Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Weekend in Pictures

My camera got a goooooooood workout this past weekend!  Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook may have already seen these, but I just wanted to share in a Blog post as well.  I had a lot of fun practicing and playing with edits… It helps when there are so many cute subjects around!! ;)

August Weekend 2015.1 I went to the ball field Friday evening where the Quyon Flyers ladies team was playing in their finals, determined to get my “photo of the day” for my Project 365.  The ball pictures weren’t possible due to my flash, unfortunately, so I scrambled trying to find something else to take a picture of.  Suddenly, I saw St. Mary’s Catholic Church in the distance, with its steeple beautifully lit up (I think this is new?  If it isn’t, I’d never noticed it before.)  Capturing the beauty of it proved to be a challenge.  Brenda and I played with many different settings, but nothing was working the way I wanted it to. I need a LOT more practice and tips if I hope to become an accomplished night-time photographer!  This didn’t come across at all as lovely as it was in person, but I did like the way the clouds showed up as blue in behind it, and I tried cropping out the fence but preferred the look of it in.

I had mentioned to my friend Caryl several weeks ago how hard it was to find something new to photograph each day for Project 365, and she immediately invited me to her daughter Abby’s birthday party so that I would have some “subject matter” for that day.  It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon with yummy snacks and relaxing around her parents’ pool…and of course, taking 8 billion pictures!!

August Weekend 2015.2 

Happy 3rd Birthday Abby!!

August Weekend 2015.3 Big Sister Leah jumping in the pool  (“Watch me, Jill!  Watch me!”)

August Weekend 2015.4 Lovin’ the goggles!!

August Weekend 2015.5 Cameron on a tricycle

August Weekend 2015.6Great-Grandma Jean with the birthday girl

August Weekend 2015.7 Abby loved posing for the camera :)

On Sunday afternoon, we had a family gathering at my aunt & uncle’s place on the Ottawa River, as we had relatives visiting from out of town.  We had a blast catching up with one another, playing in the water, enjoyed a delicious meal, and when my mom said the next morning, “I just want to do it all over again”, I couldn’t have agreed more!!

August Weekend 2015.8

My niece Neve on the beach :)

August Weekend 2015.9 Little cousin Dillon

August Weekend 2015.10 A cousin photo – Kara, Erin, me, Paula, David & Luke

August Weekend 2015.11  Neve playing in the water

August Weekend 2015.13 The Next Generation!  There are 9 little cousins now, the same number of cousins that I grew up with on this side of the family!  Caden holding Noah, Danica holding Madison, Dillon, Ryla holding Brody, Neve (holding a doll lol), and Grace :)

August Weekend 2015.14 My niece Danica

August Weekend 2015.15 My SIL Amanda snapped this one of me chilling with the little girls in the water.

August Weekend 2015.16 Love these monkeys – Caden, Danica & Neve

August Weekend 2015.17 Silly siblings!  I think we all had a turn wearing Ryla’s “faux pigtails” lol

August Weekend 2015.18 Handsome boy :)

August Weekend 2015.19 The newest member of our family tree – Baby Brody

August Weekend 2015.20 This is one of my fave pics of the day… Noah getting lots of love from Grandma and Great-Aunt Marion

August Weekend 2015.21 My nephew Noah

August Weekend 2015.22 Maddie’s turn with the pigtails! hee hee!!

August Weekend 2015.23 Sweet little Grace playing on the beach

August Weekend 2015.24 Beautiful Danica :)

August Weekend 2015.25 I giggle when I look at this pic – Grace was getting her dress wet, so I stripped her down, then she insisted I put her sweater back on her… so cute!!

August Weekend 2015.26 Proudly displaying his Sens pride, despite the chiding from the Leaf fans!!

August Weekend 2015.27 

August Weekend 2015.28 Brudders… Chris & Luke

August Weekend 2015.29 Mom with Noah

August Weekend 2015.30 Uncle Elson hanging out with Noah

August Weekend 2015.31 Neve & Ryla’s Beauty Salon – Uncle Paul seemed to be relaxing and enjoying! haha!

I haven’t had my camera a whole month yet, so there’s still a lot of practicing and learning to do, but after this past weekend, I’ve decided my favourite subjects are adorable little kids.  I’m so lucky to be surrounded by them, and have so many cuties in my life!!


Anonymous said...

Great pics. Must be a very nice camera.

Stacy said...

I want a camera and I want to be camera crazy...tell Ricky I want a camera just like yours for my birthday haha!

Also, love the picture of all the kids on the couch - it was a good one and when I see the family pics, I just cant help but think of Kara's art project downstairs in your mom's basement, I remember memorizing the order of the grandkids! Maybe she should update it with the great grand kids on the parents "stair" somehow...hmmm

Nicole said...

Great photos! Btw, you're looking good yourself!!

Debbie Johnston said...

Just to let you know, your pics are awesome

Debbie Johnston said...

I hope someday to get a good camera and take lessons on it.