Wednesday, September 09, 2015

What I’m Loving Wednesday!

I’m loving that it is Wednesday already!!!   I had an extra-long weekend, though not really by choice, and the ending wasn’t really anything to write home about.  I woke up on Labour Day Monday with a cold.  ugh.  Blaming it on the Shawville Fair germs!!  I took the day off yesterday to rest & recover. I slept.  A lot.  So…super-short week for me this week!

I love the Halls Vitamin C drops.  They keep the tickle in my throat at bay, and the flavours are so much more delightful than regular Halls cough drops!

vitamin c halls

I’m loving Seinfeld.  Yeah, I got in some Seinfeld time yesterday in between naps, and they do make me laugh out loud sometimes.  Still not like my love of Friends, but I’m a Seinfeld fan for sure now.

I love looking back on some of the pictures I took this past weekend at the Fair!  These are some of my favourites:

Fair 2015 1

A pic of the swings at night time

Fair 2015 2

Auntie Stace was being silly with Riley – caught this one by fluke, and it makes me laugh!!

Fair 2015 3

Maddy with one of her faves, Brea Lawrenson, getting an autograph and pic after her performance

Fair 2015 4

Shannon & her beautiful girl, Rylie

Fair 2015 5

Grandpa Alvin showing Rylie around the petting zoo

Fair 2015 6

What’s a Fair without a Carousel?!

Fair 2015 7

My mom looking at the flower exhibit

Fair 2015 8

Charlotte with one of her 1st place winners!

I’m loving the memory of the best thing I ate at the Fair this weekend (aside from Billy T’s pizza, ice cream, and a Beavertail, of course) and that was this “Nacho Libre” poutine from the Big D’s food truck.  They served only gourmet hot dogs and poutines.  This was a traditional poutine (with cheese curds and gravy), then topped with sour cream, salsa, jalapeno cheese sauce, and crushed Doritos.  Lordy, it was delish!

Nacho Libre Poutine

I love that we’re having a girls night out this coming Friday in celebration of my friend Stacy’s birthday…and we’re going to my all-time fave restaurant, Montana’s!  Yum!  Cannot wait!  Bring on the Antojitos!!

I love that Sue & Adam’s wedding day is only 10 days away now!!  Woo hoo!!  So excited to celebrate their big day with them!!

Adam & Sue

This is Adam & Sue in the photo booth at Sarah & Ian’s Wedding :)

I LOVE that Lindsay & I are exactly two weeks away from hopping on a plane for Nova Scotia!!!

And of course, I’m loving that fall is finally almost here (though it sure hasn’t felt like it lately…I’m done with the stinkin heat!!)  On Monday, I made my first pumpkiny baked goods (inside with the AC on, I could pretend it was fall instead of 40 degrees Celsius with the humidex) and while the Pumpkin Pecan scones I made didn’t taste as good as I’d hoped, it was the first time I’d baked something in eons, and it felt wonderful to be in the kitchen doing something I love again!

pumpkin-pecan-scones-with-maple-glazeAlso, I love that since those scones didn’t turn out the way I wanted, that I’m going to make some tweaks and maybe try a second batch tonight. ;)

Happy Wednesday!!

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Stacie said...

Baking and Seinfeld are great therapy!