Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What I’m Loving Wednesday

  • Well, I’m loving that it’s finally Wednesday, for one thing!  Why is that when you’re most excited for the weekend, the week drags by extra-slowly? I spent most of yesterday full believing it was Wednesday, before Lindsay finally broke it to me that it was only Tuesday.  ugh!
  • I’m loving that my bridesmaid’s dress for Sarah’s wedding fits!  Well, relieved is more like it. haha!  I think my pre-dress-try-on panic last night was probably not necessary – the dress has fit every other time I’ve tried it on, and we took them in for alterations only 3 weeks ago, seriously, dude, how much weight can you gain in 3 weeks?  But I was panicking nonetheless.  I’m so far off the healthy eating track these days that I don’t even really remember what the “right” track feels like anymore!!  yikes!!
  • I’m loving looking back at pictures from last weekend – a wonderful weekend from beginning to end, with plenty to celebrate!

Sue's Shower 1 Sue & her bridesmaids at her shower on Saturday

Sue's Shower 2  Miss Charlotte

Sue's Shower 4 Little girls helping to open gifts

Sue's Shower 5 Auntie Stace & Rylie

Sue's Shower 6 The beautiful shower bonnet!

Sue's Shower 3

Super Sue!!!

Sue's Shower 7

Giving Gordon Ramsay some lovin’

Kids Aug 2015 Danica & Caden at my place for a sleepover Saturday night

Ariella's b-day 2015 2 Ariella’s 1st Birthday Party on Sunday

Ariella's b-day 2015 3 “my kids” – Brittany & Cowan :)

Ariella's b-day 2015 4

Here comes the cake!!

Ariella's b-day 2015 Ariella with her great-aunt Judy

Ariella's b-day 2015 5  Nothin’ like a little chocolate up the nose!!!

  • Speaking of pictures… I’m loving that I finally “launched” my Project 365 yesterday (which I started on August 1st).  I finally decided to go with a Facebook album for sharing them,  and the feedback thus far has been awesome.  I have this complex about photo-taking – I feel like I’m being totally annoying and everyone hates the photographer – so it was nice to have people comment with encouragement on my Facebook post.  It was appreciated!

Project 365 Day 2 Day 2

Project 365 Day 3 Day 3

Project 365 Day 6 Day 6

Project 365 Day 9 Day 9

  • Anyone remember the time I was hit with a Philadelphia Smoked Salmon cream cheese spread & Vinta cracker craving?  I’ve been hit with another one these past few weeks.  It has gone unfulfilled thus far , but I just loving the thoughts of it! so weird, but so mmmm…

philly smoked salmon spread

  • I’m loving the thoughts of pumpkin spice everything… I know that some people find “pumpkin spice season” annoying, but I’m not one of those people.  This morning while I was working out, I was thinking off all the baked goods I want to try this coming fall with pumpkin.  I know… super awesome thing to be thinking about while working out, eh? haha!

pumpkin spice everything

  • I’m totally in LOVE with the news that FOX has announced a re-boot of Prison Break!!!  Apparently both Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell have signed on to return in their roles as brothers Michael Scoffield and Lincoln Burrows, and I could NOT be more excited!!!

prison break brothers

  • I’m loving that Sarah & Ian’s wedding day is almost here!  I’m so looking forward to Saturday and being part of their special day!!  Can’t wait!!

What are you loving this Wednesday?!


Stacy said...

Despite the annoying comments you get about always taking pictures now...we are sincerely joking...great pics!

Stacie said...

So not a pumpkin spice fan, but seeing it all over since I am planning Elise's pumpkin themed 3rd birthday party.

Jillian said...

Great pics! I'm loving currently looking like a hipster with my laptop and rooibos tea in a coffee shop (breakfast was a cinnamon bun lol)

Terra Heck said...

Hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding. Looks like you've been busy, in a good way. I like pumpkin spice stuff too. Can't say I've ever heard of Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Spread.