Tuesday, July 05, 2016

The Canada Day Afterglow

Can we go back in time?  Not far back... just to last Thursday.

I want to re-live Canada Day weekend all over again.

It really was such an awesome couple of days.  I was surrounded by family and friends, and the good times were numerous.  It actually makes me quite sad that it's over already.

I uploaded and edited pics last night, and it made me long to hit rewind and re-play it all again.  I'll let those photos tell the story!

 My sister Kara holding little cousin Brody
 The Fam Jam
 Uncle Elson & Brody
 My sister, the Canadian Moose
 Funny story here - I was sitting with Gracie on the blanket waiting for the parade.  Cars kept going by and honking.  I kept saying, "Wow, everyone's in such a good mood today!  I don't even know who these people honking are!!"  When Dawn took these pics of us, I realized people could see right up my skirt. (this one is cropped to save you all from the spectacle.)  I'm still hoping they were honking for the flags and the lively people, not my hoo-ha. ;)  Let's just say, I adjusted my position on the blanket quickly!! hahaha!!
 Waiting for the parade to start
 It was REALLY hot on Thursday... most ended up moving to the shade as we waited for the parade!
 Dawn & Dillon blowing bubbles
 There were a bunch of cuties waiting on the parade across the road too!
Fletcher, Annie, Leah, Abby & Shawn :) 
 Ryla & Paula
We tried assembling the kids on my back steps for a photo op... trying to get 6 little people to look and smile without waving flags in each other's faces is preeeeetty much impossible!! lol!
 I'm lucky to be from this beautiful branch of the Family Tree!!
Me, Mom, Kara, Aunt Nora, Aunt Linda, Aunt Marion, Dawn & Paula
 The army of kids on decorated bikes in the parade was quite impressive!  There were SO many of them!!  Great job guys!
 Uncle Laurie & Aunt Mona in cousin Dale's Mustang
 The kids were thrilled when Olaf arrived on the scene
 Jory & Uncle Paul leading us in our Canada cheer!!
 Lindsay & Sam
 The Canada Day Committee carrying the flag down to the docks for the flag raising ceremony.  I love these guys!! :)
Uncle Garry in his Model A Ford
 The Ferry was all decked out with Canadian flags for the occasion - looked so nice!
 Brodee looking very much like Captain Canada here! ;)
 Bonnie & Molly 
 The Flag Raising Ceremony
 Our MNA Andre Fortin saying a few words
 Up up she goes...

 After many years of being in the pic... this year I got to take the pic.  Big congrats to the Canada Day Committee on all their hard work.  It was another epic celebration!!!
 Oh, just look at who is manning the Shooter Station! ;)

 Dillon decked out in his red & white
 Canada Day Kids!!
 Miss Grace
 Brody partying it up!
 Brody & Ryla
 Three cheers for Canada!!!

These next pics are from our family BBQ at Aunt Marion & Uncle Eric's on Canada Day.  Lots of fun on the beach, hanging out with the fam, a delicious meal, and more fireworks courtesy of my cousin Dave!  A Canada Day to remember!!

So like...seriously...can we all just make the unanimous decision to go back and do it all over again?!? ;)


Lindsay said...

It was such a great weekend but we can't go back....We'd miss paint night and pool party! Great summer so far!

Nicole said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! I love that picture of the flag once it was flying. Very awesome angle!