Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Weekend Odds & Ends

Ever wake up in the morning just feeling out of sorts?

That was me this morning.  I had my alarm set for my usual early time in order to get my workout done before getting ready for the day, and from the moment I peeped my eyes open, I felt it. 

A fuzzy, achy head.  A general feeling of being disgruntled.  Crankiness.

My workout sucked, and I wasn’t surprised. *sigh*

I think the grumpiness today has taken me a bit by surprise, simply because I had a really good weekend.  And I’m looking forward to another really good weekend.

I have no reason to be disgruntled and cranky.  And yet, here I am.  The little sinusy headache I have definitely isn’t helping.  It feels like it’s taking great effort today just to keep my eyes open, and it’s not even because I’m tired… it’s just the fuzzy head, it feels better when my eyes are closed.

Alright.  Enough complaining.  I said I had a good weekend, and I wanted to share some of what made it such a good weekend…

It started Friday evening, when the girls and I hopped on the Ferry to cross over to Kanata for Stacy’s birthday dinner at one of my fave restaurants, Montana’s.  When we arrived, the parking lot was super-jammed and busy, and after a failed attempt at parking in a little end-of-the-row spot, I drove around trying to find a better one.  No dice.  When I came back around, I saw that little spot still vacant, and I had this sudden impulse that it would be easier to back in to it. 

Say what?!?  I do not back into parking spots.  Ever.  But I felt gutsy, especially since I had a car full of eyeballs helping and directing me.  And I did it.  I was shocked at how easy it was.  I had to take a picture to document this monumental occasion. ;)


Continuing with my gutsy moves, I decided to try something new off the menu that I’d never had before.  I usually stick to my tried-and-true favourites (chicken tacos or firecracker burger), but decided to go out on a limb and get the Waffle Chicken Club Sandwich.  ohmygodsoooo good.  Literally my new favourite.  Drooling just thinking about it right now. The sweet and salty combo was just to die for!  Someone take me back to Montana’s STAT!!!

Waffle Chicken Club

It was a fun night out with the girls, and a great way to kick off the weekend!

Hollie & Stacy

Jill & Priscilla

Saturday dawned bleak and gloomy, and I’m sure for many they thought it was crappy.  But I really love a dark, rainy day, especially when I have nothing much to do!!  I dug out my suitcase and made a list of things to pack for Nova Scotia, and also sorted through my travel-sized stuff to see if I needed anything (and I didn’t! woo hoo!)  Then I got ready and ran up to Shawville to pick up a few things at Giant Tiger and the grocery store. 

When I got home, the rain was coming down good, so I settled in to bake some pumpkin muffins, made a little go of spaghetti sauce, read for a bit,  drank my first pumpkin spice latte of the year, and watched some of the Blue Jays game before cuddling up on the couch to watch a couple of movies.

Rainy Saturday

It was cozy.  It was fall-ish.  Ohhhh, it was bliss.

Sunday morning was grey and rainy again, so it was a little hard to get moving.  But I made myself get up and go to church, out for brunch with the fam-jam, and then back to my place with the kids while Mom and Kara went to the cemetery service in Shawville and Chris went to play ball.  When Chris dropped us off at my place after brunch, we were heading to the house when Caden said, “Jilly, watch it, don’t step on the turtle.”  And sure enough, this little wee baby turtle with a really long tail was sitting there in a puddle in my driveway.  If that isn’t a photo of the day opportunity, I don’t know what is!


The kids and I had popcorn and watched a movie (actually, I napped through most of it, not gonna lie), and then went back to Mom’s for supper afterwards.

Danica Sept.15

Literally nothing exciting, nothing worth this long of a blog post… and yet, it was so wonderful.  I don’t remember the last time I had such a relaxing weekend, and I’m not sure if there’s another one in store for a quite awhile, so I soaked it up big-time.

There.  That makes me feel better.  Less crusty now.  Even though the fuzzy, achy head persists.

Onward and upwards… Susie and Adam’s wedding week is finally here, with rehearsal set for tomorrow night and then their big day is on Saturday!  Lots of fun & excitement ahead… I can’t wait!


Stacie said...

That sandwich looks so good. I love chicken and waffles!

Anonymous said...

Great Fall pic of the muffin! And actually I LIKE when people write up their seemingly mundane weekends. It's nice to see what people do that ISN'T all excitement and action, you know? :)

Debbie Johnston said...

Hope your headache goes quickly Jill, exciting weekend ahead for sure.

Nicole said...

Haha I wondered what the picture of your parked car meant. I wondered if it meant you could park or what. haha! I now know the rest of the story.