Thursday, August 18, 2016

It's Hip Day!!!

First of all, I must apologize if my blog post yesterday froze your computers.  My mom told me when she tried opening the post in her browser, it took forever because I posted 25 videos.  Perhaps that was a bit excessive... but I thought everyone had fast enough internet these days that it wouldn't be a problem.  If I froze your computers... I'm sorry.

Also, she told me she didn't think anybody would even watch even ONE of the 25 videos I posted.

She's probably right, but I don't even care because... IT'S HIP DAY!!!!

Two weeks ago, I didn't think this day was even going to be happening for me.  I didn't have tickets, and I was just waiting for the Saturday night show in Kingston so I could watch it on TV.  But then a little miracle happened... a text from my BIL... they just released more tickets if you want to try... and that was all she wrote.

I'm so excited and nervous that I feel physically ill.  Like, I've literally spent all morning trying to decide if I have the flu or if it's just nerves.  I'm pretty sure it's just nerves.  But I legit feel like I could puke at any second.

This is a big one.  I have never been to a show so important in all my life, except maybe the very first show I ever went to.  Guess who it was?  Oh yeah, it was The Hip.  I remember people telling me at the time that I would be spoiled now because I would probably never see another concert that good.  They were right.  It was amazing.

But I'm willing to bet that tonight will give it a good run for its money.

I'm nervous because it's bound to get a bit emotional tonight.  This farewell tour is bittersweet, as we all know Gord Downie has terminal brain cancer and this is his last hurrah.  I kind of can't believe that this will be our last time getting to see the band together live.  They have been such a staple in the Canadian music scene, coming through town once every year or so - if you missed them last time, no worries, they'll be back again next year...

But this is it.  This is the last time they will be in Ottawa.  The last time we'll get to see Gord's crazy on-stage antics and to hear his unique and incredible voice raising up to he rafters.

And we get to be there.  It is an honour and a privilege, and I'm not taking this show lightly.  There are so many fans who didn't get tickets, and I was almost one of them.  I feel very lucky. I'm going to soak it all in, stand and dance and sing and watch Gord weave his magic.  I'm not going to watch it through my phone... I'm going to put the phone away, and just live in this special moment.


“He sang ‘I’ll die before I quit’And this guy’s the limit”


Stacy said...

Have fun!!

Nancy said...

Have a crazy, wild time!!!