Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Random Tuesday: Trying to focus

  • I'm feeling totally goofy this week.  Can't keep focused on anything.  I'm blaming The Hip and the concert coming up Thursday night.  So close, yet still sooo far away...
  • Example of my goofiness:  Monday night is Laundry Night at my house.  Always.  Last night, I started my first load when I got home from work.  Made supper.  Put first load in dryer, second load in machine.  Ate supper.  Fell asleep on couch and didn't wake up until 11 pm.  Went upstairs to go to bed and realized, dammit, I totally forgot about the laundry half-way through the process. *sigh*
  • Thanks to my evening nap on the couch, then I couldn't sleep.  Tossed and turned for what felt like hours.  So now I'm not only unfocused, but also fuzzy and tired today.
  • I really don't enjoy feeling outta sorts like this.
  • What I DO enjoy is that I made a macaroni-tomato-cheese casserole for supper last night.  Felt like I needed some comfort food for a change.  Also, I needed something different for lunches this week.  Yum.
  • It's not really macaroni-tomato-cheese casserole season yet, but my heart has already leaped ahead to fall I guess.  
  • It's supposed to be a rainy afternoon/evening in these parts, and this morning, I was relishing the thoughts of a rainy night in - making popcorn, cozying up, watching Olympics, watching Netflix... then I remembered.  Hair appointment tonight.  Frig.
  • Oh!  The Olympics!  It took me a while, but I'm finally on-board.  The first few times I tuned in late last week resulted in our country's first two gold medals - Penny Oleksiak in the 100 m Freestyle swimming event, then Rosie McLennan on the Trampoline - so I was kinda feeling like Canada's lucky charm.  And hey, I'm all about "girl power", so I thought it was kinda cool that our first 12 medals at the games were all won by women - but I don't know if I've been more excited about a bronze medal ever in my life as I was when Andre De Grasse came in third in the Men's 100 m finals Sunday night, becoming the first (and only, so far) man to medal for our country.  There's just something about that 100 m race... visions of Donovan Bailey in '96 dancing in my mind... it's a special night at the Summer Olympics.
  • Did I mention The Hip is on Thursday?  The Hip is on Thursday.  oh. my. gaaaad!!!
  • And I know I have mentioned that I'm fuzzy and tired this morning.  Hence why it has taken me three hours to write this post.  Just. can't. stay. focused.


Nancy said...

Three hours!! Definitely unfocused Jillian!

The Lovely One said...

You've been talking about The Hip so much lately, and I've never heard of them, so I went to You Tube to look them up. They're good! Kinda like a mix of Counting Crows and REM, if I had to describe them. I'm surprised that I haven't heard them on the radio over here!