Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Mom!

Cheers to the one I'm lucky enough to call "Mom"!!

Today is my mom's birthday, and so, I am celebrating her!!

Last night, we had a wonderful kick-off to her birthday celebrations, as we were invited to my Aunt Marion & Uncle Eric's for dinner.  It was my cousin David's birthday yesterday, and there have been many times over the years that Mom and Dave have shared birthday cake.  Here are a few of the pictures from a fabulous evening of delicious food, cake (of many makes, shapes & sizes!), and visiting with family and friends. :)

 Sweet little Grace :)
 The question of the evening:  "Do you like my tights?!"

 David getting some help from Dillon and Lane blowing out his candles

 Anxious for cupcakes!!!

 Singing happy birthday again... I think this was Round 3 ;)

 Miss Lila and her daddy
 The Birthday Boy & Girl
 Say "Cheese" Dillon!
 Aunt Marion slicing into the homemade ice cream cake
 My little buddy Lila - she snuggled up on my shoulder later in the evening and it totally made my day!

Dave heading out into the night with his new lantern "to find the car"

Like I said... a wonderful evening of celebrating, and I'm looking forward to the party continuing on for the next few days. ;)  

Happy Birthday Mom! LOVE YA!! xoxox

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