Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A weird & twisty trip down Memory Lane…

So. Last week, after reading another blogger’s post on movies she binge-watched as a kid (an eclectic list, if I do say so myself, and this coming from a kid who binge-watched her fair share back in the day), I ended up taking a weird and twisty trip down memory lane…

Her list got me thinking of some of the movies and shows I haven’t thought about in ages. I mean, I have my old-school cheesey movie faves, as we all know, but there are some other shows and movies that have slipped through the cracks of memory. Or, had slipped through… a little random googling, and BAM! They were alllll brought back to me!

It started with me thinking about a Christian Slater movie that I remember my older sister renting & watching with her when I was little. After she rented it the first time, I probably rented it 10 times after that. I hadn’t thought about it in years, and couldn’t even remember what it was called. All I remember is that he was a cop, and at one point in the flick, he sends flowers to his girlfriend, and tells the florist to put on the card: “Love and kisses on all your pink parts.” Hmmm. It MAY not have been an appropriate movie for a little kid to be watching. But then again, that happened often with a sister six & a half years older than me, and parents who apparently didn’t supervise at ALL what we were watching.

It also got me wondering why the lady at the video store would let me rent this one repeatedly, but refused to let me rent My Girl. A mystery I may never solve…

Anyways. Couldn’t remember what it was called, so I looked up a list of all of Christian Slater’s movies, and there it was.


Kuffs. 1992.

Guess what the most recent addition is to my Amazon wishlist?!

PS – What the hell ever happened to Christian Slater?!?!


That movie got me thinking about the influence my sister Kara had over my growing up years – her likes were basically my likes, and her interests in movies, music, TV, and the posters she pinned on our bedroom walls became my interests.

In fact, it was because of her (and my) crush on the character Jake from the soap Another World that I named my dog “Jake”.

Jake another world

Wow. I used to think he was SO smokin’ hot.

The weird and twisty trip down memory lane didn’t stop there. Somehow, I ended up thinking of movies and shows that scared me as a kid. And there was one in particular that jumped from the crevices of my brain. Again, don’t remember much about it, other than it was on TV every now and then, and featured a kid smearing peanut butter on his head and then hair growing everywhere. Scared the bejeesus out of me. I don’t think I ever even watched the whole thing.

Google, of course did not fail me. It was called The Peanut Butter Solution. 1985.



And after reading the synopsis, it’s no wonder the damn movie scared the bejeesus out of me. That is one messed-up plotline for a so-called “family film”!!!!

The next movie that came to mind that used to freak me out was another one I had to google… All I remembered was a real-life kid making friends with an animated dragon. And apparently, all you have to do is type “real-life kid making friends with an animated dragon” in to the ol’ googlemachine to discover that the movie was a Disney flick called Pete’s Dragon. 1977.


They must’ve shown this on the Disney Family Hour on Sunday nights. All I know is that it scared me. But after reading the Wikipedia page on it, I have no idea why. An orphan boy who makes friends with a sweet cartoon dragon? A jaunty musical soundtrack? What’s to fear here, Jill?


Who knows. But I hated that damn movie. Worst Sunday night ever when it was on. And I’d have to eat STEAK on top of that. Ugh.

From there, my brain took another shift to something that was extremely vague in my memories. So vague, in fact, that I wasn’t sure if it was even real. I thought maybe it was all just a figment of my imagination.

But it was something I thought I might’ve seen on TV when I was really little. And it had a name. And that name was “Fuzzbucket”.

I literally typed it into google, expecting it to come back and say, “You are crazy. This means nothing.”

But instead, the first search result turned up a 1986 TV movie called Fuzzbucket.


It’s a real thing, guys. A real thing that my childhood nightmares were made of.

A little boy who has a very fuzzy imaginary friend, who turns out to not be imaginary at all. I mean… just LOOK at that thing. Who the hell thought up these ideas for kids?!


No wonder I was so frigging scared of Fuzzbucket!!!!

Anyone else have weird childhood memories of movies and TV shows like I do? Trust me, if you don’t remember specifics, google will help you out! ;)

Man, I REALLY want to watch Kuffs now!!!

But still a definite no to Fuzzbucket.


Stacy said...

Was it Kuffs that we watched with Kara and were giggling and she was telling us basically to grow up?
Peanut Butter Solution may have been introduced by me and it is def a whacked out movie. I think of it all the time and wonder if I could actually watch it now.

VandyJ said...

There was this movie which thanks to Google, I now know is called Jacob Two Two and the Hooded Fang that I vaguely remember as kind of disturbing. It was made in 1978 and I think I saw it on TV when I was maybe 6. Not a happy film at all, but it had kids in it so for kids right?

Anonymous said...

My parents didn't really limit what we saw either, which is funny because my mom certainly cares what my kids see. I remember Kuffs too but not that stuff. LOL.