Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Birthday Wish List: 2016 Edition

I love my birthday.  I'm trying not to care so much about it as I get older, but there's still that little kid part of my heart that gets excited for my birthday.  Why? I do not know.  After 30, there's really nothing fun about getting older, so I'm learning.  It just means more wrinkles and creakier knees and more "YOUR CLOCK IS TICKING WOMAN!" comments and this morning when I sneezed, I peed a little bit.  (that was a new one for me.  and I didn't like it.)

But I want a special treat for supper and cake and I want to celebrate with the people I love.  As much as I dislike getting older, I also look at it as a privilege.  Not everyone gets to grow older.  Feel blessed, and thank the lucky stars when we get to.

So I'm going to unleash that little kid that still dwells within my heart, and release the 2016 edition of my Birthday Wish List!  Here are all my wishes, wants, and desires...


OK, maybe this is not something anyone can actually buy me, because shades are kind of a personal preference, but my good pair broke a few weeks ago and I had to dig out an old pair that are scratched up beyond belief.  When I have my shades on, I kind of feel like I'm in a scratchy, visionless fog.  I only buy Walmart cheapies because I throw them around and lose them far too often, so maybe on my week off, I'll go snag a pair.

Car Cleaning

My father is looking down upon me these days and shaking his head in disappointment... the man who took great pride in keeping a sparkling clean vehicle at all times raised a daughter who does not show her own car the same respect.  I hate washing my car.  And it's now in such a poor state that I don't think I can wash my car.  It would take a whole frigging day.  It's gross.  I'd like to take it somewhere and pay them to do it for me, thanks.

Money towards my art investment

I have always wanted to own a "Shannon Purcell Original".  My talented neighbour is an amazing artist, and while she's been guiding me this past year in creating my own art, I've always longed to own one of her originals.  I picked out my favourite a few weeks ago and she's letting me make payments on it. The faster I can bring it home, the happier I'll be.

Blue Jays ball cap

Pretty sure my sister's already all over this one, so I think it might be a slam-dunk. ;)  I've been trying to keep a hat on my head when I'm out in the sun this summer as much as possible, and I also like to rep my fave teams.  I've got MVT hats, I've got Sens hats... now I need one to show my Jays pride!

Battery for my watch

My beautiful Fossil watch that I got for my birthday several years ago has never really worked properly.  I sent it one day with my mom to have a new battery put in it, and they said there was nothing wrong with the battery, it was something else (a gasket?) that they fixed.  It worked for a little while, but died again a few months ago.  This time I think it must be the battery.

The Tragically Hip's new album

I don't buy a whole lot of CD's anymore, but I'd like to complete my Hip collection in CD format.  I have missed the last couple, and I need to get them, including their most recent release, Man Machine Poem.  Man, if I'm making birthday wishes, might as well throw in some magical tickets to their sold out tour this summer too.  What I'd give to be at one of those shows...

iTunes Gift Card

As I said, I don't buy a whole lot of CD's anymore, and I've finally learned that buying music through iTunes is a far safer and more reliable way than illegally downloading.  Hence, why an iTunes gift card would come in handy now... it's just so easy to tap that song and download it!

Movies Gift Card

The movie theatre is one of my happy places, so a Cineplex gift card never would go astray!


Books are always a foolproof gift for me, because I love to read!  Two of the current ones I'm wishlisting are: Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me, and First Comes Love by Emily Giffin.

Cosmetic-y stuff

I need foundation, and powder, and eye cream, and blush.  Stupid little crap like that, yet it's a necessity.

A new razor & blades

My current razor is old, and Lord only knows the last time I changed the blade.  That can't be  good.

A camera bag that looks/doubles as a purse

Again, this is probably a "personal preference" thing that nobody else could choose for me, but I hate lugging around my camera bag AND my purse.  But there isn't enough room in my camera bag for all the stuff I need in my purse, nor room for my camera in my purse.  I need one of those big fancy camera bags that is nicer looking than a normal camera bag, and that also doubles as a purse.  Room for everything, and more classy looking than a black Nikon bag.  Oh, and while we're at it, I'm soon due to get a new memory card.  Get me one with lots of gigs, K? ;)

As usual, I shall issue this disclaimer:  I don't actually expect anything much.  The gifts are not what is important.  Sharing the day with people I love is what matters most.  I'm just happy to have people in my life who help me celebrate turning another year older.

Love you, dudes. :)

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Nancy said...

I bet your Mom would clean your car for you! I bet mine is dirtier than yours, though.