Thursday, September 10, 2015

Celebrating Luke’s 30th

Good morning, peeps!

So, today is my brother Lukey’s 30th birthday.  The last of the Young children to hit the big 3-0.  Kinda crazy, eh?

We celebrated Luke’s birthday a little early this year, with a family dinner on September 2nd at his house.  They made homemade Chinese food, which I’m still drooling over…soooooo good!  My mom made one of her famous chocolate cakes.  We chatted and the kids played and it was just a really nice evening spent with some of the people I love best.

My SIL Amanda is an amazing photographer, but her battery was outta juice that night, so I took on the role as photographer for the evening.  Here’s a look at Luke’s 30th birthday celebration…

Luke's 30th 2015.5

This pic makes me giggle.  I still haven't quite figured out how to use my camera in some lighting situations, and with the low lighting in their house, I found it just easier to shoot in auto mode, thus the flash was coming on.  Neve was not a fan of my flash, though – she would pose, smile, say cheese, and just automatically close her eyes.  every.single.time.  Apparently Luke decided to do the same in this pic…Like father, like daughter! haha!

Luke's 30th 2015.2

Two of my very favourite boys, Noah & Caden

Luke's 30th 2015.3

Beautiful blue eyed girl :)

Luke's 30th 2015.11

Keeping the kids out of the cake before suppertime was a bit tricky.  Even Caden had a hard time staying away!

Luke's 30th 2015.4

When you turn 30, you pass blowing out candles on to the little people…

Luke's 30th 2015.7

Snuggle time!!

Luke's 30th 2015.6

Caden & Noah

Luke's 30th 2015.8

Sweet baby boy :)

Luke's 30th 2015.9

I love that chubby little face!!

Luke's 30th 2015.10

Kara hanging with her nephew

Luke's 30th 2015.12


Luke's 30th 2015

Luke wasn’t a big fan of me bringing him the “birthday attire” that Aunt Marion gave me to wear on my birthday.  However, when Neve asked nicely, he finally put it on for a few pictures.  Doesn’t he look snazzy?! ;)

Happy 30th, bro!!  Hope you have the best year yet!!!

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