Wednesday, September 02, 2015

What I’m Loving Wednesday! :)

It’s kind of a dark dreary day around here… always a good idea to perk things up by looking around and taking note of what I’m LOVING!!

I’m loving CIZE!  I’ve discovered it’s much easier to get my ass up and out of bed in the morning when I know I’m going to do some fun living room dancing with Shaun T!  This morning I had to set my alarm 10 minutes earlier to have enough time to do the “You Got This” routine for the first time, and I had no problem getting up because I was excited to check it out.  WIN!!


I love that we’re celebrating my brother’s 30th birthday tonight!  We have to do it a little in advance (he won’t actually turn 30 until September 10th), but that’s OK, because there’s nothing I love more than having all of my family in the same spot at the same time… can’t wait to play with the kids and cuddle with baby Noah!

August Weekend 2015.21

Totally loving my evening dish of vanilla frozen yogurt with a spoonful of peanut butter and a drizzle of honey.  Strange combination?  Perhaps.  But I literally crave it all day and can’t wait to have it when I get home.   Yummm…

Speaking of food cravings, I’ve also been loving my new favourite supper – I take a Greek pita and top it with a thin layer of pesto and a sprinkle of shredded mozza cheese.  Then I add baby spinach, chopped artichoke hearts, slices of red onion, chopped black olives, a little more mozza, and crumbled feta cheese…sometimes I toss on a few hot peppers too… o.m.g…. salty, cheesy Mediterranean pizza goodness.  Yummmmm x 2!!

mediterranean pizza

I’m loving my Project 365 Photo Challenge!  Ok, that’s not entirely true… There are days when I’m like, “UGH what am I going to photograph today??  THERE’S NOTHING!!!”  But that’s the beauty of the challenge.  It forces you to find something and ensures that the camera is being used daily.  Some days my pics are pretty sad and hardly worth sharing, but it motivates me to find something better the next day, and to play with edits to make what I DO have look better.  Hard to believe I’ve been at it almost one month already!

kids on trampoline

I know I’ve already gone on and on about it too much already, but just really, really loving the prospect of fall.  The heat wave this week is keeping the next season at bay for a while longer, but I’m so excited for cooler weather, fall wardrobe, and having time to cook, bake, go on photo-taking adventures (because, let’s face it, autumn scenery makes for GREAT photo ops!)

I’m loving that Sue & Adam’s wedding is less than 3 weeks away!  eeeek!!  When did that happen?!  Also, loving that I discovered last night that they will be getting married ON JIMMY FALLON’S BIRTHDAY!!!  I mean… there will just be SO MUCH to celebrate!! ;)

sue & nick

So…what are YOU loving this Wednesday?? :)

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Nicole said...

You're right, that is part of the challenge :). It's all good and I'm sooooo glad you're doing it. Apparently I have sparked a few people to do it... haha. I love looking at the pics you post though!!