Friday, July 15, 2016

Finding the Friday Happy

It's been another bad news week, especially the last 24 hours.  Seems like every time we turn around these days, there's more in the news to burden our hearts and harden our spirits.  Most recently, the terrorist attack in Nice, France, where a man driving a lorry ploughed through a packed street of people celebrating Bastille Day, killing over 80 and injuring dozens more.  And then the news that the little girl in Calgary who has been missing since Tuesday, has been found dead.  I've seen the sweet photos of little Taliyah Marsman all week long in shared Amber Alert posts on Facebook and in the news, and prayed she would be found safe.

My heart is heavy.  I'm weighed down by an overwhelming helplessness and sadness.  A fear that this world is spiraling out of control.

But it is Friday, and I refuse to let these things that are so far out of my control ruin what is otherwise a beautiful day thus far, and a beautiful start to another summer weekend.  I'm going to take a moment to focus on the happy.

  • The summer weekends have been so wonderful so far, and this one promises to follow suit.  I'm looking forward to hanging out with my niece and nephew and having a little low-key movie night with them.  Popcorn, cheesies, and some of their favourite DVD's, cuddled up on the couch, just relaxing and unwinding, sounds like the perfect way to spend a Friday evening to me!
  • Tomorrow I'm looking forward to chilling with friends poolside, enjoying the water, the food, the drinks, the laughs of the kids, and the time spent with some of my besties.
  • I'm T-minus ONE WEEK to vacation, y'all.  And I'm due.  I can feel it.  I'm ready for a little rest, a little downtime, a little get-away to the Camp.  I've been missing my "happy place" on the Ottawa River, and longing to be there for a while now.  I'm so grateful it's almost time.  One. More.  Week.
  • Next Thursday evening is "Fastball Night in Canada", meaning both the men's and women's Quyon Flyers fastball teams are going to be in action on the diamond in Quyon.  I haven't been to any games yet this year, so I'm hoping to recruit some pals to join me next Thursday for some ball park beers.  It's been wayyyyy too long since I last did that!  
  • I'm excited for the Truck & Tractor Pull, which is the talk of our little town, coming up next weekend!  It will be the perfect way to kick off my holidays.  The pull used to be a highlight on everyone's calendar, but it hasn't happened in years, and everyone is totally pumped that a group of people have decided to bring it back.  Can't wait!
I hope you're all soaking up the summer, enjoying time spent with family and friends, and having no trouble "finding the happy".

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Nicole said...

I sometimes think there is a reason that the news media focuses on what they do. Currently in our news is the Black Lives Matter stuff, has that made international news? Anyway there was a shooting in Nashville, TN this week where a black guy planned on shooting only white people, yet that didn't make news. I did find it on CBS News but you had to really search for that coverage. I'm worried about the state of the world, but local and international! It's scary... but it seems like either A) this has always happened, just news brings it to everyone or B) everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame. I don't know... but I am fed up with news some days because all it does is seem to make us depressed.

Hi... I had to say that. Sorry. Happy Friday and I expect pictures!! I like your pictures!