Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Kick-Off to 31

Does anyone remember how I kicked off my birthday celebration last summe?

Justin Bieber.  For reals.

Oh, how things can change in a year!

Just about the last thing I’d want to be doing right now is going to a Justin Bieber concert.  Lucky for me, there were no JB plans on the calendar for this past weekend.  Instead, I was super excited to be joining a group of friends for a pool party at Lindsay & Ryan’s in honour of the July birthdays in our group – Ricky, Josee, et moi!

I spent Saturday morning hustling around – got a workout in, tidied up the house and swept the floors, prepared my food, and cut my grass.  After a quick shower, I changed in to my bathing suit and a cover-up, and after reading on the back deck for about an hour, I packed everything up and headed for the pool.

It was a peach of a day to be poolside, let me tell you!  I was the first to arrive, but shortly after, the rest of the group gathered, and it wasn’t long before kiddos and parents both were all hitting the water.  I quickly joined in!  I LOVE floating in a pool – being in the water is one of my absolute favourite places to be!

pool party 1

After a nice long swim, the BBQ was fired up and before long we were chowing down on cheese burgers and dogs, delicious salads and snack foods.  It was a feast, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it!  YUM!!

Once supper was over, a bunch of the gang got back into the pool while some of the rest of us sat on the side and just chilled out, chatting, visiting, and enjoying the laughter and splashing that was happening right before us.  We finished the evening off with delicious cookies and lemon cake made by my friend Priscilla.

What a wonderful way to start celebrating my birthday!  I so enjoyed spending the afternoon chatting with friends and I had a blast watching their kids playing in the pool.  They were all such a hoot.

pool party 2

pool party 3

pool party 4

pool party 5

pool party 6

pool party 7

pool party 8

It was a perfect day, from start to finish!

And now… less that a week until vacation, and officially turning 31… can’t WAIT!!! :)


VandyJ said...

Looks like fun was had by all--the best way to kick off a birthday celebration!

Lindsay said...

Such a fun way to spend a summery afternoon! I hope you have a wonderful vacation next week but I'm not going to lie...Going to miss you! xo

Nancy Best said...

Great pictures, looks like a great time!

Angie said...

Definitely a great kick off to birthday week :)