Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hanging on to Summertime

Last Friday, I wrote about how I was feeling the end-of-summer blues... feeling low, in a funk, outta sorts.  By the end of that post, though, I declared that I was going to break myself out of that funk by turning my otherwise boring weekend into a celebration of summer.

And that I did.

No, nothing majorly exciting happened.  There were no big parties or heavy-duty summery things happening, but in the end, it was an almost perfect summer weekend.

If it's the last one I get, then I will be happy.

Friday after work, I got my grass cut (bleh, WON'T miss that summer job when it's over) - then after a quick shower, my mom picked me up and we went for ice cream.  We've had many trips for ice cream this summer, and it has been one of my very favourite things.  Having an ice cream parlour in town has been SO awesome.  Not so good for the waistline, but whatever.  Later on that evening, I had a friend join me to watch The Hip concert (again... third time watching it...) - she had missed seeing most of it the Saturday before, so she wanted to watch it.  Well, that might have just been an excuse to get together for a big chat... because that's what we did.  We talked & talked & talked, had some snacks and a few drinks (while Gord & the boys provided background noise lol.)

Saturday, I got up and went on a big long walk first thing, but then I had a lazy, nothing-to-do day on tap, so I declared it "Martian Day".  Yep, that's right.  "Martian Day".  I've been reading the book The Martian by Andy Weir, and I knew I was getting close to being finished.  I decided that was my only goal for the day:  to finish the book, and then watch the movie on Netflix that night.  So I sat out on my deck for most of the afternoon reading, soaking up the sun, and just enjoying a good ol' day on the deck.  It was hot and sunny and a perfect opportunity to take in some more summer before it's gone!  I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I do think I got a touch too much sun, because by late afternoon, I had a pounding headache.  I went in, popped some Advil, and hit the couch for a little siesta.  Thankfully, that did the trick, because I woke about an hour later feeling much better and ready to watch the movie!  I settled in with some snacks, and then enjoyed me some solid quality time with Matt Damon.  Mmmmm... Matt Damon.

You have no idea how much I enjoyed that good old fashioned movie night.  Since getting Netflix, I've mostly been watching TV series'.  I couldn't remember the last time I watched a movie in my own home.  It was delightful!

And clearly, it does NOT take much to please me. HA!

Sunday was another low-key day.  Church was closed because our minister was on holidays, so no rush to get up and go... I enjoyed a second coffee while watching episodes of The Office before getting ready to go for brunch with my mom.  We met up with Aunt Mona, Uncle Laurie, and Uncle Reid at the Norway Bay Golf Club, and had a great time chatting with them.  When I got home, I decided I was going to enjoy yet another lazy day on the couch, but the Summer Gods were smiling on me yet again when I got an invitation from my sister to join them at the pool at her in-laws.  They live just down the hill behind me, so I quickly changed into my bathing suit (I was so afraid bathing suits were done for the summer!) and made my way down there.  We swam and visited and just had a really nice afternoon.  The kids went back to school yesterday, so for them, it really was one last kick at the can for summer fun.  I think we all enjoyed it!

When I got home from swimming, my Internet was down, so I popped in a DVD (Knocked Up... I hadn't seen it in forever, and had an urge to watch it again)... about half-way through, I paused it and ran down to the chipstand to grab supper, then finished the movie while enjoying another of my favourite tastes of summer.  By early evening, Netflix was working again, so I finished off the day by watching more of The Office (I'm almost done! boo hoo!) before heading to bed. I had trouble sleeping, which didn't surprise me... I never sleep well on the night before the first day of school.

So yesterday, most of the kiddos around here were back to school.  I was actually surprised, though, because I didn't see any buses, or kids waiting on buses, yesterday morning.  It eased my back-to-school anxiety a bit.  Until I got to work and checked my Facebook, and saw eighty gazillion "1st day back to school" photos that my friends were sharing of their kids.

Ugh.  Puke.

Still.  If that was it for summer, it was a really good last weekend.  Not particularly exciting, but just kind of perfect anyways.  I had ice cream, I had some drinks, I got lots of sun, I sat on the deck, I finished a book, I watched a good movie, I had time at the pool, I ate at the chipstand... pretty much everything I wanted to do.

Oh, Summer.  You've been good to me. I'll miss you.

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