Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What I’m Loving Wednesday

It’s a peach of a day out there today!  Perfect day to take a quick look around, take stock, and share what’s making me smile today :)

  • I’m loving summertime!  We’ve had some nice hot weather here over the past week.  Last night some storms and rain blew through, clearing the air a bit, and today is just gorgeous.  Bright sun, blue skies, nice breeze… I love the hot days, but these “cooler” days are also a nice part of summer around here.  I can’t wait to go for my walk at lunchtime.


  • Lovin’ that Sarah’s wedding is now only a month away… and Sue’s is just over two months away!  Crazy how these months have been flying by… I’m excited for the fun times ahead celebrating the marriages of two of my dear friends!  Dress alterations are tonight (fingers crossed that they fit!!!), Sue & Adam’s Mixed Party is this weekend… we’re rollin’ on full-steam-ahead to wedding time!!!
  • I’m in love with the fact that I have some holidays to look forward to in the near future.  I’m now less than 2 weeks away from my week off, when some of my famjam and I will hopefully be heading to our “home away from home” at the Draper Camp for a few days, and I also hope to take the kids to the movies one day, maybe do a little shopping, perhaps a little daytrip with my Momma, and enjoying some downtime with friends at a pool party.  Then, later on in September, I’ll be heading to Nova Scotia with one of my besties Lindsay for a long weekend trip.  It will be my first time travelling East (or travelling ANYwhere lately!!), and I’m SO excited.
  • I’m loving Jimmy Fallon!!  My poor babe, he hurt his hand really badly a few weeks ago (almost lost his left-hand ring finger, actually) and spent 10 days in ICU.  This is his first week back to the Tonight Show post-injury, and I was so happy to see his handsome smiling face on my TV again.  Ohhhh how I love me some Jimmy.  I missed him.


  • Oh, and I also LOVE Ed Sheeran.  His new song “Photograph”? Love it.  LOVE IT.  I think I love it even more than I loved “Thinking Out Loud”.  And I didn’t think that was possible.  Seriously, though, how cute is Baby Ed?!?!

  • Mmmmm… I’m loving toasted tomato sandwiches.  I hit this stage every summer, where all I want is toasted tomato sandwiches, for breakfast, lunch and supper.  I daydream about them.  Eventually, I’ll get sick of them, but so far, they are my summer food du jour.
  • Reading on the back deck.  Yes, I love doing that.  And I’m super-loving the fact that I’m now reading the THIRD book in a row that I can’t put down.  This, like, never happens.  I started The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins last Friday, and if I get time to read tonight, I will be done it, I’m almost certain.  I’m not a really fast reader usually, so you know this must be a good one!

girl on the train

  • I’m just loving my family and friends.  I don’t think we say it enough – express our appreciation for the people around us who fill our days, who are there for us, who put a smile on our faces.  Even if some of us don’t always see each other that often, I hope my family and friends know how important they are to me, and how much I value them in my life.

Happy Wednesday, guys :)


Caramella said...

Very hot here!

Leigh said...

I love summertime as well! It's been hot here lately, but we've been having afternoon thunderstorms which has cooled the evenings down. That was such a good book!

ShannonJMc27 said...

I saw 3 people on my bus this morning reading that book - it must be good! Speaking of books, I think I need to raid your collection (according to Stacy lol) I need a good book but I can never find any that I'm interested in