Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Oh, vacation. I miss you already.

A few weeks ago, my pals on The Morning Hot Tub radio show on Hot 89.9 were discussing how they feel after taking a week off.  They were talking about how some people feel refreshed, re-charged, ready to jump back into work and are good to go for another few months.

Except for Rush.  He said he comes back from vacation and instantly starts longing for the next one.  Not because he doesn’t like his job, or because he doesn’t feel refreshed and re-charged.  He just really likes being on vacation.

Rush & I?  We be on the same page, yo.

I’m only on Day 2 of life back at work, and oh, how I’m missing those wonderful lazy relaxing days of vacation…

It was a pretty perfect week.  I kicked it off by joining my co-workers at the Mickey Creek Golf Club on the Friday evening for drinks and dinner following the annual company golf tournament (they all golfed, I just drove up later to meet them).  I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with the guys, sipping a delicious Caesar, indulging in a yummy buffet dinner, and soaking up the music on the club house veranda.  I always love a good Mountainview jam session – I work with some very talented, musically-inclined dudes!

MVT Golf 2013 This is an old pic from 2013 – but much the same scene!

Saturday morning, I was up and at ‘em early, doing laundry, packing and getting ready to head to the Draper Camp for a few days.  If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that the Camp is one of my happy places – and certainly what I now consider my “home away from home”.  It’s my aunt & uncle’s little piece of heaven on the Ottawa River, a place we vacationed at often when I was a kid, and have re-discovered the magic of it again in recent years.  It’s now become tradition to go there with my mom, my sister and brother-in-law and their kids for a few days every summer.

The Camp did not disappoint!  The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious, and we felt like everyone just slid into “camp life” very easily this time around.  

Some of my highlights were: watching the kids play in the water (especially Danica, who bobbed around on her pet shark which she named Strawberry all day); laughing over Danica naming all the water toys – especially the beach ball named “Sniffon Pazlain”; becoming “one” with the kayak; swimming out to the floating raft; Chris’ exciting ski biscuit rides (he towed the kids around behind him in the kayak lol); celebrating my birthday “camp-style, thanks to Aunt Marion showing up with snacks, cake, decorations, gifts, and a party hat & red feather boa for me!; my mom sitting by herself on a log far back from the fire because she was too hot to sit closer; being so hot that we all dragged the lawn chairs down into the water & the fun that ensued; camp sunsets; playing Mexican Trains and listening to the Saturday night 70’s show on the radio (Caden has some moves!); and the boat ride.

  Camp 2015 3

Camp 2015 4

Camp 2015 5

Camp 2015 6

Camp 2015 14

Camp 2015 7  Camp 2015 9

Camp 2015 11

Camp 2015 12 

Camp 2015 13

Oh, I have to talk more about the boat ride!!

Camp 2015 2

As a kid, nothing delighted me more than when we were invited to go out on the boat with my aunt, uncle & cousins.   I loved the feel of the wind in my face, the little shiver of glee when hitting “bumps” on the water, the spray splashing my face… for me, an awesome boat ride is fast, fun, and includes a stop at the candy store!

I hadn’t been on a big boat ride like that in ages.  It was a trip down memory lane, and I loved every minute of it.  It was fun to have Caden & Danica with us as well, to experience one of my fondest childhood memories.  Danica sat on my lap and giggled at the same times I would, especially liking it when we hit the wake hard enough to lift her bottom right up off the seat.  It was also a trip to discover that the “candy store” we used to go to, which I thought was in another far-off land, was actually in Portage-du-Fort (a small town less than an hour away from home, which we drive through frequently!)

Camp 2015 1

It wasn’t lost on me that the day we went on the boat ride was also the 5th anniversary of my cousin Jeffrey’s passing, and it just felt… right.  A very appropriate  way to mark the day, I thought. In my fondest memories of boat rides as a kid, Jeff is always there.  I couldn’t help but smile and think that he was with us last Sunday, too.

Camp 2015 8

After 5 hot, fun days at the Camp, I was ready to come home – not so anxious to leave the peace and tranquility, the water and the sun – but ready for a cool shower, the AC, and my own bed.  Nothing makes me appreciate my creature comforts more that being without them for a few days!

The best part about returning home was the realization that I still had a solid 5 days of vacation still ahead of me.  I shopped, I ate good food, I watched movies, I read on the back deck, I celebrated my birthday with the whole family, and I was gifted my new camera!  I was thrilled to receive my Nikon D3200, which I’m already putting to good use – although still very much a newbie at photography, I’m workin’ on it!  Thank you, Family!!!

My birthday 2015 2 

My birthday 2015 3 

My Birthday 2015 4 

My Birthday 2015 5 

My Birthday 2015 6 

My Birthday 2015 7 

My Birthday 2015 8

Vacation Week ended on a high note at a pool party with friends on Sunday afternoon at Lindsay & Ryan’s.  It was wonderful!!  Once again, we had perfect weather, the food was amazing, and it was so nice to visit with my gang, watch their kiddos in action, swim, sit, chat, eat… it was a Sunday afternoon of bliss, and I was sorry that it flew by so quickly.

Pool Party 2015 1 

Pool Party 2015 2 

Pool Party 2015 3 

Pool Party 2015 4 

Pool Party 2015 5 

Pool Party 2015 6 

Pool Party 2015 7 

Pool Party 2015 8 

Pool Party 2015 9

Pretty sure I drove my friends nuts with all the photo “practicing” I did, but I hope some of the pics were worth it. ;)

Monday was a quiet day, which I spent enjoying the last moments of holiday time while trying to gear myself back up for my return to work.

I was pretty unsuccessful in “gearing myself back up”, as it turns out.  When my alarm went off at 5:40 AM yesterday, I wanted to cry.  I felt like a slug.  Literally, a slug.  I was sweaty and bloated and felt entirely gross.  The work-out was pretty miserable.  I didn’t start feeling decent again until evening.  (thanks to lots of water all day flushing those bad vacay toxins away, I guess!)

This morning was even worse.  I woke with a pounding headache (I HATE waking up with a headache!!) and again, the work-out sucked big-time.

I know it’s a good thing to get back into routine, but it sure isn’t much fun.

Next vacation… c’mon.  I’m ready. ;


Lindsay said...

Hate to say it but I am REALLY glad you are back! Ha ha! You have me here sniffling when you talk of Jeff being there for your boat ride. I have no doubt that he was!

Loved all your picture taking on Sunday. It'll be nice to look back at the kiddos and see how much they have changed in future pool parties!


Stacie said...

Looks like fun was had by all, but I am right there with you. I started back on Monday after a month off and I am exhausted just thinking about Wednesday.

Nicole said...

Yey for the Camera! I shoot with a Nikon as well and I've used a 3200 (a friend has one) so I know the camera. Good camera!! You'll love it! So you're making me giddy for my vacation. We leave tomorrow morning but I was told not to tell people... My mom :). I couldn't resist though because I'm soooo excited. I've been packed for at least 2 weeks... um... Mark got excited too. ha! We've had Tori packed for over a month. I'm with you... I hate coming home from vacation just because I love being on vacation. Life is so different!