Thursday, April 07, 2016

Some Random Thursday Things

  • It snowed!!  IT SNOWED!!  *insert big cheesy grin here* 
  • Oh, relax.  I'm just joking about being excited about it.  Sort of.  I mean, it's April, and nobody actually wants 6 inches of snow on April 6th.  But I do love watching snow fall... It was a fun evening for me.  The white stuff started falling hard right after lunch, and continued on well into the night.  When I got home, I ran into my backyard to take a snow selfie.  Then I went in, changed into comfy clothes, settled in on the couch with a blanket, and watched it fall through the window blissfully... yes, even April snow makes my heart sing.  The best part about an April snowstorm is it doesn't get dark at 4:30 anymore, so I was able to sit and watch it for a long time before it got dark!
  • The snow magic is over today, though.  It's pouring rain, the temperature is to warm up considerably, and I'd say this mess will be gone before we know it.  The magic has given way to dreariness... 
  • As I mentioned yesterday (and many times before) one of my favourite comfort foods, and the food I most associate with a snow day, is macaroni, tomato soup, and cheez whiz.  I was planning to make it for supper last night, to celebrate what surely would be the last snow of the season, when it suddenly dawned on me that I'm out of cheez whiz.  So I was back to the drawing board.  Sometime during the day, I got a hankering for homemade pizza... I can't remember the last time I made a homemade pizza, and I knew I had everything at home to make it except for pizza sauce.  A quick stop at the store on my way home, and I was in business!  It was soooo good.
  • If I ever got to create my own pizza for a restaurant - the "Jill's Special" - it would be pepperoni, bacon, green olives, onions, hot peppers, and extra cheese.  
  • I'm glad I had it last night when my tastebuds were still working.  I've been fighting a head cold all week, and I woke up this morning with it finally gone full-blown.  I'm stuffed up and my head feels all fuzzy and I'm not tasting much today.  Otherwise I don't feel sick - I'm not tired or achy or anything - but my head is full.  Blech.
  • I was sad yesterday to hear of Merle Haggard's passing.  My knowledge of country singers from that era isn't all that great, but Merle was definitely one of my favourites of the bunch.  Kind of depressing that so many of them are gone now.  I watched a few videos of his performances on Youtube last night, then dug out my Merle CD's out of my collection to keep the Haggard tribute going.  It's hard to pick just one all-time favourite, but I think mine would have to be "Sing Me Back Home":
  • Speaking of all-time favourites... how about one of my all-time fave former Sens, dueting with Garth Brooks?  This video of Mike Fisher singing with GB made me smile when I saw it this morning:
  • And Suits.  God, I'm loving Suits right now.  I think I watched 4 episodes last night.  I can't get enough.  I'm at the point in Season 2 where I just want Harvey and Donna to realize they love each other, I just want Mike and Rachel to realize they love each other, and I both love and hate Louis at the same time.  I am definitely addicted.


Nancy said...

Thank you, Jillian. I pray mt brother Ron is listening to this in heaven. said...


We have snow, ice pellets, rain, snow, rain, wind etc etc. It changes by the second.

I hate it in April. Winter is 5 months long already and the cold is an extra 3 months so I am just ready for it to be nice. 5 more days of this crap weather and cold.

I LOVED that video. That boy can sing, albeit not as good as his wife. Actually made me more excited for the concert in exactly 1 month. That is one of my favorite all time GB songs.