Thursday, June 30, 2016

Canada Day Must-Haves

If you read my post yesterday, or any of my Canada Day posts over the past 10 years - (holdup...I've been blogging for almost 10 years?! say whaaaat?!?!) - then you know that today is one of my absolute favourite days of the year.

Last night I cut my grass in preparation for the big day, which was kind of ridiculous since the grass is mostly dead, the only thing that is growing is the weeds - but something that was growing in my yard has caused me to fill right up with allergies.  No allergy problems thus far this year until now.  Awesome.  Of course I'd be stricken by some sort of ailment on one of my favourite days of the year.  But on that note... if anyone has any idea of how well booze and allergy meds mix together, please let me know!  (I'm a little worried it's going to make me comatose.)

In any case, I'm not letting a snuffleupagussy nose ruin my day.  Instead, I'm going to crank up the excitement level just a little more by listing my five must-haves to pull off a perfect Canada Day!

  1. Red & White & Maple Leaves All Over - You can't celebrate Canada Day without a patriotic outfit!  I had a new red & white striped tank and white skirt that I was planning to wear to the festivities tonight, but my friend Lindsay has hooked up up with some pretty sweet last-minute Canada Day duds that I'm super excited to wear now!  (and it makes me feel like I'm still an honourary member of "the team", which makes me feel good!) The other outfit will be saved for tomorrow now, as we'll be celebrating at a family gathering in Sand Point.
  2. A decorated lawn is a festive lawn - I have a big bag of Canada Day decorations that I've been accumulating over the years, and there's nothing that delights me more than splashing my front lawn with all kinds of red & white for the occasion!  I didn't have time this year to do the decorating myself, so I've put my mom, niece, and nephew on the job today.  Can't wait to see what they come up with!
  3. Capturing the moment - I kind of love to take pictures.  I have always made sure to run around and snap pics to commemorate each Canada Day celebration.  Last year, I was without a camera, so sadly, photos are lacking of last year's shindig, but I won't let that happen this year.  I'll have my camera around my neck all night long.  Get ready to say CHEESE!!!

  4. Good food & cold drinks - We'll be grabbing some burgers and dogs from the Community BBQ tonight, but bringing them back up to my place to enjoy, along with a nacho dip and other snackies.  Also, it wouldn't be Canada Day if I didn't partake in a few festive beverages.  Looking forward to seeing what special Canadian concoctions they'll be serving up at the hall tonight!
  5. Family & friends - the best a kid could ask for! - I'm so excited to take in all the celebrations tonight with family & friends.  I have family members from out of town that are coming to my place tonight.  They have done this several times before, but because I was always helping out with the committee, I didn't get to visit with them much.  This year, I'm looking forward to hanging out with them for the BBQ, parade & fireworks.  I also can't wait to hit the dance floor with friends at the hall afterwards.  Really looking forward to letting loose!  There better be some new JT playing for me!!

Happy Canada Day, everyone!!! :)


Lindsay said...

EEEKKK!! This post made me even more excited!! Can't wait!

Nancy said...

It was a terrific evening, thanks. We felt very welcome.