Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Some Wednesday Rambles

It's been so long since I did some random rambling on the blog... time to catch up!

  • On Saturday, I decided to pick up some of this new gel nail polish I keep hearing about.  It was a pricey treat for myself - I would normally never pay more than a few bucks for a bottle of nail polish, but with this Sally Hansen Gel Nail stuff, I paid $9.98 for a bottle of colour, and another $9.98 for the top coat - eeeek! - but I think it just might be worth it.  Normally my finger nails start chipping 12-24 hours after I paint them.  I painted my nails Saturday evening, and they are just starting to show signs of wear today.  I know 4 days isn't that long, and a far cry from the 14 days the advertisement promises, but it's like a record in my books!
  • I've been MIA for a few weeks, which means you haven't heard me babble about my love for Jim from The Office in a long time.  My gosh, you guys... I love him.  And I'm starting to worry.  I'm in Season 8 now... only one more season to go after this.  I know I've gotten over other fictional TV characters in the past... Michael Scofield, Danny Castellano, Coach Taylor, Harvey Spector, and so on... but I'm just not sure there's any way I can rebound from Jim!!
  • Anyone else into Big Brother this summer?  It is definitely my favourite guilty pleasure of the summer.  I keep thinking one of these years I'll grow out of it, but it hooks me in every year.  This year, I'm Team Paulie... Cody's little brother, how could I not love him?!
  • This week feels like it's lasting forever.  I kept thinking yesterday was Wednesday.  I went to a ball game last night, and when I got home, I sat down to watch my PVR'd episode of Big Brother... only to realize it was only Tuesday, and not a BB night.  *sigh*
  • So, as I said, last night I went to watch the Flyers first playoff game of the post-season.  I was sitting in the bleachers between my mom and my friend Brenda, and at one point, I realized I had a little bumblebee crawling on my pant leg.  I tried shaking him off, but he was a sticky little frigger.  Wouldn't let go.  Then he crawled around to the under-side of my leg and I couldn't see him anymore.  My mom - clearly not paying attention - told me he was gone, just relax.  I was holding my leg up in the air trying to see where he was, and Brenda - clearly embarrassed to be seen with me with my leg stuck up in the air - told me to put my leg down.  So I did, and then the little sonofabitch stung my arse.  Not once, but twice.  I was doing quite the little bleacher dance there for a minute!!  My thanks to Brenda for finally getting the bee off my butt and smushing it for me, a risky move for someone who is allergic to bees!
  • We have a new kid on the block here at MVT! One of the owners (and my friend) Jared and his wife Holly welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their family while I was on holidays.  I couldn't wait to get back to work to meet Baby Grace!  In the past week and a half, I've had a few newborn snuggles, and man oh man, does that ever stir up the longing for a baby of my own.  She is SO sweet!
  • You know what song I'm STILL not sick of?  JT's "Can't Stop the Feeling".  Seriously, I could listen to it 20 times a day and it wouldn't be enough!!
  • I kind of can't believe it's August.  July flew by so fast... it's been a really great summer, but I've reached the point when I start to feel torn.  Part of me doesn't want the summer fun to end, but the other part of me can't wait for fall and all the things I love about it.  I can't wait to make a big pot of soup, snuggle up in blankets, bust out my cozy fall clothing, get into pumpkin spice everything... I LOVE FALL!!
  • But there's still some fun to come this summer... not rushing it away just yet!
Happy Wednesday, gang! :)


Amanda said...

I love Big Brother... I love how I didn't like Paul at the beginning but he's growing on me! and P&P together is pretty awesome! One of them will win for sure! said...

That sally hansen doesn't work on me. I was disappointed. I am the gal who nails grow so fast that real gel nails start growing out in 4 days. I have thousands in regular product and now do the gel overlay because nothing else lasts more than 1-2 days. This product did not even last 24 hours for me and shellac lasts 3-4 days for me at best.

Paulie is cute. The end. LOL