Thursday, July 23, 2015

Things that are making me smile (or giggle out loud)

The week before going on vacation is generally a feel-good week for me… so maybe that’s the reason I’ve found myself smiling or laughing so much this week.  But here are a few of the things I’ve had a good giggle over so far this week:

twitter feud

  • The video of Sam pulling Gabby the cat’s tail.  I wish I could share the vid, but I don’t know how.  Earlier this week, my friend Lindsay’s little guy Sam was staying with his grandparents, and NanaBev posted a video on Facebook of Sam pulling the cat’s tail.   He starts out gently tugging at it, while Bev warns him to be nice and gentle and stop pulling the cat’s tail… and yet, each yank is harder and harder.  Literally the most patient cat I’ve ever seen – it just lay there, sliding closer and closer to him with each pull.  I honestly thought he might pull the cat’s tail right off! LOL  I’ve gone back to watch it several times, and it makes me giggle each time I watch it!

Sam at Nana's Instead of the video, here’s a pic of Sam’s innocent look - “What? Me, make a mess???” – also while visiting his nana – photo lifted from Bev’s Facebook

  • Speaking of Facebook videos… I smiled from ear to ear last night when my friend Stacy posted a video of her 3-year-old Tanner singing her a lullaby.  It was one of the songs the kids love to sing at church with Rolly, “Halle Halle Halle-lujah”.  It was pretty priceless to hear Tanner’s rendition for his mommy!

Tanner silly Such a silly boy!  Photo lifted from Stacy’s Facebook

  • I had stopped in at my mom’s on Monday night, as she had my niece and nephew for a few days, and I wanted a quick visit with them.  They had just returned from a day out, and Mom had unloaded the car and was out watering her flowers, while the kids came ahead in the house.  Caden was down on the landing at the back door, and all of a sudden I heard him say, “Uhhh, I got water all over me.”  It turned out my mom had her sweet icicle pickles sitting there in an old ice cream pail (I have no idea WHY they were there on the steps)… Caden saw “Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream” on the lid and opened it, spilling a bunch of the pickling liquid on himself.  And on the steps.  It wasn’t until he had walked through the house that we realized it was pickle juice he had spilled, not just water.  And then there were sticky footprints through the house, as well as a sticky pickly mess on the landing.  It was the priceless look of innocence on his face that got me, though… “I thought it was ice cream… why does Grandma have PICKLES in an ICE CREAM CONTAINER?!”

Caden silly Silly Caden!  A pic from the camp last summer… and I have camp on the brain.

  • I always giggle when I’m watching Jimmy Fallon, but my favourite moment so far this week was when he and Adam Sandler did a “Lip Flip” – especially the part when Adam explains how Jimmy hurt his hand! LOL

  • I had ordered a few books from Amazon last week for some new vacation reading material, and they arrived last night.  When I opened the box up, I was shocked that the book “Grey” by E.L. James was so massive… Like, giant-Bible-sized huge.  (but obviously not Biblical in nature…lol)  Then I flipped it open and realized the print on the pages was MASSIVE.  I was like, “What the heck…?” Upon looking at the cover more carefully, I realized I had accidentally purchased the Large Print Edition of the book.  So I guess I’m not bringing it to the camp with me.  I can just imagine Caden and Danica peering over my shoulder and trying to figure out what I’m reading…sounding out the words…eeeep.  I remember friends saying when they read the 50 Shades books that they tried to hide the fact that they were reading them.  No way I can hide this one! Bahahahaha!

grey book

What has made you smile this week?  Hopefully you’ve had plenty of giggles, and if not, maybe this post provided you with one! :)

Happy THURSDAY friends!!!


Lindsay said...

Ha ha! I laughed so hard when I ready your text about the book! You just don't want to miss a word! :)

ShannonJMc27 said...

LOL!!! Poor Caden!
I love the large-print thing!
I forgot to pop by and check out some books haha! I will get over at some point :)

Stacy said...

I literally laughed out loud at the last thing - you had one of my mom's moments...when she buys Diet pepsi instead of Pepsi because she didn't read it properly!
Geez, was the shipping more?? haha

Nicole said...

I've never seen the lip flip... that's weird!