Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Tuesday Random

  • It’s a dark, rainy Tuesday here.  There might be something wrong with me, because I’m kind of enjoying it.  A few weeks ago at the Camp, during one of our reminiscing sessions, my mom said something about my dad delighting in dark, dreary days – she said they were his favourite.  That was something I’d forgotten, but it’s true.  I guess I get it from him.
  • It’s Wedding Week for Sarah & Ian, so tonight we pick up our dresses, tomorrow night is rehearsal, Friday night is “get ready” (ie – have everything ready to go for Saturday morning, do my nails, etc.), and Saturday is THE day!!  Last night I enjoyed some downtime ahead of all the wedding excitement – a half hour of Yoga, then I did mundane household chores like dishes and laundry; I caught up on last week’s Jimmy Fallon episodes that I hadn’t had time to watch, and just relaxed on the couch for most of the evening.  After a busy weekend, it was just the kind of evening the doctor ordered.
  • Because of the catch-up on Jimmy episodes, I was treated to this performance by Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats – my new favourite song!  Loved the much-deserved Standing O that the Tonight Show audience gave them … that doesn’t happen all that often!

  • Another musical highlight for me today:  Jason Derulo and Luke Bryan’s Smule Karaoke video of the two guys singing Jason’s hit “Want to Want Me”.   Such feel-good fun!  The world needs more of this!!

  • And yes, one more random musical favourite of mine for today:  R. City featuring Adam Levine with their new hit “Locked Away”. 

  • I have been having the BEST summer with books, you guys.  I don’t remember the last time I had such a good run with reading.  I do believe I’m now on the 5th book in a row that I’ve really, really enjoyed.  But I’m saving my list & reviews of my summer reads for a future post… stay tuned!
  • I only had my camera for a short time when I decided to take up the “Project 365” Challenge.  I started a week ago today, but I have yet to post any of these pictures – and honestly, I’m not sure if anyone will care to see them, because most of them have been boring little photo shoots around my own home.  Even so, I’m already feeling like the challenge is beneficial.  It’s forcing me to take the camera out every day, play with the settings, learn by trial and error, and encouraging me to research and look up tutorials online.  I feel like I’m constantly looking around and watching for something to catch my eye.
  • I’ve yet to decide how to “display” my Project 365 photos… do I create a Facebook album for them, do I post them here on my blog?  Do I share them at all??  Still deliberating…
  • I’m at work today, of course, but the dark skies and rain pattering the windows has me dreaming of one of those “rainy, lazy days” at home… I’d love to put a pot of soup or spaghetti sauce on the stove to simmer, curl up with a book and a cup of tea, make popcorn and watch an old favourite movie… my soul is craving a day just like that.
  • I think that’s because what I just described sounds very much like a perfect fall day in my books, and my soul is definitely craving fall… Too soon, Jill.  Too soon.

Hope you are all have a wonderful day! :)


Emmy said...

Oh dying to know what you read now! I like rainy days too actually. Growing up not as much, but now that I live in a place where it rarely rains, the days it does seem heavenly!

Anonymous said...

I think most people use instagram for their 365 photos. At least, that is what I have seen.

Stacie said...

I read a whole book on vacation and it was glorious! I definitely need to make more time for that. I loved doing the 365 project for Elise's first year, so much fun!