Thursday, July 09, 2015

Summer Movie Marathon

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for a good movie marathon.  I love to pick a theme and watch as many movies as possible that stem from it – Christmas movies, scary movies, old-school movies, Twilight.  You name it, I can “marathon” it.

A few weeks ago, I got the urge to have a Summer Movie Marathon.  I dragged every summer-related DVD off my shelf, posted a pic of them on Facebook, and asked for opinions from my friends – which flicks would make their cut?  (There were 18 of ‘em, I couldn’t watch them all!)

Summer movie marathon

As it turned out, that very weekend was the perfect weekend for a Summer Movie Marathon.  I had come down with a bit of a cold – nothing major, but it did result in me completely losing my voice.  With Canada Day & Sarah’s bachelorette coming up the following week, I decided to lay low, rest up, get healthy, and get my voice back.

And watch a whack-load of movies.

I watched 2 on the Saturday evening, and another 4 on Sunday.  Here are the movies that made my Summer Movie Marathon cut:

Dirty Dancing

dirty dancing

It was the overwhelming #1 choice when I canvassed my friends on Facebook.  And really, how could it not make the list?  Family vacation to a summer resort, sweaty grinding dance moves, forbidden love, great music, Patrick Swayze at his finest… As we all know, nobody puts baby in the corner! 

27 Dresses


OK, so…this one really isn’t all that summer related, except that summer is “wedding season” in my mind, and this ones definitely got a few weddings in it!  The beach wedding at the end is pure summer bliss.  Also, I adore James Marsden, and take any opportunity to watch this one, because he’s sooooo adorably sexy in it.  I’d give anything to dance on a bar with him singing “Benny & the Jets”…

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead


I’m pretty sure I also selected this one for my Old School Movie Marathon, but really, I could watch this one once a month and it would never get old.  Mom heads off to Australia for the summer and leaves her five kids under the watch of a cranky old babysitter.  Not long after Mom’s departure, the old gal kicks the bucket.  Rather than cry out for help, the kids decide they can handle this on their own.  And a summer of hijinx ensues.  It’s a frigging classic, dudes.

Safe Haven

safe haven

Set on the North Carolina coast, this Nicholas Sparks story that went to the big screen is filled with beautiful beach scenery, a thriller-slash-love-story-slash-twist-ending, and the ever-delectable Josh Duhamel.  If that dude isn’t the perfect summer romance, I don’t know who is!

Wedding Crashers


Again, more “wedding” than “summer” (can you guys tell I have weddings on the brain right now?!) – but like I said before, summer is wedding season.  And I think I must’ve seen this one for the first time on a hot summer’s day, because that’s what it makes me think of.  And it’s still really, really funny.  I have a soft spot for Vince Vaughn.

Magic Mike


Summer just isn’t summer with at least one viewing of Magic Mike.  I chose it also to prepare myself for XXL, which I hope to see very soon!  I know the acting sucks.  I know the storyline is stupid.  But the dancing… ohhh, the dancing.  Channing makes it all.worth.while.

And there we have it!  The ones that made the cut for my Summer Movie Marathon.  I admit there are more I’d still like to watch before the summer is out – including Weekend at Bernie’s (because…how can you not?), Major League (summer = ball season), Summer Catch (summer = ball season), and 50 First Dates (I love the Hawaiian vibe throughout one of my favourite Adam Sandler movies)… but I doubt I’ll have another chance to watch ‘em all at once, like I did that weekend.

So tell me… what movies say “SUMMER” to you?  What flicks have I missed?!