection of both, I think.  I try to keep a level head, good intentions, and wise actions.  I don't like feeling disappointed in myself, so I try to make sure that doesn't happen.

5. Are you useful in a crisis? Elaborate.
Ha!  I can think of a few people who would say no.  I tend to panic, get flustered, melt down... but I'd like to think in a real crisis, I'd be able to handle it.  Stay calm, take smart action, and be brave.  However, if it involves puke or blood, I'm probably out. ;)

6. What's been your go-to dish this summer? Is it something you'll continue making as the seasons change?
I was trying to think of what it was, struggling to come up with an answer, when it hit me... nachos.  I have made nachos a lot this summer.  It's quick and easy and I usually just heat them up in the microwave.  It's been a hot summer, so anything that hasn't needed the stove is my go-to.

7. Adult coloring books are a thing now. Have you jumped on the bandwagon? If not is this something you think you might enjoy?
Yep, I've got an adult colouring book!  I got it for Christmas last year, and while I haven't used it as much as I thought I would, I have enjoyed the few times I've taken it out.  I imagine I'll use it more in the winter when the pace of life is slower and I have more time. I have always loved colouring!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Yesterday, I wrote my tribute to Gord Downie and The Hip, and I swore that would be the end of my dwelling on it, but I really can't stop thinking about how amazing those few days of celebration and sorrow were.  I keep thinking of things I forgot to write about; things I'd like to go back and add.  Like how cool it was after the show to discover that my main man, Jimmy Fallon, tweeted: "#thankyoutragicallyhip respect" ... or that Eddie Vedder made such a sweet shout out to Gordie at the Pearl Jam show in Chicago Saturday night... or that Blue Rodeo played "Bobcaygeon" and also sent well wishes to their fellow Canadian band performing the show of their lives that same night.  It's taking everything in my power not to write more; not to share more links on Facebook; not to order everything Tragically Hip related that I can find on the Internet; not to watch the concert again every night.  I guess I'm just not ready to let it all go yet...


Lindsay said...

Oh The Hip! I'm totally not over it either! I MAY have ordered a concert T online yesterday! Yum!

Any now I'm craving Nacho's....

Stacy said...

HAHA I literally laughed and was like NOPE to #5 haha regarding YOU. I hope if there was a crisis and it was just you and me that you would be calm!
Happy Wednesday!