Friday, August 26, 2016

Breaking out of a Friday Funk

I don't know if it's actually possible to feel cantankerous on a Friday, but if it is, I think that's what I am.

And I'm not even sure why.  I think I've hit the end-of-summer blues. It always happens to me.  It's the time of year when I'm feeling excited for all things fall, yet not ready to let go of the fun the summer held.  Getting pumped up for the Fair, but knowing Fair time also means summer is over. The kids are going back to school, and that thought still makes me want to vomit, even though I have no kids, and have not been a kid myself in a very long time.

Probably doesn't help that the past few weekends were extra-fun, and this coming weekend looks like it will be relatively boring in comparison.  That, and I think I'm also still wallowing in post-Tragically Hip grief.  I can't believe it's already been over a week since we went to the show.  I'm still listening to my Hip playlist on repeat, still not wanting it to be over.


Regardless, this time of year is always a conundrum for me.  While I'm dying to bake pumpkin spice muffins and get lost in cozy, baggy sweaters, I also feel a tinge of sadness that it's time to put away the bathing suits, and that the evening trips for ice cream will be coming to an end.

It's been a good summer.  A really good summer.  Relaxing, fun, full of good times with family and friends.  Lots of time spent on the water, lots of sitting on the back deck drinking ice cold bevies and listening to tunes, lots of time in the pool and at the ball field and having BBQ's.

I miss it already, and I shouldn't.  It's still 30 flipping degrees out.  There's still lots of fun to squeeze out of it.  Summer isn't over yet.  I feel like I need to cling to it desperately.  I don't want this season of my life to pass by already.

So that's it! I'm making a conscious effort going into this weekend to enjoy it.  No, there are no parties planned, or big events happening.  But I'm going to make sure I sit on the deck and read and listen to those Hip tunes (again) and drink ice cold deck bevies.  I'm going to eat chipstand food and go for ice cream.  I'm going to get one more layer on my tan.

I'm not giving in.  I'm not ready for fall yet.

Long live SUMMER!!!

1 comment: said...

I am not ready either, I don't want to put my summer wardrobe away. I started dating for the first time in 10 years so I can't be wearing sweaters all the time. LOL.