Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday Things

Ah, how I love a good ol’ short week! Thursday already!

Some random musings for today…

· On Tuesday, I shared that “The Bikini Project” was officially back on track. I know I’m only two days in, but so far, so good, folks. Every time I feel sad about the fact that I can’t just run to the store for a Drumstick ice cream cone, or hover over my jars of peanut butter and honey, or make that cookie recipe I printed out last week, I remind myself… This will be worth it.

· My birthday is July 28th. That’s really not that far away. I’ve gone almost a year and a half without eating poutine, and over a year without going to my beloved McDonalds… at one time, I’d have thought that impossible. So I can hang tough for a couple of months with limiting treats, right? Totally. I got this.

· Pancakes. I’ve been thinking too much about pancakes. You see, after giving up sugar for Lent, I swore I’d have a big stack of buttery, syrupy pancakes on Easter Sunday morning. Instead, I had a waffle with fruit and syrup at the restaurant my family goes to for brunch after church. The following week, I had their hotcakes. Similar to a pancake, but smaller, and not quite what I had been envisioning in my pancake fantasies. In my post-Easter gluttony, I never really did fulfill that pancake dream. So if I’m successful with The Bikini Project, I’m going to reward myself with a plate of homemade pancakes soon thereafter. (But just not maybe that morning, because I don’t need pancake bloat when I’m wearing the damn thing…)


· This coming Saturday is our Canada Day Committee’s annual golf tournament. Used to be a day that I looked forward to because I always went on a wild rip and partied my butt off all night long. I still look forward to it, but I kind of dread the fact that I’ll be up past my regular bedtime. I really have turned into an old lady…

· So that means I’m going to make a big effort to still have an awesome time, even though I won’t be joining the rest of them in two-fisting drinks and dancing on the tables. ;)

· You know, everyone rolls their eyes at me in the winter when I’m gushing about how much I love the snow, but here’s the truth: I’m glad the snow is gone, of course, but I would GLADLY shovel a foot of snow once or twice a week (takes me max 20 minutes to shovel my walkway) rather than having to take over an hour at LEAST once a week to mow my stupid lawn. God, I hate cutting the grass. And right now, it should technically be getting cut twice a week. Who the hell has time for that?! It is growing

· The next three weekends coming up are jam-packed with activities. Golf Tournament, Duck Race, Relay for Life, Book Club, Sunday School Picnic… is it bad that I’m already fast-forwarding and looking forward to my next “free” weekend, which isn’t until June 14th-15th?

· Have to keep reminding myself to live in the present, soak up the fun times with family and friends, and just ENJOY these busy spring & summer weekends! Don’t begrudge the activity… embrace it!! J

Happy Thursday, friends!!


Lindsay said...

Next week at the Relay for Life you should do a run around the track like you did last year to see how easy it is now compared to last year!!

Stacie said...

The Rev has gotten himself a yard boy, the guy 2 doors down has a big riding mower and loves cutting grass, so he has been swinging over and hitting ours when he does his grass. The Rev is in heaven and I am thinking of giving him some indoor chores now that he freed that up in his schedule!

VandyJ said...

We have activities planned out until oh, probably the end of June. Being busy keeps us from being bored right?

Nicole said...

I wonder if you could find a healthy pancake recipe to just calm that small craving...