Friday, April 08, 2016


I'm back to full work weeks again... this is my first full 5 day week since before Christmas.  Which means I now appreciate Fridays so much more again!!!

How about a few confessions to kick off the weekend?

I confess... that I didn't watch the big American Idol finale last night.  In fact, I didn't even know it happened until I heard them play a clip of Seacrest signing off in emotional fashion on the radio this morning.  Kind of sad, even though I haven't followed the show in years.  The end of an era that produced some pretty amazing talent... I think my faves would have to be Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry!

I confess... my plugged nose yesterday meant I couldn't taste, and that is such a devastating realization for a food lover like me.  Good news is, even though I'm still very snuffly today, it seems my taste buds are back in action.

I confess... that even in April, watching snow fall makes my heart flutter with joy. (and yes, it is snowing again.)

I confess... that I'm still kind of regretting not going to Garth Brooks, even now, almost a week later.  I think the video of Mike Fisher singing with him that I posted yesterday stirred those feelings up even more.

I confess... that I think about Harvey from Suits probably way too much during the course of the day.  I really want him and Donna to get together.  Someone please tell me that eventually happens? (no, don't really tell me, I need to just wait and find out myself lol)

I confess... that I'm off the reading train right now.  Netflix has killed my relationship with books.  I've been reading the same book for over a month, and still not even half-way through it.  It's a book I think I would normally fly through, but there is just no time for reading right now when I have to watch 4 episodes of Suits every night...

I confess... that despite that last confession, I'm very excited for Book Club tonight.  I need a night of sitting back and chatting with friends.  And I did read that book before Netflix and Harvey came into my life.

I confess... that I kind of went crazy buying snack foods when I did groceries last night.  Way too many bags of Doritos, Chicago Mix, Nachos, etc. in my kitchen right now. For someone he keeps talking about getting back on track with eating healthy, my grocery bills sure don't back me up.

I confess... I need to seriously start saving money.  The Canada Day Committee's online auction closed last night, and I was the winning bidder on a taxi service to the city for a day of shopping for 4.  Which is great, except I have no money to go for a day of shopping in the city right now!!! ;)

Happy Friday everyone!  Have a great weekend!!

2 comments: said...

That regret you have about Garth Brooks is EXACTLY why I bought tickets and do that for a variety of concerts. I love country music, and I love live country music. I have managed to get tickets to every concert I've wanted to go to and floor tickets to most, even ones that sell out in seconds flat. I am neurotic about how I go about it though lol.

I wanted to PVR that finale, I even turned the TV on for 5 minutes knowing there was something I wanted to tape, then shut it off without even looking. DOH. I don't follow but I thought as a finale it would be cool.

Jillian said...

I have a lot of regrets when it comes to concerts (in one case me and my grandparents had just dropped a ton of money on Alan Jackson tickets and then shortly after that brad paisley got announced and well I had no extra money saved up) but I am going to Celtic Thunder in December (I seriously love that moose jaw is getting all these amazing concerts) and I just went to Lord of the Dance so I can't complain though the carrie underwood incident will forever be engrained in my brain (I checked my others folder on facebook months later and turns out I'd won tickets and a meet and greet to carrie underwood in moose jaw I may have cried) and I haven't watched suits but I totally feel ya on the won't they get together already front I'm watching Gilmore girls and I'm practically yelling at luke and Lorelai to get together already